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Hooray for Earth Day!

Earth Day celebrations popping up in the most unlikely places this year.

We’re so excited about all the different Earth Day happenings that we don’t even know where to start. Lucky-duck DC-area denizens best schedule a snack today at Bread and Brew for their Earth Day-inspired all-vegan menu and benefit for Compassion Over Killing. Also in the DC area, the mayor of Takoma Park, Maryland has officially endorsed the area’s Veg Week, starting April 24, and local senator Jamie Raskin has agreed to go veg for its duration. If you’re not currently in the Capital, though, don’t despair. You can still earn your Earth Day accolades by viewing Disneynature’s Earth and having a tree planted in your honor. If you’re not up for going out, tune in to The Price is Right for Ed Begley, Jr.’s introduction of eco-friendly prizes. If you'd like a prize of your own, check out VN's very own Earth Day giveaway. This year’s Earth Day sure is shaping up to be spectacular!


Kentucky Refuses to Pass Anti-Animal Welfare Bill

Last week, the southern state said “no” to an ag-gag bill that would criminalize undercover factory farm investigations.
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May Event: Plant-Based Pop-Up Restaurant in NYC

At the beginning of May, Young’s catering service is hosting an exquisite three-course, three-day pop-up event, with cocktails included.
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Veg Black Men Have Lower Risk of Heart Disease

Thousands of black men were surveyed about their dietary proclivities, and those who were vegetarian or vegan were found to be less likely to develop cardiovascular illnesses.
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Boca Raton, Florida Goes Vegetarian on Mondays

The sunny city’s elderly population will benefit from its new Meatless Monday program.
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Colbert Calls Out Candidate for Cockfight Speech

The Colbert Report host noted the inhumanity of cockfighting and factory farming on an April 7 episode of his show.
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