This Week's Must-Have

Kite Hill Cream Cheese

We're loving this creamy schmear you can, and will, put on everything.

We’ve had very little success resisting this tub of tangy cream cheese spread from artisan vegan fromagerie, Kite Hill. We tried it on a bagel, then on toast, then on a cracker, and then straight from the spoon—all in one sitting. Zippy chive is evenly distributed through the smooth almond-based cheese, creating a round, oniony flavor that turns our carrot sticks into magical dipping wands. Kite Hill focuses on technique while keeping the ingredient list short and clean (almond milk, salt, truffle oil, enzymes, dill pollen, chives, dill, and cultures), which makes for a light, fresh cheese without any added oils or strange aftertastes. Now that we have sampled this heavenly creation, no spreadable surface is safe from our desire to schmear.

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