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List of Most Vegan-Friendly Ballparks Revealed
An all-vegan cart in Texas, The Herbivorous Butcher's offerings in Minneapolis, and soy chorizo tamales in Phoenix all helped to secure top spots on PETA's annual list.
Mark Bittman Urges WHO to Eliminate Factory Farming
New York Times' former columnist urges the World Health Organization to take action against the global threats produced by factory farms.
US Dairy Stockpile Hits All-Time High
Dairy farmers have already dumped 78 million gallons of excess milk this year.
European Politicians Go Vegan to Fight Climate Change
Political leaders in Denmark take on a 22-day vegan challenge to set an example for citizens worldwide.
Beverly Hills' Vegan Scene Grows with Gratitude
New vegan restaurant Gratitude will serve turmeric-infused cocktails, cashew-based cheeses, and kelp noodles in the posh Los Angeles neighborhood beginning tomorrow.
London Chain Debuts Sourdough Vegan Doughnut Line
Crosstown doughnut shop in London spent months crafting the perfect vegan pastry after hearing their customers demands for three years.
Two-Story Vegan Pizzeria Coming to Portland
This June, house-made cashew mozzarella topped pizzas, dairy-free ice cream, and locally roasted espresso will be on the menu at Virtuous Pie in Portland, OR.
Obama Scolds Trump for Letting Schools Serve Junk
Former First Lady Michelle Obama asks Trump "What is wrong with you?" for his administration's attempt to dismantle her healthy school lunch program.
Vegan Movies Win Big at Major Film Festival
Three vegan short films take home awards from the third-largest film festival in North America.
Vegan Surf Camp Makes Waves this Summer
Surfers will be treated to organic vegan meals while surfing the Atlantic Coast of France.
Ringling Bros. Circus Holds Its Final Show
After 146 years in operation, the circus company will finally stop exploiting wild animals for entertainment.
LA's Umami Burger Unveils Impossible Burger
The meat-centric craft burger chain adds plant-based Impossible Burger patty to the menu at nine Southern California locations.
Finless Foods Aims to Make Slaughter-Free Fish
New "clean meat" company will grow fish filets to combat ocean destruction.
Hospital Staff in California Go Plant-Based for Patients
Employees at Kaiser Permanente in Fresno have taken on a 21-day challenge to learn about plant-based nutrition for the benefit of their patients.
3D Printed Vegan Cheese to Soon Hit Store Shelves
Silicon Valley's Perfect Day is working on the vegan dairy products of the future.
Government to Ban Dog Meat Sale at Yulin Festival
The groundbreaking decision will break with cultural tradition and ban the sale of dog meat ahead of the Yulin Dog Meat Festival this June.
Jeremy Corbyn to Fund Plant-Based Businesses
England's Labor Party leader announced he has big plans for plant-based companies in his efforts to curb climate change.
Law Cutting Waterway Protections to Benefit Ranchers
Factory farmers would be free to pollute local waterways, should Obama's Waters of the US rule be thrown out.
Vegan Soccer Club Reaches League Status
After eliminating animal products, UK's Forest Green Rovers—the world's first all-vegan soccer team—are moving up in ranks.
Meat Alternatives Market Valued at $4 Billion in 2017
The plant-based meat market is predicted to boom in the next decade to feed the growing population, which is expected to reach nearly 9 billion people by 2050.
High Death Rates from Nine Diseases Linked to Meat
Cancer, type 2 diabetes, stroke, infections, Alzheimer's, and diseases of the kidneys, heart, respiratory tract, and liver all linked to red meat consumption.
Vegan Company Closes Historic $1 Million Capital Round
UK's vegan meal delivery service AllPlants closes the biggest venture capital investment ever raised by a plant-based company.
5 Incredible Rookie Vegan US Cities
Vegan ice cream sandwiches in San Jose, plant-based pizza in Connecticut, and booze-fueled brunch in the Twin Cities means that there are vegan options aplenty outside of New York and LA.
New Vegan Nail Salon Opens in NYC
Ethical manicures are all the rage—complete with cruelty-free polishes, lotions, and treatments—at NYC's new shop "sundays" Studio.
First Vegan Climbing Center Opens in UK
Flash Climbing in England features all-vegan climbing gear, vegan snacks, and a compassionate atmosphere.
Hand Injuries from Cutting Avocados on the Rise
British doctors acknowledge common hand injuries related to cutting an avocado—referred to as "avocado hand"—as a legitimate medical concern.
UK Couple to Brew Vegan Bacon Beer
Megan Evans and Whitney Bacon will capitalize on the latter's last name to create a bacon-flavored beer sans animal products.
Ripple Launches Plant-Based Milk for Kids
The shelf-stable, pea protein-packed milk boxes are a perfect way for parents to fight against dairy milk's unfortunate return to the National School Lunch Program.
North Face Axes Fur, Angora, and Exotic Leather
The parent company of North Face, Timberland, Wrangler, and others issues a more compassionate Animal Derived Materials Policy.
Vegan Shop Seattle Cookie Counter is Back in Action
Seattle's beloved vegan ice cream shop has re-opened thanks to a whopping $10,000 raised by the local community.
Ex Coca-Cola Executive Joins Beyond Meat Team
Charles Muth helped Coca-Cola grow revenue by 2000 percent in two years and he's on board to push the plant-based meat company to new heights.
Winery Converts Retail Store into Chic Vegan Eatery
Sand Castle Winery's new restaurant TASTE will feature vegan wine and a menu developed around plant-based meats and cheeses from The Herbivorous Butcher.
Bentley Revs-Up Vegan Interior Production
The luxury car company is looking to mushroom leather to create a vegan interior option to appease its wealthy, cruelty-free clientele.
NYC Group to Support Politicians with Animal Agendas
Nonprofit group Empire State Humane Voters will work with local politicians to push legislation that benefits animals through district courts.
Dairy Industry Study Dismisses Heart Disease Link
Global dairy groups funded research that found no link between consuming dairy products and cardiovascular disease in a last-ditch effort to pull the animal product from the gutter.
Café Sues Starbucks for Stealing Vegan Unicorn Latte
Brooklyn café The End filed a suit against the coffee giant for turning its healthy vegan unicorn latte into a sugary frappuccino.
Vegan Mini-Mall BuzzFeed Video Goes Viral
A clip about Portland's vegan mecca—comprised of a clothing store, bakery, tattoo shop, and grocery store—has gained three million views in 24 hours.
Next Level Burger Debuts Double-Decker Beyond Burger
Oregon's Next Level Burger partnered with Beyond Meat to create a giant, two-patty burger stack with secret sauce and all-organic fixins'.
Rampant Animal Abuse Exposed at Land O' Lakes
Animal-rights group Compassion Over Killing found workers kicking cows in their faces and udders at a factory farm that supplies dairy to the nation's largest companies.
Silver Truck Goes for Gold as New Vegan Restaurant
CSU students fighting on-campus slaughterhouse can now visit Fort Collins' first vegan restaurant The Gold Leaf Collective.
Grubhub Reports 58 Percent Spike in Vegan Food Orders
The popular food delivery app divulged that vegan orders were a top trend in 2016.
Obama Says Drop Meat to Fight Climate Change
The former president spoke honestly about the connection between meat consumption and environmental degradation at a recent food innovation conference.
LAUSD Puts Vegan School Lunches on the Menu
This fall, students in Los Angeles students will have access to a vegan lunch option at no extra cost.
SeaWorld Reports $30 Million in Losses
With attendance down by 15 percent, the troubled marine park loses nearly three times more in earnings than expected in the first three months of 2017.
Vegan Fashion Truck to Roll Out in France
Cruelty-free clothing, cosmetics, home decor, shoes, and accessories will be hitting the streets of France this summer.
France Bans Breeding of Captive Dolphins and Orcas
All "marine circuses" must comply with new rules within six months and expand holding tanks within three years for existing animals.
Former Butcher Joins Vegan Burger Company
Impossible Foods welcomed new Chief Science Officer David Lipman to the team behind the wildly popular vegan Impossible Burger.
Meat Processing Named Most Dangerous Job in US
A new report shows that workers in animal processing are up to twice as likely to be injured on the job than in other industries.
Major Italian Food Supplier Launches Vegan Line
Italy's third-largest food distributor developed new private-label vegan products to cater to growing consumer trends.
USDA Responds to Records Query With 1,700 Black Pages
Respected publication National Geographic received a pile of fully redacted documents from the government agency in response to a request for animal welfare records.

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