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4 Ways to Celebrate National Ice Cream Sandwich Day—Vegan Style!
Party in style with the most divine dairy-free cookie-and-cream treats on store shelves and grocery store freezers.
Prominent Author Named “Vegan of the Year”
Best-selling author Kathy Freston will accept award from animal organization Last Chance for Animals at gala in Beverly Hills, CA on October 22.
Philly Vegan Homecoming Dance Coming September 9
The Humane League and V Marks the Shop co-host event to celebrate the City of Brotherly Love’s vegan community.
Vegan Chef Tal Ronnen Partakes in Zurich Food Fest
Luxury hotel Baur au Lac to host “Crossroads Meats Our Veggies” event from September 9-17.
PA’s Largest Street Fair Cancels Pig & Rooster Chase
Pressured by local animal advocates, Ephrata Fair suspends event, citing public safety concerns.
10-Year-Old Boxing Champ Is Vegan
Undefeated Ra-leek Born, the top-ranked US boxer in his age group, eats a plant-based diet—and inspired his diabetic dad to do the same.
Washington State University Expands Vegan Options
College hires vegan dietician to make campus dining more veg-friendly and cater to students’ dietary preferences.
Toucan Given 3D-Printed Beak, Sparks Anti-Cruelty Crusade
Bird survives having most of its upper beak cut off by callous humans—galvanizing Costa Ricans to push for anti-abuse legislation.
New Study Shows Dogs Choose Love Over Treats
Lead researcher says the results provide evidence “that dogs value human contact in and of itself.”
Retired British Boxer Launches Vegan Pop-Up Restaurant
Professional pugilist trades in his boxing gloves for oven mitts to open plant-based Liverpool eatery.
Natalie Portman Touts Paris’ Vegan Evolution
Oscar-winning actress tells The Guardian, “Paris has improved a lot for vegans in the past few years.”
Federal Rules for Lab-Grown Foods Linger In Limbo
As cultured meat and dairy products get closer to market, government agencies grapple with regulatory questions.
Cooking Show’s First Vegan Contestant Isn’t Vegan
Vegan fans of the Great British Bake Off were excited when the show announced that a vegan was competing this season—and irate when they found out he isn’t actually vegan.
ColourPop Launches Vegan Lipstick Line
Karrueche Tran’s KaePop collection includes three Ultra Glossy Lip colors and an Ultra Matte Lip color.
Feds Seek Ban on Swimming with Hawaii’s Dolphins
Spinner dolphins hunt at night, and government scientists claim tourists disrupt the marine mammals’ daytime sleep.
Chefs Turn Veggie Scraps into Gourmet Cuisine
High-end restaurants transform unused plant parts such as stems, leaves, and innards into innovative culinary creations.
France Bans Trade in Ivory Tusks and Rhino Horns
New prohibitions exceed European Union regulations and will better protect threatened elephants and rhinos.
Dancing Veggies Wow Crowd at Olympics Closing Ceremony
Dozens of ecstatic dancers in colorful broccoli, bell pepper, and berry costumes please and perplex viewers.
Thriller Fiction Trilogy Tackles Animal Rights
Heroine of Robin Lamont’s Kinship Series is an intrepid undercover animal protection investigator.
Slate Explores the Chicken’s Rise in Animal Protection
In-depth article analyzes how animal advocates’ efforts evolved toward reducing suffering for the greatest number of animals.
Woolly Mammoth: First Protected Extinct Species?
Conservationists propose outlawing mammoth tusk trade to combat endangered elephant poaching.
Portland Vegan Dinner to Benefit Black Lives Matter
Upscale PDX restaurant Farm Spirit hosts casual block party supper, with all proceeds donated to local Black Lives Matter group.
Vegan SoulFest! Party Hits Baltimore Saturday
Third annual summer festival will feature exhibitors, speakers, live entertainment, and plenty of delicious food.
Elle Magazine: Why 12 Female Celebs Are Vegan
World’s best-selling fashion mag highlights famous women’s reasons for being vegan—from animals and the environment to health and beauty.
Bananas Could Go Extinct Within a Decade
Scientists identify rapidly evolving fungal diseases that threaten to wipe out the global banana industry.
Brave Animal Rescuers Battle Baton Rouge Deluge
State agencies, local shelters, and volunteers rescue hundreds of animals—but even as downpours decrease, their work has just begun.
Ice Cream Shop Worker Creates Vegan Flavor
The Local Scoop in Cape Cod adds its first plant-based ice cream to the menu—and customers are raving.
Vegan Cheese Co. Expanding to Massive New HQ in California
New plant for artisanal cheese maker Miyoko's Kitchen is more than triple the size of company’s current facility.
Vegan Pulled Pork Honored in Major Food Competition
No Evil Foods beat hundreds of meat-based contenders for honorable mention in annual North Carolina competition.
Pokémon Go Players Save Animals in the Real World
While tracking rare virtual creatures to remote locations, some players find and rescue animals in distress.
California Bullhook Ban Reaches Governor’s Desk
State’s legislators passed a bill to ban bullhooks used on elephants in circuses—now it’s up to Governor Jerry Brown to sign it.
400-Year-Old Shark Breaks Age Record
Researchers award title of longest-living vertebrate to the Greenland shark, which almost doubles the second-place winner’s age.
Philly’s First Vegan Food & Beer Fest Set for This Weekend
Sustainable Everyday Edibles and Drinkables (S.E.E.D.) features top-notch food, craft beer, and a vegan goods marketplace.
Merger Creates Nation’s Largest Animal Shelter
Two DC-Area organizations join forces to house and help more animals than ever before.
Wedding Guests Riot Over Not Being Served Meat
Bride calls marriage off after warring families throw punches, stones, and liquor bottles at each other for two hours.
Chemicals Meant to Help Bees Might Hurt Them
Recent research shows pesticides commonly used to combat parasites can contribute to bee die-offs.
Oil Field Wastewater Used to Grow Crops
Southern California farms dealing with drought by irrigating fields with wastewater from oil wells and fracking.
Video Exposes Animal Cruelty at Tyson Poultry Plant
Compassion Over Killing undercover investigation shows behind-the-scenes look at poultry farm cruelty.
Retailers Sell Real Animal Fur as Faux Fur
Animal-protection group HSUS submits a petition to the Federal Trade Commission urging enforcement of broken laws.
Legislators Push for Dairy Industry Bailout
Milk sales plummet as the vegan milk market explodes—and some members of Congress want taxpayers to pay for farmers’ losses.
Indian Town Will Be Vegetarian For 17 Days
Krishna River Festival is coming to the town of Vijaywada—and some residents are livid about the meat-eating ban it brings.
Tyson Employees Expose Co-workers’ Animal Abuse
Tyson Foods fires two employees and suspends others after poultry workers shoot video showing “poor animal handling.”
Taiwan Launches Its First Animal Rights Political Party
Taiwan Animal Protection Party plans to run candidates who will advance an animal-friendly agenda.
NIH Official Predicts Radical Reduction in Animal Testing
Testing products using non-animal methods has “evolved to the point where it’s reproducible and scalable.”
Italian Parents of Vegan Kids Could Face Jail Time
Lawmakers debate punishing parents whose vegan children become malnourished.
Clinton Says Trump Has “Killed a Lot of Animals”
Animal activists disrupt Democratic presidential nominee’s speech, at which point Clinton redirects their critique onto her opponent and his sons.
One of the Nation’s Biggest Cockfighting Arenas Shuttered
Undercover FBI and HSUS agents collaborate on investigation that shuts down massive illegal Alabama operation.
5 Tips for Becoming a Frugal Vegan Gourmet
Enjoying a delicious and nutritious plant-based diet on a budget is easy with the proper know-how.
Palestine’s First Vegan Cafeteria Seeks Support
Palestinian Animal League launches crowdfunding campaign to provide plant-based food to 13,000 university students in Jerusalem.
Florida Starts Special Animal Abuse Prosecution Unit
State Attorney forms special team within his office to ensure animal abusers face justice.

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