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7 Ways To Create Healthy Desserts
An expert healthy baker shares her seven tips for transforming decadent vegan treats without the guilt.
7 Expert Tips for Making Vegan Ice Cream
Vegan ice cream aficionado Hannah Kaminsky shares her tried-and-true tips for the ultimate summer cool-down treat.
7 (Free!) Ways to Reduce and Reuse
These tips and tricks will help you reduce your waste while saving the planet—and some money.
How to Veganize Any Recipe: Sweet Edition
Dying to revamp a favorite dessert, but don't know where to start? These expert tips will help you convert any recipe vegan.
How to Veganize Any Recipe: Savory Edition
Dying to revamp a favorite family recipe, but don't know where to start? These expert tips will help you convert any recipe vegan.
25 Ways to Relax, Vegan-Style
Having a stressful week? Any one of these 25 vegan tips will have you feeling Zen in no time.
10 Easy Swaps for an Eco-Friendly Home
Switch out your everyday items for these green-friendly products and homemade cleaners—and save some cash too.
3 Simple Timelines for a Stress-Free Vegan Thanksgiving
Your ultimate checklist for getting everything done for UnTurkey Day.
Vegan Father's Day
Celebrate your dad by organizing the best vegan-style Father's Day that will truly impress him.
11 Reasons Why Oakland is the New Brooklyn
Move over, Brooklyn. With a bounty of great eats, Oakland is the new vegan mecca.
Indian Officials Announce a Ban on Dolphin Shows
The nation has decided to prohibit dolphin performances, citing cruelty as the main reason for the ban.
United Stops Flying Medical-Research Primates
United Airlines announced it will no longer transport primates for medical research.
Cruelty Charges Against Pig Farm Employees
Workers at a pig factory farm in Wisconsin are being charged with inhumane treatment of animals.
Laboratory Chimpanzees Scheduled for Release
Plans to move more than 100 research-lab chimpanzees to a sanctuary are underway.
NPR Runs 2-Part Series on Veganism
A recent feature on National Public Radio discusses veganism with prominent experts.
Plant-Powered Diet Credited for Centenarians' Health
A statistical study of people who live to 100 and beyond shows longevity through a plant-based diet.
Top Vegan Chef Launches New Website and Classes
Cookbook author Miyoko Schinner launches a brand-new vegan lifestyle website.
Gardein Now Available in Select Baja Fresh Locations
The vegan meat company will have a trial run of its chicken and beef products in Baja Fresh locations in California.
10 Outrageous Holiday Treats
The ultimate list of vegan cookies and candies for the most delicious holiday season.
8 Veg Companies Helping with Sandy Relief Efforts
Post-superstorm Sandy, these vegan companies are giving back to their community with food, assistance, and time.
5 Must-Have Fall Vegan Nail Colors
Check out what hot fall colors and nail wraps are compassionate and stylish.
Animal-Welfare Ads Banned After Misleading Consumers
Animal-welfare ads in Britain found to be misleading consumers on the state of pig farms.
Two Gorillas Destroy Poachers' Traps in Rwanda
In Rwanda, two young gorillas teamed up to take down several traps in their area of forest.
Oscar Mayer Eliminates Gestation Crates
The Kraft Foods-owned company promises to phase out the use of gestation crates from its pork-supply chain.
PETA Crowns Top Five Mac 'n' Cheese Dishes
The animal-rights organization named the best macaroni and cheese meals around the US and Canada.
Chinese Government Approves Shark Fin Ban
In an effort to protect sharks, Chinese officials have agreed to stop serving shark fins at government events.
Paul McCartney Urges Meat-Free Mondays in the UK
The well-known vegetarian rock star advocates for British schools to adopt Meat-Free Mondays.
LGBT Rights and Animal Rights: How Are They Connected?
In honor Pride Month, we spoke with prominent gay-rights and animal activists about the two movements.
Farm Sanctuary Celebrates New Third Location
The non-profit farm-animal sanctuary celebrates the opening of its new location in Southern California.
Brooklyn Vegan Shop-Up Hosts Summer Event
The vegan shopping event hosts its second annual summer pop-up with more than 30 vegan vendors.
9 New Ways to Use Nut Butters
Featuring a huge variety of decadent nut butters, this slew of scintillating recipes will take you beyond PB&J.
Vegan Men's Fashion
Looking to suit up for spring? Check out this comprehensive guide to compassionate fashion and cruelty-free products for vegan men.
Vegan Conference Announced
The Vegan Lifestyle Bloggers Conference, otherwise known as Vida Vegan Con, has announced upcoming conferences in Portland, OR (May 2013) and...
Vegan Ice Cream in Boston
J.P. Licks, a coffee and treats chain in Boston, MA will now offer a complete vegan menu, starting with coconut-based ice cream with flavors such as chocolate, pineapple, and coconut...
The Top 100 Vegan List
Prolific cookbook author and vegan chef Isa Chandra Moskowitz compiled a list of 2011's top recipes, tips, cookbooks, products, and more on Post Punk Kitchen, her website...
India Phases Out Dissection
The University Grants Commission, which oversees and funds Indian universities, has decided to replace animal dissection in classrooms with computer...
Be Veg Campaign Broadens
Organizers behind the "Be Veg" Toronto Subway Ad Campaign report that a series of ads asking viewers, "Why love one but eat the other?" featuring companion animals...
YMCA Adopts Healthier Options
YMCA officials, joined by first lady Michelle Obama recently announced that the organization would be offering fruits, vegetables, and water instead of sugary drinks and snacks, and...
Kate Middleton Not Hunting
Kate Middleton has decided to bow out of the yearly pheasant hunt that takes place on Boxing Day in England. After People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals sent...
New LA Vegan Restaurant
Owners of Seed Kitchen, an organic, macrobiotic vegan restaurant in Venice Beach, Calif., are slated to open Seed Bistro, an upscale dining establishment in West Los...
Investigative Article on Spam
Quality Pork Processors in Austin, Minn., was featured recently in an article in Mother Jones' July/August issue examining the company that produces Spam, a canned ham...
Deschanel's Vegan Pregnancy
In the August issue of Ladies' Home Journal, 34-year-old actress and star of the hit TV show Bones Emily Deschanel talks about some of the questions she receives while...
Lost Actor Goes Vegan
Actor Jorge Garcia of ABC's long-running television series Lost recently performed stand-up comedy at the Laugh Factory in Hollywood as a fundraising benefit for his friend...
Shark Fishing Ban
Known as the shark diving capital of the world with the most diverse shark populations globally, officials in the Bahamas have made a move to protect aquatic...
Chefs for Seals Event
Last week, the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) hosted the Chefs for Seals event in New York City to raise awareness and protest against Canada’s use of seals...
Animal-Testing Alternative
The Food and Drug Administration recently approved healthcare company Allegran's request to move toward in-vitro, cell-based testing of its Botox brand of injections...
Backyard Chickens Sicken Kids
With the popularity of raising backyard chickens increasing, an outbreak of two different strains of Salmonella have been discovered across several states, infecting 71 people...
Fur Banned at Pageant
The Animal Rights Foundation of Florida has successfully campaigned to end the use of fur in the Miss USA Florida pageant this year. The Fur Information Council of America...
Coalition Demands Less Meds
Last week, in Brussels, the Trans Atlantic Consumer Dialogue (TACD) presented a proposal recommending that governments halt the use of antibiotics on factory-farm-raised...
Forks Over Knives on DVD
After a successful nationwide release, the documentary Forks Over Knives is now available for purchase on DVD or Blu-Ray as are copies of the Forks Over Knives...

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