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Brooklyn's Vegan President Pushes to Ban Bologna
Eric L. Adams introduced a resolution that would ban disease-promoting processed meat at New York City public schools.
Director Kevin Smith is Now a Non-Animal Eater
The Clerks director has officially ditched all animal products after a devastating heart attack made him reconsider his dietary habits.
Ed Sheeran Buys Vegan Domino's Pizza for Dedicated Fans
The musician treated fans who camped out to see his concert in Brisbane, Australia to vegan pizzas from the chain, which recently added Follow Your Heart's vegan cheese to its menus.
UK Doughnut Chain Opens an All-Vegan Outpost
The new plant-based location of doughnut shop Crosstown in London aims to make cruelty free doughnuts that rival the “real” thing.
Zac Efron Thrives on a Purely Plant-Based Diet
The High School Musical actor reveals that ditching animal products has improved his metabolism, sleep, and exercise routine.
DKNY and Donna Karan Go Fur-Free
The brands join a growing number of fashion labels and designers that believe fur is outdated.
50-Year-Old Salami Company Launches Vegan Jerky
Canada-based Urbani Foods creates tempeh-based NOBLE Jerky after CEO Claudio Urbani realized that raising animals for food is not sustainable.
Domino's New Zealand Might Soon Offer Vegan Cheese
The international chain is polling Kiwi consumers on social media to ascertain demand for vegan cheese—a move that landed Follow Your Heart's mozzarella on menus across Australia in January.
TGI Fridays Rolls Out New Vegan Dishes Across UK
British diners can now feast on vegan bruschetta, alfredo pasta, garlic bread, and avocado hummus at the international chain restaurant.
Best Thing I Ever Ate Show Features Vegan Burger
Top Chef contestant Carla Hall can't stop thinking about Washington DC-based eatery Shouk's flavorful vegan burger.
Starbucks to Release Plant-Based Food Line This Year
Heeding the demands of animal-rights group Compassion Over Killing (and at least 30,000 people ), the international coffee chain announced it would launch a plant-based food line during its shareholder meeting.
World's Last Male Northern White Rhino Dies
Horn poaching has led to the decimation of the rare subspecies of African rhino, with only two females left on Earth.
Virgin Trains Debut Their First Vegan Cooked Breakfast
Commuters in the United Kingdom can now enjoy a hot pot of vegan hash browns, beans, mushrooms, and spinach aboard west coast Virgin Trains.
50 Percent of Meals at One CA School District are Vegan
Children in Santa Barbara school cafeterias are raving about vegan brand Hungry Planet's soyrizo quesadillas, crispy chicken burgers, spaghetti and meatballs, beef nachos, and chicken alfredo.
YouTube Stars Rhett and Link Veganize Arby's
The comedy duo's wildly popular Good Mythical Morning YouTube series heads to Arby's, Wendy's, and McDonald's for the vegan edition of their segment Fast Food Secret Menu Hacks.
San Francisco Bans Fur Sales
Officials unanimously sign the ban, which makes San Francisco the largest city in the United States to reject the cruel fur industry.
Drake Ditches Meat
The musician confirms that he has no beef with vegetarians.
Acclaimed Chef to Open Vegan Convenience Store
Matthew Kenney's vegan New Deli in Venice, CA will offer a range of plant-based snacks, prepared foods, and organic wine and beer that customers can enjoy on the store's patio or at the nearby beach.
Nearly Half of Meat-Free Canadians are Millennials
New research shows that Canadians 35 years old and younger are three times more likely to identify as vegan or vegetarian, while the largest meatless population in Canada resides in British Columbia.
QDOBA Now Offers Price Cut for Vegans
The Mexican-inspired chain launched the Vegetarian Tier to give a discount to customers who order meat-free meals.
Biotech Startup Develops Fungus-Based Clean Pet Food
New biotechnology company Wild Earth plans to disrupt the $30 billion pet food industry with nutritionally complete, animal-free proteins.
Portland Pub Replaces Beef and Lamb with Vegan Burger
The White Owl Social Club will no longer serve beef and lamb burgers, and instead offer the Impossible Burger to reduce its environmental impact.
Saudis Go Vegan to Curb Obesity Epidemic
Residents of Saudi Arabia have the support of vegan Prince Khaled Alwaleed bin Talal Al Saud, who plans to open 10 vegan restaurants in the region by 2020.
Vegan Wine and Cheese Delivery Debuts
Cheese brand Miyoko's Kitchen partners with subscription service Vegan Wines for cruelty-free wine and cheese pairings that can be delivered to your door.
Kraft Heinz Looks to Invest in Plant-Based Startups
The food corporation launches incubator Springboard Brands to support new companies creating foods of the future.
MLB Ballparks Nationwide Debut New Vegan Options
This season, baseball fans can snack on vegan nachos, Impossible Burgers, cauliflower cheesesteaks, and more at stadiums across the country.
Daiya Debuts Line of Vegan Ice Cream Bars
The vegan brand expands its product line to include ice cream, burritos, new yogurt options, and cheese sticks.
Cory Booker Dishes on Whole Food Plant-Based Journey
The outspoken vegan New Jersey Senator takes to social media to encourage his fans to be kind to themselves and others.
World's Best Restaurant NOMA to Serve Vegan Menu
The summer tasting menu at the re-launched Copenhagen fine-dining restaurant will feature an array of plants that chef René Redzepi will source from local lakes, meadows, and its own urban farm.
Germany's First Vegan Kindergarten to Open in Fall
Children at Mokita kindergarten in Frankfurt will be taught the nutritional, environmental, and ethical benefits of consuming a plant-based diet.
Athletes Unite to Fight High-Speed Pig Slaughter Bill
Olympic medalists, NBA champions, and race car drivers join animal-rights group Compassion Over Killing to oppose the USDA's new rule that would increase pig-slaughter rates to dangerous levels.
Fashion Giant Versace Ditches Fur
Donatella Versace will no longer use animal fur in her collections, and animal-rights groups hope that she ditches leather next.
Trump Eliminates Animal-Welfare Regulations
Farmed animals raised for organic meat are no longer required to be given access to the outdoors and chickens can legally remain crammed into filthy cages.
Third Outpost of Plant Power Fast Food Opens in CA
The San Diego-based vegan chain will open its newest location this summer with an outdoor patio next to a pilates studio in a shopping center in Redlands.
First All-Vegan Neighborhood Forms in Downtown Toronto
One city block in downtown Toronto will be home to a number of vegan businesses by the end of the year, making it a tourist destination for the cruelty-free crowd.
Vegan Category Appears on Jeopardy!
Host Alex Trebek tasks contestants with questions—in the form of answers, of course—from This Vegan Life category, a first for the long-running game show.
Trade Group Urges Gov't to Back Plant-Based Industry
The Plant Based Food Association asks the government to introduce measures that would level the playing field for the plant-based industry.
Melania Trump Urged to Serve Kids Vegan Easter Candy
The First Lady is asked to serve dairy-free candy at this year's Easter Egg Roll to include children who suffer from lactose intolerance and help animals that suffer in the dairy industry.
Trump Reverses Ban on Elephant Trophy-Hunting
The Trump administration has reversed its November decision to keep the Obama-era ban on the import of dead elephant parts from sensitive regions such as Zimbabwe and Zambia, and will now allow elephant trophies to enter the states on a case-by-case basis.
Italian Designer Debuts Denim-Based Fur Alternative
Designer Tiziano Guardini partnered with ISKO—the world's largest denim company—to develop an animal-free alternative to fur to make animal pelts obsolete in the fashion industry.
Vegan Beer Hall with 20 Taps to Open in Boston
Rewild bills itself as America's first fully plant-based beer hall and café, with plans to open by June.
Luxury Handbag Brand Goes Vegan
California brand von Holzhausen no longer sells animal leather-based handbags and has opted to sell accessories made only with proprietary vegan materials.
Expert Says Future of Sex-Toy Industry is Vegan
Sex industry expert Jess Wilde believes that the trend toward plant-based living goes beyond food as millennials prefer sex products made sans animal products.
Vegan Film Eating You Alive Debuts at 560 Theaters
With the help of celebrities such as Samuel L. Jackson and James Cameron, the documentary explains how consuming animal products leads to illnesses such as type 2 diabetes, cancer, and obesity.
Unilever Launches Organic Vegan Snack Line
The corporation will donate 50 percent of proceeds from its new plant-based Growing Roots line to urban-farming initiatives.
Dean Foods Dumps Dozens of Dairy Suppliers
The dairy company will end contracts with many of its suppliers as consumers shift away from animal-based milk.
Stella McCartney Challenges Students to Create Vegan Wool
The vegetarian designer continues to push for innovation in an effort to eliminate animal products from the fashion industry.
Greenpeace Calls for 50% Cut in Animal Consumption
The environmental organization says that shrinking meat and dairy production and consumption in half is the only way to save the planet by 2050.
World's First Black VegFest Debuts in August
Brooklyn, NY will host the first VegFest vegan event that will promote critical thought about the social barriers that need to be broken for veganism to be accessible to all.
Meat Consumption in Sweden Hits Record Low
New data shows that Swedish residents are consuming 4.8 pounds less per capita in 2017—the largest annual decline since 1990.

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