14 New Ways to Veganize Your Thanksgiving Leftovers This Year

Savor the flavors of Thanksgiving well beyond the festive day with more than a dozen delicious plant-based recipes that highlight holiday leftovers.

We all look forward to Thanksgiving leftovers, but this year, we’ll be making extra servings of our favorite dishes to transform into tantalizing meals the next day. From cranberry sauce and plant-based turkey to mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie, these 14 recipes guarantee that you’ll find a way to repurpose your surplus trimmings.

1. Pumpkin Pie Breakfast Casserole
Pie for breakfast? We say “yes” with this fun morning treat from Oh She Glows. Leftover slices of pumpkin pie are chopped and combined with rolled oats, flaxseed, almond milk, and spices for a delicious treat that is easy as pie to make.

2. Gluten-free Thanksgiving Leftovers Sandwich
This colorful stack from Keepin’ it Kind is the perfect post-holiday sandwich. Tempeh cutlets, green-bean casserole, sweet-potato bake, cranberry sauce, and gravy are layered between gluten-free sourdough bread for a mouthwatering meal that will have you feeling stuffed all over again.

3. Leftover Cranberry Sauce Bread
Chunky cranberry sauce gets a makeover in this moist and delicious bread from Oh My Veggies. With a just a few ingredients, you’ve got a festive loaf that you can serve with more cranberry sauce dolloped on top.

4. Thanksgiving Leftovers Shepherd’s Pie
This savory pie from The Veg Life is a mouthful of Thanksgiving in every bite. Spoon leftover glazed carrots, sautéed mushrooms, and green beans into a flaky pie crust. Then, layer with gravy, stuffing, and cranberry sauce before spreading a mound of dairy-free mashed potatoes on top. Sprinkle with vegan parmesan cheese, and you’re ready to celebrate Thanksgiving all over again.

5. Vegan Thanksgiving Waffles
Hot for Food transforms mashed potatoes, plant-based turkey meat, gravy, and cranberry sauce into a savory waffle that you can make with leftovers from your feast (and eat in your stretchy pajamas). For a fun twist on the traditional holiday meal, serve breakfast for Thanksgiving dinner with these as your main course.

6. Leftover Mashed Potato Patties with Swiss Chard
Wilted greens and leftover mashed potatoes are combined with flour and seasonings, then flattened and fried into tasty cakes … all thanks to the Spruce! Even better is the fact that these patties are ready in less than 30 minutes

7. Vegan Thanksgiving Leftovers Wraps
This Savory Vegan has all the flavors of Thanksgiving in these easy wraps. Pile cranberry sauce, leafy greens, wild rice, and plant-based meat onto a tortilla. Then, drizzle with gravy and fold for a quick and easy day-after lunch to trick your taste buds into thinking it’s still the main event.

8. Vegan Thanksgiving Leftovers Bowls
Mashed potatoes are the base for this bowl of Thanksgiving goodness. Live Eat Learn piles hers with Brussels sprouts and carrots, but build yours with whatever extras you have from your celebration. No vegan bowl is complete without a tasty dressing, and this one has a luscious gravy to pour on top.

9. Leftover Cranberry-Soy Sauce Tofu
This inventive idea from Healthy Happy Life for using up leftover cranberry sauce is a perfect blend of sweet and savory. Brown sugar balances the tartness of the cranberries, which creates a sticky sweet sauce that tastes amazing when poured on tofu steaks and braised until the sauce thickens.

10. Leftover Cranberry, Cider Slaw & Grilled Tempeh Vegan Thanksgiving Sandwich
We’re salivating over the hearty flavors in this gourmet sandwich. Connoisseurus Veg repurposes leftover cranberry sauce by layering it with grilled tempeh and tangy slaw for a new taste of Thanksgiving.

11. Pumpkin Pie Milkshake
Cheers to pumpkin pie in a glass topped with dairy-free whipped cream! This creamy concoction from by CHLOE makes us want to hold back on pie servings during the main event so we’re sure to have slices the next day to make this shake.

12. Thanksgiving Leftovers Pizza
Seitan Beats Your Meat trades gravy for marinara sauce and spreads leftover holiday bounty across a pizza crust. Top with melty vegan cheese, and you’ve got a fun meal to pair with your favorite holiday flick for “pizza and a movie night” during the long weekend.

13. Vegan Cranberry-Pecan Yogurt Parfaits
Nourish yourself the day after holiday feasting with this breakfast treat from Blissful Basil. Cranberry sauce and homemade gluten-free pecan granola are layered between spoonfuls of dairy-free yogurt, while pomegranate seeds and diced kiwi add an elegant finishing touch.

14. Healthy Blender Sweet Potato Muffins
These flourless treats from The Big Man’s World are quick and easy with leftover mashed sweet potatoes, and are made without butter, oil, or sugar, and are naturally gluten-free, vegan, sugar-free, and dairy-free. Toss all the ingredients into a blender for a no mess, no fuss, moist and fluffy snack.

Stephanie Dreyer is a freelance writer and author on a mission to help families cook and eat healthier.

Photo courtesy of Seitan Beats Your Meat

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