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New Vegan Grocery Store to Open in Pennsylvania
Boyertown, PA will have a brand new, all-vegan store this fall thanks to ambitious plant-based eatery Firefly Café.
Egg Company Reports $74M Loss Due to Vegan Alternatives
Giant egg company Cal-Maine Foods' CEO says vegan alternatives are responsible for the company's first big loss of profits in over a decade.
Last Captive-Born Orca Dies at SeaWorld
Three-month-old baby orca Kyara died of pneumonia—the same illness that killed Tilikum in January.
Midwest Vegan Eatery Creates Copycat Big Mac
St.. Paul's J. Selby's "Dirty Secret" is made with two all-"beaf" patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheeze, pickles, onions, and served on a vegan sesame seed bun.
88-Year-Old Vegan Climbs Kilimanjaro
Colorado resident Fred Distelhorst may have set a world record as the oldest person to ever ascend one of the world?s highest peaks.
New Series "The Vegan Road Show USA" Debuts in August
The new show will showcase vegan restaurants across the country and feature special correspondent Maggie Taylor—the niece of famed vegan director James Cameron.
Vegan-Friendly Chef to Headline BBQ Festival
Chef Shannon Martinez' plant-based chorizo, Spanish meatballs, and cashew cheese are the talk of the otherwise meat-centric event in Australia.
Kylie Jenner Goes Vegan
The mega-celebrity vows to ditch animal products and eat vegan tacos and nachos instead.
Stella McCartney to Replace Silk with Vegan Fibers
The vegetarian designer will debut a dress made entirely from vegan, yeast-based silk at New York's Museum of Modern Art in October.
KFC's New "Whole Chicken" Commercial Backfires
The fast-food chicken chain inadvertently helps people make the connection between KFC's wings, thighs, and breasts—and the intelligent animals killed to make them.
Vegan Burgers Shake Up New Zealand's Meat Industry
Innovators in Silicon Valley are creating meat and dairy alternatives that a prominent executive says will pose major threats to New Zealand's animal-agriculture industry.
"Wagyu" Cows Fed Expired Milk Chocolate
"Japanese-style" cows are fed a mix of expired Cadbury's milk chocolates, other candy, and cookies—in amounts that are the human equivalent of one bar of chocolate per day.
Mean Girls Vegan Makeup Brush Set Coming Soon
The cult classic film will be the theme of vegan beauty brand Spectrum Collections' new makeup brush set sold in a "Burn Book" case.
What the Health Creates Crowds of New Vegans in Texas
Texans are flocking to Spiral Diner and V-Eats in Dallas after learning the truth about the meat and dairy industries through the new vegan documentary.
Tesla Now Exclusively Offers Vegan Seats
In a groundbreaking move, the company has dropped leather from all of its cars before the launch of highly anticipated and affordable Model 3.
Vegan Ice Cream Industry to Reach $1 Billion in 2017
Market research predicts plant-based frozen treats to be worth $2.45 billion in the next decade.
Slovakia to Ban Wild Animal Circuses
A new amendment will protect wild species from performing "atypical behavior not present in nature."
NYC Café Creates Vegan Rainbow Hangover Latte
The Good Sort's tri-color, spirulina-infused latte absorbs alcohol without harming animals.
Vegan Vending Machines Roll Out in San Francisco
Plant-based brand leCupboard plans to install interactive ordering machines in high traffic areas to help people fight disease with food.
Vegan Event Raises $1 Million for Inner City Arts
Guests at Russell Simmons' "Art for Life" event dined on vegan chicken bites and waffles while raising funds to benefit arts programs for children.
Grubhub Names Vegan Food as Hottest Delivery Trend
The delivery platform reveals nationwide customers are increasingly ordering tofu wings, vegan quesadillas, and calzones.
Cruelty-Free Cosmetics Predicted to Boom by 2023
Market research shows that consumers will increasingly buy beauty products that are not tested on animals.
Pamela Anderson Gets "Fattest City" Mayor to Go Vegan
Jackson, MS Mayor Chokwe Lumumba goes vegan for one month to set an example for city residents.
Vietnam to Shut Down Bear Bile Farms
The country will release 1,000 bears held captive for their bile thanks to animal-rights group Animals Asia.
Vegan Food Truck Donates $500 Mystery Tip to Animals
Wichita's double-decker vegan food bus Kind Kravings passed on an unexpected anonymous tip to benefit local animals.
Vegan Chain Veggie Grill Expands to Chicago
The popular West Coast chain will open its first midwest location this fall as part of its plans to expand nationwide.
Men's Leather Shoe Brand Debuts Vegan Boot Line
Shoe company Hound & Hammer swaps leather and calf lining for canvas for its new Grover-Vegan boot styles.
Vegan Butcher Throws Bottomless BBQ Buffet
A Guam-themed vegan feast of eating will be hosted by the sibling-duo behind The Herbivorous Butcher to pay homage to their homeland.
Brazil Will Serve 5 Million Vegan School Lunches
Schools in three cities will serve 140,000 vegan meals per week.
Rabbi Challenges Synagogues to Go Vegan
Acclaimed rabbi Shmuly Yanklowitz will award $25,000 to synagogues that pledge to ditch animal products.
Beyond Burger to Debut at National Movie Theater
Alamo Drafthouse—known for its food, beer, and movie-going experience—secretly added the plant-based burger to the menu at all Austin, TX, locations.
Vegan Ben & Jerry's to Hit UK
The iconic ice cream brand is launching non-dairy flavors after receiving overwhelming requests from across the pond.
LUSH Donates Nearly $500K to End Animal Testing
The beauty company is giving out cold, hard cash to innovators working to take down the animal-testing industry.
Horse Slaughter Might Become Legal Again in US
The House Appropriations Committee voted to overturn a decade-long ban on the slaughter of horses on American soil.
Whole Foods to Stock Mystery Nut Vegan Yogurt
Newcomer vegan yogurt brand Lavva makes creamy concoctions using the unknown "pili" nut as a dairy-free base.
New Flag Launches to Unite Vegans Across the Globe
Israeli designer Gad V. Hakimi launched the international vegan flag to solidify the global movement toward compassion.
Chloe Coscarelli to Debut New Vegan Cookbook
The famed vegan chef is back with new recipes and support from the Food Network.
Domino's Adds New Vegan Cheese to 55 Locations
Israeli locations of the pizza chain swap "soy topping" for UK-based VBites vegan cheese.
7 Facebook Groups You Need to Join if You're a New Vegan
Whether you're trying to find the best vegan ice cream or need advice on how to handle your "but bacon" friends, these Facebook groups can help you find your plant-based way.
World-Class Steakhouse Adds Vegan Menu
Washington state's Daniel's Broiler introduces a plant-based menu—complete with almond-based ricotta—to keep up with the times.
Canada's New Dietary Guidelines Push for Plant Foods
The country's nutritional recommendations ask citizens to consume less meat and dairy and more plant-derived protein.
Vegan Film About Race, Class, and Gender Debuts in LA
Hard-hitting new documentary The Invisible Vegan gives the African-American vegan community a unified voice.
Gisele Takes a Stance Against Fur on Cover of Vogue
Supermodel Gisele Bündchen poses for an anti-fur statement cover for the August issue of French Vogue.
Stephen Colbert Adopts Vegan Diet
The funnyman has ditched animal products and vegan brands Herbivorous Butcher and NadaMoo have sent him plant-based meats, cheeses, and ice cream in support.
Germany's Pork Consumption at Record Low
The once sausage-loving country has been ditching pig products for a decade in favor of plant-based meat alternatives.
Vegan Options Keep Millennials in the Workplace
A business consulting coach shows that the sought-after generation will keep a job if gluten-free and vegan options are stocked at work.
Vegan Potato-Based Fitness Drink Raises $2 Million
Revere's pea protein, tart cherry, and sweet potato-based drink mixes promise to fuel athletes with plant-based foods.
Chicago Burger Chain Adds Vegan Beyond Meat to Menu
The famed plant-based burger patty will soon be on the menu at eight locations of Epic Burger.
Vegan "Chip Truck" Rolls into Ontario
Vegan truck The Frying Dutchman Co. is operated by a mother-and-daughter team serving traditional "chip truck" fare such as chili fries, onion rings, and vegan hot dogs.
Starbucks Launches Certified Vegan Lunch Option
The coffeehouse giant's vegan options are no longer limited to just guacamole on a bagel.

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