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Danone Plans for Global Expansion of Plant-Based Foods
Upon completing its acquisition of WhiteWave Foods, the yogurt giant announces plans for expanding the reach of plant-based brands Silk, So Delicious, Vega, and Alpro.
Vedge Owners to Expand Vegan Empire to DC
The Philadelphia vegan power couple will open their first out-of-state outpost in Washington, DC next fall.
"Superbug" Found in 40 Percent of Danish Pork
A Danish study found alarming amounts of antibiotic-resistant bacteria in both conventionally farmed and organic pig meat.
Vegan Unicorn Snot Lipgloss Is Real
The new smooth, glittery gloss comes in five colors, smells like cotton-candy, and does not harm animals —"magical or not."
Reader's Digest Promotes Switching to Vegan Skincare
The nearly 100-year-old publication asks readers to consider using cruelty-free beauty products even if adopting a vegan diet is not in the cards.
Vegan Bánh Mì Out-Selling Pork Version in Maine
The tofu-based sandwich is taking local restaurants by storm and out-selling its traditionally meat-centric counterpart.
Major Cruise Line Launches Fleet-Wide Vegan Menu
Oceania Cruises is adding a plant-based menu of 250 dishes, cold-pressed juice, and vegan smoothies to six cruise ships.
Forbes: "Dairy-Free Milk is Draining the Dairy Industry"
The popular publication says vegan milk continues to make strides while dairy goes down the drain.
Vegan Bar Donates Profits to Causes Defunded by Trump
All profits from tip-free Coup cocktail bar will be donated to organizations such as Planned Parenthood and ACLU.
Taiwan Outlaws Cat and Dog Consumption
The island nation takes initiative to ban cat and dog consumption before China-s annual Yulin dog-eating festival.
Starbucks Adds Secret Vegan "Pink Drink" to Store Menu
The "secret menu" strawberry and coconut milk concoction is easier to order now that it's a permanent menu item.
5 Vegan Burgers That Put McDonald's Menu to Shame
There's no denying that plant-based burgers are all the rage.
Majority of Brits Say They Don't Need Meaty Meals
A new survey found that 56 percent of British people feel a meal can be complete without meat.
Vegan Café Replaces Butter-Heavy Eatery in San Francisco
Nourish Cafe will expand into the Nob Hill space previously occupied by non-vegan Flour and Co.
Two-Thirds of Americans Would Try "Cultured Meat"
Research shows that a majority of Americans are willing to eat meat made without slaughter.
NYU Dining Hall Goes Vegan for Earth Day
Lipton dining hall will serve environmentally friendly plant-based fare due to student demand.
Indiegogo Urges Users to Invest in Vegan Restaurant
The equity branch of the crowdfunding platform promotes plant-based eateries as the "the future of fast food."
Berkeley Prohibits Fur Sales Citywide
New legislation makes it illegal to sell the cruel animal product within city limits.
Beyond Burger Touches Down in Hong Kong
Popular plant-based "bleeding" burger makes its international debut at vegan retailer Green Common in Hong Kong.
Singer JoJo Goes Vegan
The platinum musician first gave up dairy, then she transitioned to a vegan diet after learning about the inherent cruelty of animal agriculture.
Starbucks Tests New Vegan-Friendly Lunch Menu
100 Chicago stores are the first to sample Starbucks' new Mercato lunch program, which includes a certified vegan salad.
Talenti Launches Fudgy Vegan Flavor
New dairy-free Peanut Butter Fudge Sorbetto is creamy, dreamy, and completely free of animal products.
Vegan Comedian Performs on Late Night
SNL writer Julio Torres delivered a very vegan stand-up skit on the late night comedy show.
Chloe Coscarelli Treats NYC Fireman to Vegan Food
The famed chef introduced fireman Chris to plant-based burgers at beloved food-truck-turned-vegan-eatery Cinnamon Snail.
Veggie Pret a Manger Lands in NYC This Month
After successful UK locations dropped meat from their menu, the chain will treat its US customers to new vegan-friendly options at its new pop-up shop.
Cows Escape Slaughter and Find Refuge at Sanctuary
Six cows headed for slaughter in St. Louis have been taken in by local animal sanctuary The Gentle Barn.
Vegan Memes Increased by Nearly 7000 Percent in 2016
A new study revealed that an astounding number of vegan-related memes are currently being shared online.
BBQ Chain Debuts First Vegan Option After 30 Years
East coast meat-centric chain Dinosaur launched its first vegan option, a Black and White Bowl loaded with rice, salad, beans, and a portobello mushroom on top.
Canadian High School Students Imagine a Meatless Future
A climate change essay contest challenged teens to imagine Canada in 2067, and winning essays went the meatless route.
Chickpea Crop Doubles to Fill Vegan Protein Demand
Farmers plant 53 percent more chickpeas this year as demand for plant-based protein surges.
Forks Over Knives Launches Food Line
The vegan media empire makes its foray into food with DIY meal kits focused on whole grains.
World's Biggest Vegan Retail Shop Opens in Australia
The Cruelty Free Shop in Melbourne will be home to a collection of 3500 vegan products including more than 50 cheeses, cruelty-free clothing, cosmetics, and more.
UK Hosts Its First Vegan Trade Show This Year
The dedicated vegan show will include 150 exhibitors debuting new plant-based products.
Reebok to Debut Cotton and Corn Shoes
The sneaker brand's new shoes will feature entirely plant-based materials in an effort to move footwear in a more sustainable direction without the use of animal products.
Tesco Launches Vegan Cheese Line
The supermarket giant launches its own line of nine plant-based cheeses to compete with fellow UK-based grocery chain Sainsbury's.
General Mills Invests in Vegan Breakfast Company
Vegan company Purely Elizabeth received $3 million in General Mills' latest plant-based investment.
Marine Biologist Makes a Case Against Eating Fish
Rampant fish fraud and collapsing fish populations are several reasons biologist Laura MacDonnell chooses to leave fish off of her plate.
Lime Crime Launches Vegan Unicorn Hair Dye
The magical line of cruelty-free, imaginative hues make hair pony-perfect without harming animals.
Aussie Cricket Star Throws Big Fat Vegan Wedding
Peter Siddle and new bride Anna Weatherlake celebrated their big day with vegan dumplings, cruelty-free clothing, and their four companion dogs.
New Vegan Falafel Joint Sells Out in Four Hours
Philly's newest vegan restaurant Goldie—founded by famed Israeli chef Michael Solomonov—proves to be a big hit during opening weekend.
Vegan Eatery Bans Feeding Babies Milk on Premises
Feeding bottled milk products to babies in Spanish restaurant El Vergel is prohibited, as the owner respects mothers of all species.
UK Ice Cream Shop Drops Dairy, Goes Vegan
Ice Shack in Manchester re-opens as a vegan shop that offers ice cream, baked goods, truffles, milkshakes, and more.
Hampton Creek Cleared of Buyback Allegations
The vegan company behind eggless Just Mayo is no longer under investigation for buying back its products to bulk up sales.
Israeli Army Introduces Vegan Combat Rations
50,000 IDF soldiers can now enjoy vegan food packs that include hummus, tahini, beans, cocoa spread, halva, olives, and fruit.
Danone Drops Stonyfield Yogurt to Seal WhiteWave Deal
The international dairy giant agrees to sell off assets in yogurt brand Stonyfield to eliminate unfair competition between its dairy and plant-based holdings.
Califia Farms Expands Plant-Based Milk to Canada
The shapely company expands its dairy-free offerings to the eager Canadian market.
Vegan Double-Decker Bus Rolls Out in Wichita
Kind Kravings is a next-level food truck that serves plant-based grub, with upstairs seating, in Wichita.
Ice Cream Company Hosts Free Vegan Cone Day
Rhode Island's vegan vendor Like No Udder is giving away 700 ice cream cones during its own version of "Free Cone Day" to rival Ben & Jerry's.
Bank of England May Sub Tallow in Money with Palm Oil
In its search to rid English banknotes of animal products, The Bank of England chose palm oil as a viable alternative.
WWE Wrestler is Vegan Because He "Gives a Damn"
Austin Aries dishes about his favorite vegan places to eat on the road, how his diet keeps him stronger in the ring, and why he went vegan for the animals.

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