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Simpsons Halloween Special

The Simpsons family learns why it pays to go veg in their 20th annual Halloween special.

Fans of The Simpsons are familiar with the much anticipated "Treehouse of Horror" episode that airs every year around Halloween. The special episode aired Sunday, and one of the three scary stories had a decidedly veg twist. In the vignette, "Don't Have A Cow, Mankind," Krusty the Clown unveils a new hamburger at his fast-food chain, dubbed the Burger Squared, telling consumers that it was created by "starting with Grade A beef, feeding it to other cows and then serving the unholy results on a seven grain bun." The burger is tainted and turns the people of Springfield into zombies. Longtime vegan Apu rescues the Simpson family, but doesn't fare so well himself.

Missouri Passes Bill Limiting Meat Labels to Dead Animals

Those in opposition to the bill—which purports it is alleviating consumer confusion around plant-based products—believe its passing is wrongly motivated by eliminating meat-industry competition.
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Pizza Chain Becomes First in Asia to Offer Vegan Cheese

Pizza Express adds three new vegan pies featuring Daiya Foods cheese to its Sai Ying Pun location.
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IKEA to Debut Vegan Hot Dog at Boston Music Festival

The furniture superstore's newest plant-based food option will make its first appearance at music festival Boston Calling this weekend before expanding to IKEA locations nationwide this fall.
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Paul McCartney: "Meat-Free Is the New Rock and Roll"

McCartney reminisces about a time when meatless entreés meant a plate of steamed vegetables and believes that in 25 years, vegetarian diets will be the norm.
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Impossible Burger is Now Certified Kosher

The Orthodox Union deemed the plant-based patty kosher, broadening Impossible Burger's customer base to include those with religious dietary restrictions.
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