TIME Magazine: Eat Nutritional Yeast

In the latest issue of the magazine, experts say nutritional yeast is loaded with health benefits.

In its latest installment of regular health column “Should I Eat This?,” TIME magazine surveyed five experts who agreed that nutritional yeast is a positive addition to one’s diet. Commonly referred to as “nooch,” these flakes—containing fiber, complete protein, and if fortified, nutrients such as B vitamins—are created by growing yeast on sugar cane or sugar beet molasses before it’s pasteurized and deactivated. The story noted that there’s no risk of yeast overgrowth, and also described nutritional yeast as a more sustainable and ethical source of protein than meat. “It works well as a substitute for cheese in vegan diets,” Dr. David Katz, director of the Yale University Prevention Research Center, said. We can agree because we pile nooch on countless dishes such as nachos, popcorn, and avocado toast.

Photo by Susan Voisin

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