A Day in the Life of A Vegan Food Truck Entrepreneur

Hit the road with vegan culinary king Adam Sobel, as he spends the day serving New York’s masses from his award-winning Cinnamon Snail food truck.

New York City’s vegan food truck the Cinnamon Snail is similar to the city it serves—full of life, always on the go, diverse, and forward thinking. With a cleverly constructed menu that includes a rotating list of seasonal goodies ranging from breakfast burritos to seitan burgers to pastries, pizza, and fair-trade coffee, it’s no surprise that the mobile eatery has gotten praised in the New York Post, New York magazine, Yelp, and Mobile Cuisine. Now, you can spend a day in the life with the man behind the wheel, Chef Adam Sobel, as he prepares a delicious array of dishes, navigates Manhattan’s bustling avenues, concocts new dessert toppings, and still manages to be a yoga instructor, dedicated dog guardian, and all-around family man. 

A Typical Day for Adam Sobel
4:50am I wake up, and start my day with a minute-long meditation about how much I love my wife, fixing my mind on all of her wonderful qualities. I put my baby on the potty (we don’t diaper, and we co-sleep, so it’s easy to help her).

5:00am I whip up a quick batch of breakfast chia pudding with fresh berries and cashew milk to have for breakfast with my man Sean during our commute on the truck.

5:15am On my bike, I commute over to our kitchen to finish stocking fresh doughnuts onto the truck that our bakers just finished up.

6:00am Sean and I kick it in heavy commuter traffic in a food truck, eating chia pudding, listening to loud music, and getting amped for the day.

8:00am We arrive in Manhattan and hopefully find parking. Otherwise, we play a weird game of parking voodoo for up to an hour.

8:30am The pre-grilling of 100 pounds of seitan begins. We put quarters in the parking meter and start setting up our line of ever-increasing number of sauces, dressings, and condiments.

9:00am The window opens to a line of six to 12 hungry people.

9:01am Smells of Maple Pecan Waffles and Chipotle Seitan Breakfast Burritos fill the air.

10:30am While cooking, I also deal with an emergency over the phone with our prep kitchen. Our 80-quart mixer just broke, and we need to get a repair person on it ASAP.

11:30am I leave the truck early, while our crew starts to rock the lunch rush. While I bring a box of our doughnuts to our publisher for a meeting about our upcoming cookbook deadline (due out fall 2014), I wolf down a Korean BBQ Seitan sandwich from the truck for lunch.

1:15pm The train takes me back to our kitchen in Jersey, and as I ride I go over catering quotes and event logistics.

2:45pm Back in the kitchen, I down a freshly fired yerba mate for strength (drowsiness fighting hard to take hold of my soul).

3:50pm Working on a fiery and exciting new Thai barbecue marinade for a new menu item, making adjustments to the recipe and typing down tweaks. It needs more lemongrass, and a touch more Thai basil and chiles.

5:15pm The truck returns to the kitchen. I run around and act silly with a really dumb apron while Sean pretends to run me over with the truck.

5:30pm I drop off my older daughter, Idil, at gymnastics and hear about the good things she cooked for lunch.

5:40pm I get home and hug my wife, Joey, and baby, Ozlem. I water the garden while snacking on Dr. Cow’s awesome cashew cheese and crisp slices of Pink Lady apples.

6:00pm I sweep the house and, perhaps counterproductively, roll around the floor with my soft, soft, soft dog Mossy (a badly behaved and adorable border collie rescue).

6:30pm I get in touch with our bakers about special orders they will be working on for the night and give them instructions for a crazy new cherry chocolate cheesecake brownie I made toppings for in the afternoon.

7:00pm I sit down on the mat with my wife to teach a free hour-and-a-half-long yoga class that we instruct twice a week from our home.

8:30pm People leave our house, and we eat a yummy salad with spicy sesame tempeh and marinated sea veggies.

8:45pm Dog food is done cooking, and we feed the pups a yummy din din (our dogs are vegan, and we prepare their food with rice, lentils, sweet potatoes, stems from kale, and olive oil).

9:00pm We do dishes, shower, brush our teeth and the kids’ teeth, and then I get to hang out with my wife and kids on the couch. We sip warm matcha tea prepared with homemade almond milk, read stories to the kids, and discuss the details of wedding cakes we will be working on together Friday night.

9:45pm Finally, I get in bed. Cuddling of the dog commences.

1:30am Phone rings. There’s a problem with the thermostat on our doughnut fryer. I talk the bakers through resetting the thermostat and go back to bed.

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