Vegan Weddings 2009 (Jennifer Jones & Barry Horton)

From a picturesque California coastal ceremony to a magnificent backyard masquerade ball in Virginia, this year’s vegan wedding couples shatter stereotypes and exceed their own expectations for “the big day.”

Jennifer Jones & Barry Horton
Fort Bragg, Calif. Guests: 90
Price tag: $6,000
Best Wedding Gift: “The attendance and enthusiastic participation by our guests. We had a vegan, gluten-free carnival, and people dressed up and went all-out.”
Tip for success: “Be ready for something to go wrong—there’s always something. Let it be part of the memory!”
Their story: Forget the old “no fraternization” policy—for Jennifer and Barry, their nine-to-five daily grind was the launching pad for true love. Jennifer assisted the owner of the famous vegan B&B, The Stanford Inn. Through her event planning, she worked closely with Barry, chef at the adjoining Raven’s Restaurant. Spending time after-hours brought the two closer together, and eventually their friendship progressed into something more. It was a Thanksgiving celebration that sealed the deal; Jennifer created a scavenger hunt for Barry that led to dinner and a night of board games and fun. She fell for his sense of adventure, and he “realized that I was in love with her, and that this was the woman I would grow with.”

Wedding highlights: Beneath a chuppah created by their entire community, Jennifer and Barry kicked off the celebration with their self-penned service. Friends, family, and companion animals watched as the two—dressed in stylish vintage formal-wear—recited their vows. After the ceremony, guests lost themselves in the carnival-themed celebration, complete with costumes, fortune-tellers, and dance-inducing music. Barry led the execution of a delicious gluten-free menu, upsetting guests only when they were too full to eat any more. Jennifer made sure the event was as green as possible, from bamboo salad bowls to plantable paper programs. Each guest even received a tree start, with 100 percent of the proceeds going to “Trees for Tomorrow.”

The Menu
Caesar Salad
Create-your-own-salad bar including assorted vegetables, vegan feta, and sunflower seeds
Artichoke dip
Three-herbed roasted garlic hummus
French lentil pat? Vegan cheeses and fruit salad

Main Course
Barbecue tofu
Vegetable enchiladas with vegan sour cream and homemade guacamole
Sesame-crusted tempeh with coconut-milk-cream sauce

Rolled date bites
Chocolate-dipped strawberries
Chocolate and cherry cake

Meet all of our 2009 Vegan Wedding Couples:
Carmen Flora & Harry Pianko (Bloomfield Hills, Mich.)
Ginger Burr & Marion Davis (Lynn, Mass.)
Brandy Humes & Richard Brooks (Hamilton, ON)
Katie Donaldson & Dan Paul (Elk, Calif.)
Robin Henderson & Nathan Williams (Roxbury, NY)
Amanda Whitt Cohen & Edward Newman Smith, III (Fredericksburg, Texas)
Megan Flora & Nathan Downs (Leesburg, Va.)
Jennifer Jones & Barry Horton (Fort Bragg, Calif.)

For a complete list of caterers, dressmakers, and photographers from each of this year’s wedding couples, visit our 2009 Guide to Vegan Weddings.

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