4 Stress-Busters to Keep Tax Season from Getting the Best of You

If the big push to file taxes on time has stress levels soaring, try these quick-fix tips.

In the eyes of many Americans, April 15 is the equivalent of Doomsday. The dreaded tax due date means swimming through reams of paperwork and reducing one's life to a series of itemized numbers. Once it's all said and done, taxpayers are often spent—spiritually, emotionally, and mathematically (so many numbers!). Fret not. Herbivorous healing, decompression, and mood-boosters are at your fingertips.

Fantastic Fruit
Colorful, luscious fruit is the perfect stress-eating antidote. It provides the palate with a much-deserved natural sugar high. Fruits are packed with fiber, potassium, and vitamins A and C, helping protect you from illness. Combat the headache caused by staring at tax forms in front of computer by setting out for a sunny stroll or vigorous bike ride to your nearest farmers' market, grocer, or urban garden. Nothing is more fun than weighing down your tote bag with a hefty treasure trove of fresh, seasonal, juicy treats. For a fruit-filled boost, try a novel Ambrosia Salad, Minty Yogurt Fruit Salad, or Tofu Cream Sauce Fruit Salad. Now, go ahead and gorge on this guilt-free smorgasbord!

Fitness Fiend
It's a given that tax season causes stress, which takes a toll on your health in a big way. Looking to avoid fatigue, headaches, high blood pressure, and backaches? Successfully addressing stress is as easy as indulging in a heart-pumping, mood-boosting, endorphin-rushing 30-minute workout. Exercise not only promotes health, but also increases confidence, sustains energy levels, and ramps up the libido—and, despite what marketers would have you believe, it's absolutely 100-percent free. Practice yoga or Pilates in your bedroom, or hit the ground running or walking. Take to the outdoors and stimulate your chi with a session of Qigong, a moving meditation, or Tai Chi, a gentle martial art. You'll not only melt away the tension from tax day, but also extra calories.

Forever Young
To let loose, sometimes you just want to party like a college freshman—consequences, like the inevitable hangover, be damned. So long as it isn't a lifestyle, it's ok to live and let live—just be sure that your libations are vegan drinks. Keep it chic with vegan wines, such as Four Chimneys Organic Wines, Hip Chicks Do Wine, or Yellowtail reds. Go no-holds-barred with saucy sippers, such as Smirnoff vodka, Jack Daniel's whiskey, Seagram's gin, or Malibu rum. Let the sin begin with more ease than ever before by downloading Barnivore's iPhone app—it provides a handy, comprehensive list of veg-friendly beverages.

The Big Finish
Tax season is over! No matter your tax-day remedy of choice, be sure to find time for family and friends—socializing and laughing with other people is one of the single-most important things that you can do for your health. It produces serotonin, endorphins, and oxytocin, leaving you with good feelings all over.


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