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Vegan Egg Replacer Debuts Amidst Surging Egg Prices
British company Ulrick & Short's vegan egg alternative is attractive to food manufacturers looking for price-stable ingredients.
Social Justice Activist Shaun King Goes Vegan
The respected Black Lives Matter advocate adopted a vegan lifestyle after making a connection between social justice and animal rights.
Major Retailer Aims to Stock 100 Vegan Wines in 2018
Co-op is taking steps to veganize the wine industry by working with producers directly to find animal-friendly alternatives to non-vegan fining agents.
TGI Fridays Joins Meatless Monday Campaign
After adding vegan Beyond Burger to the menu of nearly 500 locations, it is now profitable for the chain to promote meatless options.
UK's Largest Grocer Debuts 20 Chef-Crafted Vegan Meals
Tesco, the world's third-largest grocery chain, launched the Wicked Kitchen vegan line of grab-and-go meals such as carrot pastrami-filled wraps and barbecue pizzas at 600 locations across Britain.
Black Eyed Peas Singer Will.I.Am Goes Vegan
William James Adams joins what he calls the VGang in the new year.
Federal Judge Rules Ag-Gag Law Violates Free Speech
Judge M. Margaret McKeown overturned Idaho's ag-gag law—which made collecting undercover footage at factory farms illegal—on the basis that it illegally targeted free speech and hindered investigative journalism.
Domino's Debuts Three Cheesy Vegan Pizzas
International pizza chain Domino's adds Follow Your Heart vegan cheese to more than 600 locations in Australia and debuts a line-up of fully vegan pies.
Starbucks Launches New Vegan Jackfruit Lunch Wrap
The coffeehouse giant continues to expand its vegan options in 2018 with the launch of several menu items across Europe.
Vegan Protein Will Crush Organic Meat Demand in 2018
A new report shows that Britons are more comfortable with vegan protein and predicts that meatless foods will outsell organic animal protein this year.
Ethical Porn Director Resolves to Go Vegan in 2018
Erika Lust says goodbye to carnism to stay true to her feminist beliefs.
Vegan Coconut Latte Debuts at 2,000 Coffee Shops
International chain Costa Coffee adds coconut milk, vegan food, and a plant-based latte to all of its United Kingdom locations.
Organic Milk Buyers Switched to Plant-Based in 2017
Supermarkets make more room for plant-based milks as dairy continues to plummet while almond- and soy-based dairy alternatives boom.
Meat Linked to Breast Cancer in Women Over 40
New research finds that older women who consume three pieces of bacon per week increase their risk of developing breast cancer by 20 percent.
Almonds May Surpass Dairy as California's Main Crop
Dairy farmers in California are planting almonds—a crop set to increase by one-third to 3 billion pounds in 2021—to take advantage of the plant-based milk boom.
Finland's Largest Dairy Brand Debuts Vegan Oat Milk
Dairy brand Valio launches a line of five oat-based yogurt flavors and vegan milk to keep up with consumer demand for plant-based options.
Italian Brand Launches Creamy Vegan Mayo
A new thick and creamy vegan mayonnaise by Italian brand Sacla has debuted in Sainsbury's across the United Kingdom.
Chain Launches Vegan Sourdough Peanut Butter Pizza
London chain Four Hundred Rabbits is celebrating Veganuary with a pizza that features chickpeas, crispy onions, roasted beets, and a maple peanut butter sauce drizzled on top.
Starbucks Launches Vegan Oat Milk Across UK
The coffeehouse giant responds to overwhelming demand for more plant-based milk options by adding oat milk to its growing list of dairy-free options.
Chef Resigns After Serving Dairy to Vegans On Purpose
Laura Goodman has left her position as head chef at Italian restaurant Carlini after bragging on Facebook about serving animal products to vegans.
Nepal's Last Two Dancing Bears Rescued from Torture
Animal-rights groups and the Nepali police worked together to finally end the cruel touristic practice and bring sloth bears Rangira and Sridevi to safety.
Impossible Foods Partners with Largest Distributor in US
The company's vegan burger patty is now shipped from DOT's nine distribution centers to restaurants in all 50 states.
Chocolate Might Be Extinct by 2050
Climate change—which is exacerbated by animal agriculture—will make it impossible to grow chocolate in vulnerable regions.
Major Poultry Producer Invests in Lab-Grown Meat
Israeli company SuperMeat raised $3 million in seed funding to bring its slaughter-free chicken to market in three years.
China Eliminates Ivory Trade
Animal-rights organization WildAid, together with former basketball player Yao Ming, educates the Chinese public about the new ban through moving commercials.
New Film Exposes Link Between Dairy, Leather, and Beef
Vegan documentary Deadly Dairy aims to show people in India that abstaining from beef does not save sacred cows from slaughter for milk and leather.
Vegan BBQ Pulled Jackfruit Meals Debut in 500 Stores
Sainsbury's announces next-generation plant-based dishes for the new year, including shroomdogs, smokey jackfruit, and cauliflower steaks with chimichurri sauce.
New Study Finds Tomatoes Repair Lung Damage in Smokers
Scientific evidence continues to point to plants as crucial foods for achieving optimal health.
New Year's Cleanse Launches at Vegan Café
Southern Californians can now take advantage of plant-based juice and meal cleanses thanks to mainstay eatery Café Gratitude.
Meatless Delivery Orders Spike by 987%
International delivery service Just Eat reported an increase in vegan and vegetarian orders in 2017.
Beyond Burger Named Biggest Breakthrough of 2017
Quartz highlighted the most underrated scientific breakthroughs of the year, and the plant-based meat patty, along with animal-free leather, made the list.
New Nike Commercial Promotes Plant-Based Diet
NBA player Kyrie Irving credits his plant-based diet for his phenomenal dribbling skills in a new Nike advertisement.
Plant-Based is Top Trend to Watch in 2018
Media outlet Foodnavigator USA points to chickpea proteins, peanut milk, plant-based meat alternatives, and animal-free food technology as major trends that will continue to grow next year.
Fancy Vegan French Bakery to Open in Montreal
Plant-based tarts, cakes, and more prepared by French-trained chef Marie-Charlotte Dugout will be available at Patisserie Dugout.
First Vegan Outlet of Arancini Chain to Open Next Month
Arancini Brothers will transform one of its outlets to an all-vegan eatery for Veganuary and beyond.
Laverne Cox Debuts Vegan Glitter Nail Polish Line
The vegan actress/activist is behind a new sparkly nail collection by Orly that she hopes will help beauty-lovers to celebrate themselves.
Bachelorette Winner Shawn Booth Goes Vegan
The hunky bachelor adopted a plant-based diet after winning the heart of Kaitlyn Bristowe on season 11 of the popular reality show.
Janet Jackson Celebrates End of Tour with Vegan Meal
Steakhouse STK Atlanta prepared a special vegan menu for the singer and her ex-boyfriend Jermaine Dupri.
New Study Proves Plant Protein Boosts Heart Health
Mounting scientific evidence shows consuming a plant-based diet is essential for optimal health.
Cultured Fish Will Equal Price of Bluefin Tuna by 2019
Technology startup Finless Foods promises price parity to tuna, making it easy for consumers to eat fish without destroying the ocean.
Vegan Doctor Takes Off on Tour to Heal America
Plant-based medicine pioneer T. Colin Campbell and his son Nelson Campbell—creator of vegan documentary PlantPure Nation—will travel the country to teach underserved communities about the benefits of veganism.
Vegan Commercial Now Shown in Movie Theaters Across UK
A vegan advert about rescued pig Hope is currently played before movies such as Star Wars, Pitch Perfect 3, and Murder On The Orient Express.
Vegan Burger Chain Expands to the East Coast
Plant-based chain Next Level Burger will open its sixth location inside a Brooklyn, NY Whole Foods 365 store next month.
Mochi Brand Debuts Line of Vegan Ice Cream Snacks
My/Mo Mochi created bite-sized cashew-based ice cream wrapped in rice flour in four flavors after continuous customer requests for vegan options.
Vegan Star Miley Cyrus Teases Her Converse Shoe Line
The singer appears in a new video ad for her upcoming collaboration with the shoe brand that will include several styles—complete with glittery soles.
Ritter Sport to Launch New Vegan Milk Chocolate Bars
The German company, along with major chocolate brands such as Nestlé, are developing innovative products to stay afloat during falling sales of traditional milk chocolate.
Metro UK Ranks Top 13 Vegan Foods for Christmas
Tofurky roasts, chorizo cocktail sausages, and vegan beef Wellington bites are the best way to celebrate the season.
Dairy Company Buys Vegan Cheese Brand for $17.8M
Canadian company GreenSpace acquires United States-based Galaxy Nutritional Foods—makers of vegan cheese brand Go Veggie—to stay competitive in the growing plant-based industry.
Scotland Bans Wild-Animal Circuses
The country becomes the first to introduce legislation of this kind in the United Kingdom.
Los Angeles Chef Launches Vegan Caviar Service
The newly launched plant-based offering at non-vegan eatery PYT includes blini, potato chips, cashew cream, pickles, chives, capers, and tonburi—a vegan caviar made from kernels sourced from Japanese summer cyrus trees.

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