Cover Crystal Ball

Can you tell our cover from the counterfeit?

Welcome to another VegNews cover showdown! One of these gorgeous covers will soon grace mailboxes and newsstands throughout the country when our September+October issue rolls out later this week. We went back and forth on these two finalists, and let's just say it wasn't an easy decision. So what's inside our annual Food Issue? Our favorite vegan food trucks across the nation, how to open a vegan restaurant, the scary world of food addictions, a Q & A with Farm Sanctuary Co-founder Gene Baur, a moving piece on fighting the hunger epidemic with compassion, five vegan bloggers and their must-make pumpkin recipes, a sneak preview of Isa and Terry's new Vegan Pie in the Sky, a frozen pizza taste test, and a weekend escape to Asheville—plus all the usual great news, reviews, and events. So which cover do you think best represents our biggest-ever food edition? We can't wait to hear your votes!


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