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Vegan Shop Seattle Cookie Counter is Back in Action
Seattle's beloved vegan ice cream shop has re-opened thanks to a whopping $10,000 raised by the local community.
Ex Coca-Cola Executive Joins Beyond Meat Team
Charles Muth helped Coca-Cola grow revenue by 2000 percent in two years and he's on board to push the plant-based meat company to new heights.
Winery Converts Retail Store into Chic Vegan Eatery
Sand Castle Winery's new restaurant TASTE will feature vegan wine and a menu developed around plant-based meats and cheeses from The Herbivorous Butcher.
Bentley Revs-Up Vegan Interior Production
The luxury car company is looking to mushroom leather to create a vegan interior option to appease its wealthy, cruelty-free clientele.
NYC Group to Support Politicians with Animal Agendas
Nonprofit group Empire State Humane Voters will work with local politicians to push legislation that benefits animals through district courts.
Dairy Industry Study Dismisses Heart Disease Link
Global dairy groups funded research that found no link between consuming dairy products and cardiovascular disease in a last-ditch effort to pull the animal product from the gutter.
Café Sues Starbucks for Stealing Vegan Unicorn Latte
Brooklyn café The End filed a suit against the coffee giant for turning its healthy vegan unicorn latte into a sugary frappuccino.
Vegan Mini-Mall BuzzFeed Video Goes Viral
A clip about Portland's vegan mecca—comprised of a clothing store, bakery, tattoo shop, and grocery store—has gained three million views in 24 hours.
Next Level Burger Debuts Double-Decker Beyond Burger
Oregon's Next Level Burger partnered with Beyond Meat to create a giant, two-patty burger stack with secret sauce and all-organic fixins'.
Rampant Animal Abuse Exposed at Land O' Lakes
Animal-rights group Compassion Over Killing found workers kicking cows in their faces and udders at a factory farm that supplies dairy to the nation's largest companies.
Silver Truck Goes for Gold as New Vegan Restaurant
CSU students fighting on-campus slaughterhouse can now visit Fort Collins' first vegan restaurant The Gold Leaf Collective.
Grubhub Reports 58 Percent Spike in Vegan Food Orders
The popular food delivery app divulged that vegan orders were a top trend in 2016.
Obama Says Drop Meat to Fight Climate Change
The former president spoke honestly about the connection between meat consumption and environmental degradation at a recent food innovation conference.
LAUSD Puts Vegan School Lunches on the Menu
This fall, students in Los Angeles students will have access to a vegan lunch option at no extra cost.
SeaWorld Reports $30 Million in Losses
With attendance down by 15 percent, the troubled marine park loses nearly three times more in earnings than expected in the first three months of 2017.
Vegan Fashion Truck to Roll Out in France
Cruelty-free clothing, cosmetics, home decor, shoes, and accessories will be hitting the streets of France this summer.
France Bans Breeding of Captive Dolphins and Orcas
All "marine circuses" must comply with new rules within six months and expand holding tanks within three years for existing animals.
Former Butcher Joins Vegan Burger Company
Impossible Foods welcomed new Chief Science Officer David Lipman to the team behind the wildly popular vegan Impossible Burger.
Meat Processing Named Most Dangerous Job in US
A new report shows that workers in animal processing are up to twice as likely to be injured on the job than in other industries.
Major Italian Food Supplier Launches Vegan Line
Italy's third-largest food distributor developed new private-label vegan products to cater to growing consumer trends.
USDA Responds to Records Query With 1,700 Black Pages
Respected publication National Geographic received a pile of fully redacted documents from the government agency in response to a request for animal welfare records.
Dairy Company Invests in Flax-Milk Brand
Dean Foods is the latest dairy-dominated corporation to take interest in plant-based milk brands.
McDonald's Launches Vegan Burger in Norway
The Veggie McSpice features a red kidney bean patty and can be easily veganized by removing cheese.
Vegan Gelatin May Replace Animal Products by 2020
Silicon Valley company Geltor is aiming to replace animal-derived gelatin in products such as Jell-O, Yoplait yogurt, and more in the next three years.
Dairy Industry Sees Vegan Milk as a "Serious Threat"
Select Milk Producers CEO revealed that plant-based milk poses one of the greatest challenges to the failing dairy industry.
Lyft's Luxury Car Service Now Allows Vegan Interiors
The ride-sharing company no longer requires its Lyft Premier luxury vehicles to have animal leather interiors.
Melania Trump Dumps Fur
A White House representative confirmed that Melania no longer wears fur after animal-rights activist Pamela Anderson gifted her a vegan faux fur coat.
CNN Exposes Slave Labor at Cattle Ranches in Brazil
Thousands of workers are forced to work in the country's animal agriculture industry, living in squalid conditions for no pay.
CNN Says Germans are Leading Vegan Revolution
Tremendous growth in new vegan products released in the traditionally meat-heavy country makes Germany a world leader in cruelty-free living.
Whole Foods Names Califia Farms Supplier of the Year
The vegan beverage company gains top honors from the supermarket chain for its innovative plant-based milk products.
French Incubator Calling All Plant-Based Startups
French program Village by CA is gathering the latest innovators in the European plant-based sector to develop the foods of the future.
Daiya is Fastest Growing Plant-Based Brand in America
Top market research firm SPINS reports the vegan cheese company is growing quickly with an annual revenue of more than $50 million.
Vegan Burger Joint Takes Over Old Hot Dog Eatery
Eden Burger's all-organic vegan fast-casual fare moves into shuttered hot dog restaurant's space in Ohio.
Vegan Beer Debuts for Sea Shepherd's 40th Birthday
The honorary beer by California's Libertine Brewing Company is brewed using ocean water, kelp, wild yeast, locally sourced blood oranges, and zero animal products.
Cargill Eyeing Plant-Based Protein Industry
The multinational food corporation drops its last two cattle feeding operations in favor of exploring new protein categories.
Agriculture Secretary Pushes Milk Back Into Schools
Sonny Perdue reverses sugary milk ban to get dairy back into school lunches to boost failing dairy industry.
Charges Dropped Against Activist Who Gave Water to Pigs
Canadian judge finds Anita Krajnc was not interfering with "property" when she gave thirsty pigs water on their way to slaughter.
Peet's Launches Bottled Almond Milk Cold Brew
The coffeehouse giant bulked-up its Coldcraft bottled coffee line with a creamy dairy-free option.
Bloomberg: "Cauliflower is the New Kale"
The publication says cauliflower is now a social media sensation, thanks to its meat-replacing abilities.
Chloe Coscarelli Gives Tofu a Facelift
The famed chef has partnered with tofu brand Nasoya to give the plant-protein the royal treatment.
5 Vegan Things We Want Delivered by Drone
Rev-up the robot motor, Amazon, because we want pie from Chicago, veganized unicorn frappuccinos, and hunky Australian activists delivered straight to our door.
California Will Soon Grow Avocados Year-Round
Researchers have found three new avocado varieties that can withstand the full range of central California's temperatures, which means more guacamole for all.
60k Students Fight On-Campus Slaughterhouse
Students at the Colorado State University band together against the construction of an on-campus meat processing facility funded by the world's largest meat company.
London's First Vegan Supermarket is Now Open
GreenBay sells more than 1,000 vegan products to help serve the booming vegan scene in the UK.
Vegan Food Pops Up Poolside at Ritz Carlton in Paris
Maisie Café will be serving all vegan drinks and food poolside for Ritz Club's wellness month.
Guinness Goes Vegan at Last
The iconic Irish beer brand has removed isinglass—a fish derivative—from its filtration process making its stout fully vegan, as promised.
Fish Processing Plant Fined $3.2 Million for Pollution
The EPA slaps an Alaskan sea life processing facility with a major fine for falsifying air pollution reports.
Moby to Help NY Restaurateur Expand Vegan Eatery
Ravi DeRossi's Ladybird will reopen in a bigger space with a new menu created by Michelin-starred chef Derrick Styczek.
Vegan Video Series BOSH! Lands Six-Figure Book Deal
The British duo behind the popular Facebook channel will compile a 100-recipe book to bring easy plant-based cooking to a greater global audience.
Califia Vegan Milk Cafe Pops Up at NY Fitness Shop
For the month of May, fitness shop BANDIER will treat guests to nutmilks, creamers, and cold-brewed coffee made by vegan company Califia Farms.

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