Nestlé Eager to Expand Into Plant-Based Sector

The international food company intends to aggressively capitalize on the growing demand for organic, allergen-friendly, and plant-based products.

Major food corporation Nestlé revealed during its recent investor summit in London that it would increase its revenue by capitalizing on opportunities within the plant-based sector. Patrice Bula, Nestlé’s executive vice president of strategic business units, marketing, and sales, explained to shareholders that consumers who identify themselves as flexitarian, vegetarian, and vegan are on the rise. “We want to bring a vegetarian offer to consumers in Europe and the western world,” Bula said, “and ride on this trend that we believe is here to stay and amplify.” In January, Nestlé added four flavors of vegan almond and coconut milk-based coffee creamers to its Coffee-Mate Natural Bliss product line, and, most recently, the international conglomerate acquired meatless company Sweet Earth, a move Nestlé USA CEO Paul Grimwood said would give “Nestlé a leading position in this emerging space.”

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