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FDA Pushes Pregnant Women to Eat More Fish
Despite rampant fish industry fraud, government organizations increased recommendations for the consumption of ocean life for young children and pregnant women.
UK Supermarkets Modernize Layout to Sell Less Meat
Oxford University will help grocery chains rearrange their aisles to encourage shoppers to buy more produce and less meat.
The Office Director B.J. Novak Backs Cultured Meat
The famed writer and actor has a stake in cultured meat company, Memphis Meats.
Italian Eatery Goes Vegan to Compete with by CHLOE
New York City classic Italian restaurant Romagna to nix animal products in effort to gain the same following of Bleecker street neighbor by CHLOE.
Farmers Feed Cows Skittles as "Cheap Carbs"
A red Skittles spill on the roads of Wisconsin leads to the discovery that local farmers fatten cows up on candy.
Veggie Burger Sales at Nordic "McDonald's" Quadruple
Sweden's popular chain fast-food restaurant Max introduced four meatless burgers last year and saw sales soar.
New York Grilled Cheese Co. Debuts Vegan Option
The Florida-based shop launches a vegan melt to meet vocal customer demand.
Herbivorous Butcher to Open Farm Animal Sanctuary
New sanctuary Herbivorous Acres was announced during celebration of vegan butcher shop's first anniversary.
Great Big Vegan Tour of the Twin Cities
Minnesota's burgeoning vegan scene is sure to give NYC a run for its money.
Eating Hot Red Chilli Peppers Prolongs Life
Mounting evidence points to the plant's life-preserving powers in protecting against obesity, cardiovascular disease, and more.
Universal Shuts Down A Dog's Purpose Premiere
The production studio pulled the plug on this weekend's movie premiere after a video of distressed German Shepherd went viral.
Vegan Cheese Surpasses Expected Sales by 300 Percent
UK-based supermarket Sainsbury's reports a surprising surge in sales of its vegan cheese in first month after launch.
Vegan Congee Shop Opens in NYC's Chinatown
The Good Sort to serve their warm vegan porridge and dairy-free lattes in Manhattan next week.
White House Removes Climate Change from Website
Trump administration drops climate change, civil rights, LGBT, and healthcare information pages from its official website.
General Mills Invests in Kale Chips
The major food corporation's stake in kale chip company Rhythm Superfoods is the latest addition to its growing plant-based portfolio.
Dairy Farms Look to Puerto Rico for Workers
Amidst an American worker shortage, South Dakota factory farms are looking for labor in Puerto Rico.
PETA Buys Shares in Louis Vuitton
The animal rights organization became a shareholder in the lux leather company to gain decision-making power.
$20K in Vegan Activist Scholarships is Up for Grabs
Vegetarian Resource Group is awarding exceptional high school seniors several scholarships for their work in animal activism.
Animal Agriculture Makes Planet "Infect-able"
Experts identify intensive animal production as leading cause for antibiotic resistant "superbugs" in humans.
Obama Finalizes Animal Welfare Reform Law
As one of his last actions in office, president Obama outlaws tail docking, mulesing, and transportation of sick animals, amongst other cruel practices in the "organic" industry.
Coffee-Mate Launches Vegan Creamer
Multinational corporation Nestlé is swapping dairy for almond and coconut milk to capture the growing demand for cruelty-free creamer.
Vegan Chorizo Wins "Favorite Meat" at Trader Joe's
Customers choose the spicy plant-based product as the best amongst all meat sold at the popular supermarket chain.
Baileys Almande is Now Vegan
Vegan-certified Irish cream is set to hit store shelves by March.
General Mills Files Patent for Fava Bean Yogurt
The major food corporation is exploring dairy-free options using fava beans, lentils, adzuki beans, and more.
Vegan "Bacon" Made from Seaweed Hits Shelves
Pasta company launches unique, cruelty-free seaweed snack as a healthy alternative to the trendy animal product.
Massive Crowds Flock to Vegan Fried Chicken Shop
Despite bitter rain, Londoners lined up in front of Temple of Seitan to get their first taste of vegan fried chicken.
37 Percent Chose Veg When Dining Out
New report shows that patrons are increasingly choosing either vegetarian or vegan options from restaurant menus.
France to Install Cameras at Slaughterhouses
Historic new bill promises to install surveillance cameras in 263 slaughterhouses by 2018.
Golden Girls Café to Serve Plenty of Vegan Options
New York City's anticipated Rue La Rue Café will honor character Rue McClanahan's animal rights activism with a selection of cruelty-free options.
Jewish Veg Launches First Vegan Birthright Trip
This summer, a group of 40 travelers will be treated to food at plant-based restaurants across Israel.
Another Vegan Drive-Thru to Open in CA
"Vegan McDonald's" Plant Power Fast Food to hawk its wholesome "Big Zac" burgers in second Southern California location.
Air China Bans Shark Fin Cargo
Major Chinese airline takes historic stance against the cruel practice of removing fins from live sharks
Meat Increases Death Rate in Breast Cancer Survivors
Researchers find that mortality rate spikes for breast cancer survivors who consume barbecued meat.
Vegan Activist Denied Swiss Passport
Swiss locals continue to block vegan Dutch resident Nancy Holton from obtaining a passport due to her animal advocacy efforts.
Aussie Cinema Disses Vegans in Ice Cream Contest
Event Cinema in Australia barred vegan entries in its "Choc Top" ice cream competition.
6 Reasons You'll Never Need Dairy Again
With so many plant-based alternatives at our fingertips, dumping dairy has never been easier!
Jon and Tracey Stewart's Sanctuary Plans Approved
The Stewarts plans to open New Jersey location of Farm Sanctuary, and the education center is approved with flying colors.
Mexican Resort Adopts 24-Hour Vegan Menu
Plant-based fare inspired by Mexican, French, and Italian cuisine is now on the menu at the all-inclusive Grand Velas Riviera Nayarit resort in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.
Girl Scouts Kick Off Season with Vegan Cookies
Five vegan cookie options are now available, commemorating the organization's 100th annual cookie sale bonanza.
India Bans Import of Exotic Furs and Reptile Skins
The landmark ban saves tens of thousands of mink, reptiles, foxes, and chinchillas from cruel death in the name of frivolous fashion.
Dirt Candy Chef Launches Veg Eatery at NJ Airport
Terminal C at Newark Liberty International is now home to vegan-friendly eatery Thyme by famed New York City vegetable-centric chef Amanda Cohen.
Scientists Compile Animal Fart Spreadsheet
Flatulence research offers a revealing look at both biodiversity and greenhouse gas emissions
Vegan Bake Sale To Benefit Homeless Hits LA
Vegan organization Burrito Project LA will receive funding from the noble outreach event.
Switzerland Bans Sale of Animal-Tested Cosmetics
Swiss officials make strides toward removing cruelty from beauty products countrywide.
Red Meat Linked to Inflamed Gut Disease
A new study reveals eating red meat leads to painful stomach disease diverticulitis.
Veg Speed Dating Debuts in 20 Cities in February
New website and event series launches to help compassionate singles find love in time for Valentine?s Day.
Aquatic Park Hit with Six New Counts of Cruelty
OSPCA cited six new charges of neglect at Canadian theme park Marineland, bringing the park's total animal abuse charges up to 11.
EPA Cracks Down on Nutritional Yeast
The organization is making it harder for brewers to produce the cheesy vegan product, citing environmental concerns.
Moby Refuses to Perform at Trump Inauguration
The vegan musician and activist said he'd only play if president-elect Donald Trump agreed to release his tax returns.
Birkenstock Launches Vegan Shoe Line in US
Customer demand for cruelty-free hippie shoes drives company to bring vegan sandals and clogs to the United States.

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