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Obese Companion Animals

A new study shows that more than half of US dogs and cats are overweight or obese due to being overfed.

The Association for Pet Obesity Prevention (APOP) released a new study that found that, similar to their human guardians, more than half of US cats and dogs are overweight, and one-fifth are obese. According to The Wall Street Journal, guardians who overfeed their companion animals and don’t exercise them frequently are partly responsible. Food manufacturers also play a roll, as they are not required to include calorie labels on food products for animals. Overweight animals suffer from a variety of health issues, including kidney failure, diabetes, and cancer. Last year alone, one insurance company spent $25 million to treat obesity-related conditions for the animals they insure.

Seychelles Lifts 25 Percent Tax on Plant-Based Milk

The island nation off of East Africa has lifted its tax on plant-based milk in order to encourage healthy habits.
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New Data Shows Vegan Barbecue Is Top Summer Trend

Market research firm Mintel reveals that one-third of Americans plan to ditch meat this barbecue season.
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A&W Adds Vegan Beyond Burger to 925 Locations

Beyond Meat's partnership with A&W Canada will put its vegan patty on the menu at 10,000 points of distribution.
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Sweden's Top Fast-Food Chain Debuts Vegan Milkshakes

Max Burgers' new vegan milkshakes will eventually replace all dairy-based milkshakes and are part of a longer-term goal to increase the plant-based options on its menu.
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French Foie Gras Restaurant To Go Vegan

London-based fine-dining restaurant Gauthier Soho will go vegan after owner Alexis Gauthier learned of the horrors inherent in animal agriculture, particularly in foie gras production.
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