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POC-Owned Vegan Lipstick Brand Debuts at Target
Vegan Bawse Lady red lipstick, and other hues aimed at women of all skin tones, will be available at 100 Target stores by May.
New Bleeding Vegan Burger Debuts at Costco
California company Don Lee Farms enters the veggie burger 2.0 game with its organic and raw plant-based patty that bleeds beet juice—now available at Costco, with Walmart, Whole Foods Market, and Smart & Final to follow.
Craft Brewery Modern Times Opens Vegan Lounge
The brewery's vegan founder Jacob McKean is adding plant-based fare to all tasting room locations.
Kat Von D Honors Drag Queen Divine with New Makeup Line
The vegan makeup mogul creates an eyeshadow palette and lipstick to celebrate the life of the legendary drag queen and promote self-expression, artistry, and positivity.
NYC Fashion Mogul to Debut Vegan Cheese Brand
Joshua Katcher—founder of vegan fashion brand Brave Gentleman—has teamed with vegan tattoo shop owner Dina DiCenso to launch artisanal vegan cheese brand RIND.
LUSH Debuts New Vegan Bath Melt to Fight for Trans Rights
The vegan-friendly beauty brand launches a campaign to raise $450,000 to end discrimination and violence against transgender people.
Data Shows Plant-Based Diet Would Save UK $7 Billion
A new study finds that the country could save billions on health and economic costs if 10 percent of the population adopted a plant-based diet.
Amsterdam Fashion Brand Debuts Vegan James Dean Jacket
Cruelty-free fashion brand HoodLamb announces its spring line complete with James Dean-inspired unisex jackets.
Investors Condemn Whole Foods for Ignoring Vegan Shift
A coalition of 57 investors who manage $2.4 trillion in assets continues to push food companies to abandon the risky practice of raising animals for food.
Vegan Pay-What-You-Can Eatery Opens in Charleston
New vegan restaurant Dell'z on the Macon offers bowls, pizzas, and salads on a sliding pay-scale policy.
Veganism is Stunting Growth of Camel-Milk Industry
Consumers increasingly choosing plant-based milk alternatives is limiting the growth of the camel-milk industry.
New Vegan Eatery Shares Profits with Employees
The Red Lunchbox in Halifax, Nova Scotia is good for the animals and fair to its workers.
Real Housewives Star Throws Vegan Dinner Party
Porsha Williams' plant-based feast, complete with copious amounts of alcohol, was lit AF.
Vegan Wins Wildlife Photographer of the Year
A moving image of Pikin the gorilla and her rescuer taken by photographer Jo-Anne McArthur was chosen among 50,000 applicants.
Meatless Product-Launches Increase by 451 Percent
New data shows that UN naming 2016 the International Year of the Pulses is driving the growth of legume-based meat replacers in Europe.
New Vegan Yogurt Line Launches in United States
British brand The Coconut Collaborative debuts its coconut-based yogurts and desserts at Wegmans.
Singing Sensation LP Demands Vegan Food at Starbucks
Chart-topping singer LP says the time has come for Starbucks to listen to customer demands for hearty plant-based options.
Ranchers Petition USDA to Define Beef
The United States Cattlemen Association filed a petition asking the USDA to limit the definition of "beef" to slaughtered animal flesh to eliminate competition from upcoming cultured meat.
Vegan Figure Skater Earns Olympic Gold Medal
Champion pairs figure skater Meagan Duhamel alongside partner Eric Radford—the first openly gay skater to secure an Olympic gold medal—skate a flawless performance.
Just Mayo Maker to Open First Production Plant in Asia
Food technology company JUST—formerly known as Hampton Creek—plans to open its first manufacturing facility in Asia to accelerate its mission of eliminating animal agriculture.
Australia's First Vegan Cruise Sets Sail This Fall
The Whole Connection cruise will treat guests to nine days of yoga, exclusive documentaries, and all-vegan menus.
Veganism is Hindering Growth of Veal Industry
Consumers choosing plant-based protein instead of veal is deterring the practice of slaughtering baby cows.
Senate Issues Failing Dairy Industry $1 Billion Handout
The dairy industry must rely on government bailouts to survive, as consumers increasingly turn to plant-based alternatives.
Ralph Lauren's Daughter Debuts Vegan Candy Line
Dylan's Candy Bar owner Dylan Lauren debuted the Treat Yourself line of vegan candy.
A Vegan Starbucks? Not Quite, But Close ...
Philly's Batter & Crumbs bakery plans to open a Starbucks-inspired café complete with vegan sandwiches and the pastry case of your dreams.
2,100 Dairy Farmers Defraud Dutch Government
Farmers in Holland falsified records of calf births to evade reporting environmental pollutants.
150,000 McVegans Sold at McDonald's During First Month
McDonald's in Finland and Sweden are showing strong sales of a new plant-based burger, which reflects a larger global demand for animal-free fast food.
Hospital Debuts Vegan Menu to Speed Patient Recovery
The Good Samaritan Medical Center in West Palm Beach becomes the first medical center in Florida to offer plant-based menu to patients.
Spicy Vegan Steak Sandwich Debuts at Subway
Subway restaurants across Finland offer a new sandwich option made with a soy-based patty and customized with a number of sauces and vegetables.
London Hotel Launches UK's First Vegan Room Service
Guests at the St. Giles Hotel in London can now order plant-based dishes from food company BOL.
Meal-Delivery Service Launches Vegan Shrimp Jambalaya
Veestro now serves Cajun-spiced Shr'mp Jambalaya loaded with vegan shrimp from food-technology startup New Wave Foods.
Sea Shepherd Opens Vegan Tattoo Shop in Amsterdam
All proceeds from tattoos at the 40-year-old organization's new parlor will benefit its campaigns to save marine life around the globe.
Vegan Tide Pod Doughnuts Now Available in New York
Hudson Valley confectionary store Kingston Candy Bar developed a Tide pod-inspired doughnut so people would stop eating detergent.
Kiwis Now Eat Nearly 50 Pounds Less Meat Per Capita
New data shows a substantial decline in meat consumption across New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and Germany.
16-Year-Old Amazon Show Star Aubrey Miller is Vegan
The animal advocate and teen star of Amazon Prime Show Just Add Magic hopes to inspire her young fans to go vegan.
French Cheesemaker Debuts Vegan Camembert
New shop Les Petits Veganne makes artisanal cashew-based versions of classic French cheeses.
Impossible Foods Partners with Food Banks to Fight Hunger
The food-technology company will provide regular donations of its plant-based burger patties to feed families in need in the San Francisco Bay Area.
Color-Changing Vegan Lipstick Lands in Oscars Gift Bag
This year's Oscars nominees will be treated to three vegan lipsticks, filled with flower petals, by Blush & Whimsy that change color with lip temperature.
Tom Ford Reconsiders His Stance on Fur
The famed designer is slowly making the connection that the animals he refuses to eat are still exploited for fashion.
36 Groups Fight USDA High-Speed Pig Slaughter Program
A coalition of organizations—including animal-rights group Compassion Over Killing—have banded together to oppose a new program that would put animal welfare, workers' lives, and food safety in jeopardy.
Danone Leads $30M Investment in Plant-Based Brand
The dairy conglomerate continues to expand its portfolio, this time with coconut water brand Harmless Harvest, with the aim of capitalizing on the boom of the plant-based industry.
#Veganlife Tweets Increase by 85 Percent Since 2016
BBC News reports that the rise of vegan campaign Veganuary—which gained 78,000 participants this year—is helping veganism boom on Twitter.
Kat Von D's Vegan Shoe Line to Debut this Year
The vegan makeup mogul's 28-style, Italian-made luxe shoe line will include faux-fur moon boots.
HSUS Names Kitty Block as New CEO
The seasoned animal advocate and former president of Humane Society International promises to create a safe work environment to strengthen the organization's efforts.
Vegan Drag Queen Wins Celebrity Big Brother
Former RuPaul's Drag Race contestant said her win represents public acceptance of individuals who are different.
Insurance Company Now Offers Vegans Lower Rates
New initiative Vegans Pay Less rewards Israeli residents for following a diet that decreases risk of disease and has a lower environmental impact.
New Vegan Doritos Flavor Unveiled at Super Bowl
Game of Thrones vegan actor Peter Dinklage stars in humorous Super Bowl commercial featuring Doritos' newest fiery flavor, Blaze.
Former WWE Wrestler Eva Marie Goes Vegan
Eva Marie eschewed animal products for the month of January and plans to stick to her plant-based diet indefinitely.
New Zealand's Popular Vegan Chicken Brand to Go Global
Kiwi brand Sunfed Foods—helmed by female entrepreneur Shama Lee—is planning a worldwide expansion after consistently selling out at local supermarkets.
Vegan Candy Launches Spike by 140 Percent Since 2013
New market research finds that launches of vegan confectionery products have more than doubled in the previous five years, particularly in Germany.

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