Vegan Spring Break, Part II: Foodie Destinations

The Healthy Voyager shares her 10 must-visit destinations for vegan foodies.

Last week, we uncovered some of the most eco-friendly spring break vacays around. Now it’s time to explore the hottest places to stuff your vegan face off all week long. Nothing tops a foodie trip, mapping out where you’ll have breakfast, second breakfast, lunch, snacks, dessert, dinner, and drinks for every day you’re away. Hidden gems in cool cities are the best way to soak in the culture, neighborhood vibes, and people, as well as discover some of the best travel grub in the world. So let’s set sail on the seas of plant-based gastronomy, shall we?

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada – The Great White North is home to some pretty fantastic vegan spots. Even Starbucks offers vegan desserts and meals in their Canada locations.
Must-Visits: Gorilla Food, Edible Flours, and Grub

Berlin, Germany – Surprisingly, vegan fast food (as well as tasty vegan comfort food) is all the rage in this German metropolis. Fan of organic, local food? Berlin will rock your vegan socks off.
Must-Visits: Vöner, Chipps, and Lucky Leek

India – India is one of the most veg friendly countries in the world. With roughly 30 percent of the country vegetarian and beef considered a big no-no, it’s easy to find delicious dishes. As vegans, we need to be mindful of ghee (clarified butter), creams, and cheeses, but the lovely folks of India are more than helpful when it comes to feeding vegan travelers.
Must-Visits: Haldiram's in Delhi, Little Italy in Mumbai, and Suruchi in New Delhi

Greece – Ah yes, the Greek islands; the beautiful Mediterranean sea and lots of sun. Who wouldn’t want to vacay in this costal paradise? Luckily for veggies, there is plenty to eat (and drink!) that is not only vegan but healthy, too.
Must-Visits: Avocado in Athens, Ifestioni in Santorini, and Señor Zorbas in Fira

Thailand – Aside from India, Thailand is the next best exotic destination to chow as a vegan. Avoiding meat and dairy is no problem at all, but beware of fish sauce: It’s pervasive!
Must-Visits: Vegetarian Cottage in Bangkok, May Kaidee’s in Bangkok, and King Liew in Phuket

London, UK – The UK may have a bad rap when it comes to its culinary accomplishments, but nowadays, the food scene is pretty hot, and the vegan scene is nothing short of bumping! From raw food to über-rich, London town is a vegan’s paradise.
Must-Visits: Saf, Inspiral, and Manna Cuisine

New York, NY – OK, so we all know that NYC is kick-ass all on its own. But did you know that vegan food is abundant in the city famous for it’s greasy, cheesy pizza? Yeppers!
Must-Visits: Candle 79, Pure Food & Wine, and Lula's Sweet Apothecary 

San Francisco, CA – The City by the Bay is a sight to behold. Riding a cable car and frolicking in Golden Gate Park are must-dos, but don’t forget to save time and room to feast!
Must-Visits: Millennium, Gracias Madre, and Cinnaholic (Technically in Berkeley, but it’s a short ride away!)

Seattle, WA – The Emerald City is both quaint and bustling at the same time. Home to lush greenery and neat islands dotting the waters of Puget Sound, Seattle also plays host to some fabulous vegan vittles.
Must-Visits: Plum Bistro, Sutra, and Mighty-O Donuts

Vietnam – If you like it hot, Vietnam is your place. Yet another Asian country that plays happy host to leaf-eating tourists. Must-Visits: Com Chay Nang Tam in Hanoi, Sen in Ho Chi Minh, and Au Lac in Da Nang

So green, hungry or both, make this spring break the adventure trip of a lifetime!


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