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Pope to World Leaders: Act on Climate Change Now
Pope Francis asks scientists to continue working toward combating climate change, despite the potential threat imposed by a Trump presidency.
Plant-Based Diet Improves Prostate Cancer
Patients with prostate cancer report improvement in quality of life on plant-based diet and exercise regimen.
Meatless Options at Restaurants Will Boom in 2017
Analysts predict chefs will continue to experiment with vegetables and plant-based proteins next year.
World's First 3D-Printed Vegan Gummies Now in US
Customizable vegetable-based gummy candy comes to Go! Games and Toys retail locations in the United States, and makes online debut.
Rise of Meat Consumption Wiping Out Blue Zones
Designated areas with high centenarian populations are consuming more meat and dying younger.
Carbon Monoxide Keeps Meat Red
A toxic chemical cocktail is the reason why old meat retains its red color.
Court Drops Charges Against Cecil's Hunters
Professional hunter Theo Bronkhorst was not charged by Zimbabwe court for arranging the killing of Cecil the Lion by dentist Walter Palmer.
Vegan Companies Pique India's Investment Interest
Business Insider India says venture capitalists are excited to "put their money where their mouth is."
Vegan Model Walks Out on Fur Photoshoot
Ruby Jean Wilson took a stand against cruelty in the fashion industry to set an example for fellow models.
Five Places that Prove Veganism is Growing in Dallas
Move over Austin, there's a new vegan sheriff in town!
Morrissey Urges GM to Make Vegan Car Interiors
Smiths' musician asks General Motors CEO to offer leather-free interiors, steering wheels, and gear shifts in car models that are marketed as eco-friendly.
Two-Thirds of British Chicken Contains E. Coli
Government finds that most chicken sold in England, Wales, and Scotland contains a dangerous, antibiotic-resistant strain of bacteria.
Dutch Minister to Visit California to Talk Veganism
Martijn van Dam will tour Impossible Foods and Perfect Day in an effort to strengthen collaboration on climate-friendly foods.
Vegan Celebrities Make Turkeys Dinner
Turkeys are treated to a special dinner prepared by Moby, Kat Von D, and Jamie Kilstein.
Vegan "Piecaken" is a Thing for Thanksgiving
Three accidentally vegan pies baked inside vegan cake and topped with vegan frosting is a creation to be thankful for.
Chik-fil-A Franchise Owner Goes Vegan, Cures Diabetes
Robert Kluttz gave up a lifelong addiction to chicken and soda to successfully treat diabetes with a plant-based diet.
Ben & Jerry's Thanks Vegans for Thanksgiving
The ice cream giant thanks vegans for helping to create a more just society.
Shakey's Partners With Quorn to Offer Meatless Pizza
The chain will now offer two meatless pizzas in all 177 locations in the Philippines.
Employees Speak Out Against Turkey Industry
The Thanksgiving rush requires employees at Butterball to work in dangerous conditions for 50 days without a break.
Dallas Mexican Restaurant Goes Vegan
El Palote removed all animal products from traditional Mexican menu.
Stranger Things Star Dishes About Veganism
Matthew Modine shares his favorite vegan meals with People.
"World's Saddest Polar Bear" Released from Mall Cage
Pizza the Polar Bear will be moved to Hong Kong amusement park from China's Grandview Mall.
Vegan Wellness Resort Coming to Hawaii
Acclaimed chef Matthew Kenney is expanding his plant-based empire to include a series of cruelty-free wellness retreats.
Study Shows Pigs Can Be Optimists and Pessimists
Continuing research about pig intelligence finds capacity for long-term human-like personality traits.
Nearly One Third of Aramark's Menus Are Veg
American food service giant reports that more than 30-percent of its menus in hospital, office, and college cafeterias are vegan or vegetarian.
10 New Vegan Trader Joe's Products We Love
Just in time for the holidays, we're filling our baskets with onion jam, smoked olive oil, mini vegan marshmallows, and more from Trader Joe's.
Doughnut-Scented Lipstick Brand Launches New Line
Sugarpill Cosmetics reveals new vegan lipstick line of highly-pigmented hues.
Vegan Products to Grow by 11 Percent Annually
New vegan packaged foods are predicted to gain more shelf space every year.
Too Faced Acquired by Estée Lauder for $1.45 Billion
Vegan-friendly makeup brand vows to never test on animals despite acquisition.
Plant-Based Company Boosts Utah Economy
WhiteWave's expansion into Utah is projected to bring over 100 good jobs and boost the local economy by $5 million.
Vegan Iron Chef Hosts DIY Date Night
Guests will learn how to prepare a vegan Italian American holiday spread in time for Christmas.
Quorn Veganizes Chicken Nuggets
Meatless company launched four new products in UK markets, including a vegan version of chicken nuggets.
Bipartisan Bill Launched to Ban Wild Animal Circuses
Democratic and Republican congressmen partner with animal-rights organization to ban traveling wild animal shows across the country.
Heart Failure Higher in Meat-Eating Women Over 50
Researchers find that older women who consume a high-protein diet made up mostly of meat are at highest risk of heart failure.
Tofurky to Launch Sandwiches in UK Markets
Iconic American vegan company to capture lucrative lunch market in the United Kingdom with prepared "meat" and "cheese" sandwiches.
Quartz: Vegan Movement is Winning
Popular media outlet Quartz explains how the vegan movement went mainstream.
Investor Ups Shares by 300 Percent in Vegan Products
Wesbanco Bank increased its holdings in Whitewave Foods by over $8 million as share values increased.
NBA's Wilson Chandler Goes Vegan ... Then Goes Fishing
Denver Nuggets' basketball player adopts a plant-based diet, but not a cruelty-free lifestyle.
Vegan Food Products Spike by 257-Percent
Mintel report names plant-based foods as one of the six biggest trends for 2017.
Vegan Forager's Roast
Field Roast has come out with a new vegan roast, and the VegNews staff couldn't get enough.
Pecan-Based Vegan Eggnog Launches for the Holidays
MALK's pecan milk vegan nog is the first of its kind to hit shelves this holiday season.
Zagat Raves About Dallas' New Vegan Spot
V-Eats in Dallas gets rave reviews from top food critic.
How to Take Action for Animals Post-Election
The Dodo created a list of animal-rights organizations readers can support during this time of uncertainty.
California Governor Sticks Up for Climate Change
Jerry Brown vows to continue creating state legislation aimed at reducing greenhouse gases, despite Trump's stance on climate change.
USDA Shuts Down Slaughterhouse for Cruelty
Oregon slaughter facility Bartels Packing shuts down after employees improperly used bolt guns, causing cows to suffer.
Vegan Burger Has More Iron Than Beef
Iron content in Beyond Burger wins over beef, according to the popular magazine, Men's Journal.
15k Say No to New Factory Farm, 2 Say Yes
Plans for a chicken factory near York, England is shot down by residents due to environmental, health, and animal welfare concerns.
Vegan Big Mac Truck a Huge Hit
Canada's McVegans truck sold 1,000 burgers in its first weekend.
Vegan Protein Draws Millennials to Fast Food
QSR Magazine points to plant-protein as a tool for bringing millennials to quick-service restaurants.
Vegans Open Animal Museum in Los Angeles
Exhibits such as "Crazy Cat Ladies" and "The Sexual Politics of Meat" educate visitors about animal-rights.

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