Articles written by Maya Gottfried

Brooklyn Chef Veganizes Popular Momofuku Milk Bar
The popular dessert-based cookbook is getting a plant-based makeover.
How to Become an Ageless Boomer
Vegan since the 1980s, 70-year-old Rod Fisher credits his healthy lifestyle to his plant-based diet.
5 Things You Can Do This Spring to Help Animals
There’s plenty to do this season to help animals while renewing your compassionate lifestyle.
5 Ideas for a Great Vegan Spring Wedding
Spring is the season of rebirth, making it the perfect time to get married and enter a new phase of life with the person you love.
5 Hot Vegan Shoes for Spring
With spring comes sunshine, rain, and all of the new shoe styles that designers have to offer.
Isa Chandra Moskowitz’s Tips for a Great Vegan Brunch
Often the highlight of weekend plans (and a great way to recover from a late night out), brunch holds a unique place in the culture of dining.
6 Places to Meet a Vegan to Love
The vegan of your dreams is out there somewhere—if you’re willing to look.
7 Books to Share with Your Veg-Curious Love Interest
Omnivores who become romantically involved with vegans often become vegan themselves.
7 Vegan-Friendly Children’s Books to Share with Your Kids
Bedtime stories get even better when you’re sharing tales of animal friendships.
5 Vegan-Friendly Places to Move if You’re Thinking the US Isn’t for You
Whether it’s for a job, your health, or your country’s imploding government, sometimes in life there comes a time to move to another part of the world.
5 Ways to Heat Up Your Sex Life on Valentine’s Day
Veganism is for lovers, which means you can’t skimp on Valentine’s Day.
5 Holiday Gifts for the Unapologetic Omnivore in Your Life
Give your meat-eating friend, family member, or lover a fashionable handbag, aromatic scent, or sexy clothing to prove there’s no holiday gift that can’t be vegan.

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