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New Nonprofit Aims to Give Animals Legal Counsel
Against All Oddz Animal Alliance formed to give abused and wrongfully killed animals their day in court.
DJ Sensation Dillon Rupp Goes Vegan
Young musician and social media star firmly commits to going vegan for "eternity."
Investors Urge Tyson to Pivot to Compete with Plant-Based Meat
Factory farmed meat giant Tyson urged to restructure toward more sustainable practices given the threat presented by meat-free industry.
New Vegan Makeup Store Opens in California
Velvet 59 is a cruelty-free cosmetics shop that just opened in Aliso Viejo.
Study Finds Carrageenan Safe
New peer-reviewed study proves the plant-based food additive is neither toxic nor inflammatory.
Vegan to NY Gov: "Stop Subsidizing Cheap Milk"
Farm Sanctuary founder Gene Baur demands that governor Cuomo end $90,000 milk subsidies at NY State Fair.
Washington State to Kill Wolf Pack to Protect Profits
Culling of the endangered grey wolves will eliminate one of the remaining 19 packs in the state.
Slaughterhouse Worker Jailed for Cruelty
Anthony Bagshaw pleads guilty to 24 counts of animal cruelty and will serve a 10-month prison term.
USDA Bolsters Dairy Industry with $20 Million Cheese Bailout
Government buys 11 million pounds of cheese in an effort to provide relief for plummeting dairy industry.
Vegan Cheese Company Expands to Kroger Stores
Nut-based Treeline will soon be available at 2,500 locations of the major grocery retailer nationwide.
Dairy-Free Market to Reach $35 Billion by 2024
New study reveals dairy-alternatives industry is growing rapidly due to increased global environmental, health, and ethical concerns surrounding dairy.
Oprah Urges Her 33 Million Followers to Go Meatless
After interviewing HSUS President Wayne Pacelle, Winfrey pledged to go meat-free on Mondays and asked her huge fanbase to do the same.
Vegan Square Sausage Sandwich Takes Café by Storm
Glasgow's Rose & Grant's can't keep up with the demand for new vegan menu item created by staff member.
Legendary Chef to Open Vegetarian Restaurant
World-renowned French chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten shifts focus from meat to vegetables.
The Body Shop Launches Vegan Product
Beauty retailer's new makeup set is another addition to growing animal-free cosmetics options.
Moby to Play His Only Live Show at New Vegan Festival
Musician and activist Moby to partner with animal-rights group Mercy For Animals and No Doubt bassist Tony Kanal for one-time show.
Vegan Ranch Chickpea Snacks
Crispy and tangy, these bite-sized snacks are perfect as salad toppers or straight from the bag.
Kat Von D Debuts First Product from Vegan Makeup Line
Tattoo artist and makeup mogul reveals the initial product in her newly reformulated animal-free beauty line.
Vegan Wins Gold Medal at World Surfing Games
Tia Blanco won her second gold medal at the ISA games and will compete to participate in the first-ever surf category during the 2020 Olympics.
Sabra Launches Program to Feed Food Deserts
Hummus company launches "Plants with a Purpose" program to bring fresh produce to areas in need.
Singer Zella Day Joins Silk "Do Plants" Campaign
21-year-old touring musician credits plant-based diet to stamina on the road.
Bean Burrito Top Seller at Taco Bell
Vegetarian burrito is the second most-ordered item chain-wide and is inspiring execs to push more veggie options.
Vegan Campaign Hits Times Square
Billboard showing imagery of animals as sentient beings will hold a high profile spot above Times Square for four weeks.
PDX Vegan Grocery Store Expands to Second Location
Food Fight! vegan grocery store announced plans to open a new location in the Gateway neighborhood this October.
First US Pizza ATM to Explore Vegan Options
Xavier University is home to the first North American pizza ATM that will stock vegan options based on student demand.
Vegan Birthday Cake Cookies
Our birthdays have long passed, but we're still treating ourselves with rainbow sprinkle-covered birthday cake cookies.
VAUTE Opens First Manhattan Vegan Clothing Store
Vegan fashion label's new retail store will carry animal-free clothing and vegan snacks.
Girl Scouts to Debut New Vegan S'mores Cookie
Leadership organization celebrates National S'mores Day and 100th Anniversary by adding vegan cookie to its 2017 lineup.
CEO Defends Just Mayo Against Buyback Accusations
Hampton Creek CEO Josh Tetrick counters Bloomberg charges of wrongdoing with release of company records.
Magazine Examines Food Network's Lack of Vegan Coverage
Paste Magazine questions the food broadcasting giant's credibility as a modern source of information due to their exclusion of plant-based programming.
5 Ways to Sneak Zucchini Onto Your Neighbor's Porch
On this zucchini-centric holiday, we're making cookies, breads, pizza, and more to help unload that green summer squash onto your neighbor.
6 Fast-Food Chains that Can Do Better
Hey Chipotle, Domino's, Taco Bell, McDonald's, Wendy's, and Subway—adding vegan options is good for business!
Vegan Nutella
This smooth-as-nut-butter blend of hazelnuts and chocolate has us wishing we owned bigger spoons.
Forbes Answers the Call for a Humane Economy
Publication looks to Humane Society CEO Wayne Pacelle to answer the question, "Can humans make a better world for animals?"
Vice Addresses Vegan Health Stigma
Publication points out that veganism isn't just about "clean eating" but rather a choice to avoid animal products for myriad reasons.
Vegan Shoe Company Turns Profit in Brazil Despite Recession
Eco-minded company stands up to Brazilian leather industry through environmental advocacy and one-of-a-kind shoes.
New York City's Last Dairy Plant to Shutter
80-year-old Elmhurst Dairy will close next month due to plummeting demand.
Summer Fashion Tips from Stylish Vegan Sisters
Sister-duo behind LA vegan fashion label Delikate Rayne share their top tips for summer style trends, ethical shopping, and more.
Cattle Network Publication Mocks Vegan Lobster
Meat industry publication implores childish tactics to disparage cruelty-free products such as vegan lobster and butter.
Senator Cory Booker Defends Veganism
Vegan senator takes to Twitter after The New York Times infers that Americans will elect a black man but never a vegan.
Morrissey Demands Five Australian Venues To Go Vegan
Former Smiths singer has refused to play at venues that profit from serving animal products.
Venus Williams Discusses Her Path to Plants
In a new promotional video for dairy alternative company Silk, the tennis star shares her path to going vegan.
Patagonia and North Face Switch to Vegan Spider Silk
Fashion designer Joshua Katcher reveals a revolution brewing in the fashion industry as major companies partner with cruelty-free fabric makers.
Taco Bell Promotes Meat-Free Guide
Nationwide chain creates a "How to Eat Veggie" guide to make it even easier to order meat-free options.
Gluten-Free Tomato Crackers
This picnic-perfect tangy cracker stands up to our favorite spreads.
The Independent: How Raising a Child to Eat Meat is Extreme
Publication points out that feeding children vegan food is less abusive than teaching them to love animals while eating them
Waka Flocka Flame Responds to Questions on Veganism
Rapper participated in Reddit's "Ask Me Anything" series to answer questions about his decision to go vegan.
Vegan Restaurant Opens in Former Real Food Daily Space
Los Angeles continues to welcome new plant-based options with newly opened Erven in Santa Monica.
Impossible Burger Debuts at NYC Restaurant
Momufuku Nishi adds the plant-based burger to its menu after chef "tasted the future, and it was vegan."
Sales of Veg Products in Denmark Spike 30 Percent
Denmark's growing plant-based population is driving sales of meat and dairy alternatives.

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