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Party Drug "Special K" Found in "100% Natural" Chicken
USDA investigation uncovers a host of illegal drugs and antibiotics in birds slaughtered by the third largest chicken producer in the US.
Veganism in the US Grew by 600% Since 2014
American consumers who identify as vegan now comprise six percent of the population, up from only one percent in three years.
Punk Rock Drummer Rolls Out Vegan Food Truck
David Witte from thrash band Municipal Waste will be serving vegan cheese-slathered chimichangas streetside in Richmond, VA.
Vegan Cinnamon Roll Shop to Open in Pennsylvania
Cruelty-free bakery Cinnaholic will bring its DIY cinnamon rolls to Lancaster county in July.
Target Pulls Hampton Creek Off Shelves
The retail giant disabled registers to discourage shoppers from purchasing the company's vegan condiment Just Mayo, and 19 other products.
Vegan Brand Named First Zero-Waste Facility of Its Kind
Earth Island—the production facility for iconic vegan brand Follow Your Heart—becomes the first plant-based manufacturer in the nation to receive Gold Level Zero-Waste certification.
Impossible Burger Debuts at 11 Burger Bars in Texas
Burger chain Hopdoddy adds the popular plant-based patty to its menus in Austin, Dallas, Houston, and more.
Czech Republic to Ban Fur Farms
In an historic move, Czech government officials vote 132 to 9 in favor of banning the country's fur farms by 2019.
132-Year-Old Lobster Set Free by Long Island Clam Bar
"Louie" will live out the remainder of his life in the wild after spending 20 years in captivity after owner forms emotional bond.
Smoked Meat Bar Now Sells Vegan Ribs
Meat-centric Minnesota pub Bourbon Butcher serendipitously teamed up with Herbivorous Butcher to create a sought-after vegan menu.
Doctors Call for Plant-Based Meals in Hospitals
The American Medical Association—a group of 200,000 physicians—says it's time to drop cancerous foods from hospital menus.
Factory Farms Cause Lung Damage to Nearby Residents
New research shows that living near a factory farm is detrimental to human health.
Reducing Cost of Vegetables Saves 150,500 Human Lives
New study says that a subsidy on fruit and vegetables is five times more effective at staving off cardiovascular disease than imposing a soda tax.
Vegan "Love Latte" Debuts for LGBTQ Pride Month
A portion of profits from the rainbow-hued, almond milk-based beverage at Austin's Juice Society go toward supporting the LGBTQ community.
Documentary About Vegan Music Legends Debuts in 2018
Musicians from Fall Out Boy, The Veronicas, and Rob Zombie all make guest appearances in new film Taking Note.
Pennsylvania's Dairy Industry Continues to Crumble
Leading dairy producing county Lancaster is heading toward troubled times as Americans ditch dairy for plant-based milk.
Couple Could Afford Greek Vacation After Going Vegan
Andrée Pagès and her husband saved $2800 in six months after doing a Thanksgiving-to-Christmas vegan experiment.
Middle Eastern Princess Invests in Vegan Cheese Startup
Princess Arwa Al Qassimi was inspired to fund female-owned Wegan Foods to empower women worldwide.
Detroit Vegan Soul Opens in Fast-Food Dominated Area
The second location of beloved plant-based food restaurant will sit in the middle of an area overrun by White Castle, McDonald's, and Little Caesar's.
Pamela Anderson to Open Vegan Eatery in France
The activist invites French President Emmanuel Macron to the grand opening to discuss freeing her boyfriend, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, from political asylum.
Dairy Plant Drops 11 Milk Suppliers Due to Surplus
One Pennsylvania dairy plant finally cut ties with suppliers after years of financial losses.
Vegan Caesar Salad Dressing
Hampton Creek's creamy dressing makes summer Caesar salads easy as pour, toss, and eat.
Pea Protein-Based Vegan Greek Yogurt Coming Soon
Vegan company Ripple is currently developing Greek yogurt, creamy half-and-half, and ice cream made with a proprietary pea protein blend.
Kellogg's Invests in Vegan Smoothie Company
Bright Greens is the latest plant-based startup to receive a capital boost from a major food corporation.
Starving Pigs Saved from Small Island in California
Animal-rights organization Farm Sanctuary stepped in to save six starving pigs left to die in California's Central Valley.
PDX Eateries Combine to Form Vegan Hotspot
Beloved A.N.D. Café joins sister restaurant Off the Griddle to create the ultimate vegan-friendly brunch, lunch, and dinner spot in Portland, OR.
Teen Creates Animal Activist Mobile Game
17-year-old Thomas Skylar's game "Paintball Hero" allows players to save animals from factory farms, rainforests, and circuses.
Mother Starts Vegan Meal Delivery Service for Babies
Little Harvest's founder—and former business developer at vegan cheese brand Daiya Foods—plans to make plant-based nutrition easier for families with small children.
Buffalo, NY Gets First Vegan Doughnut Shop
Fry Baby's inventive doughnut flavors such as Root Beer Float, Jalapeño Raspberry, and Chocolate Glazed all sold out on opening day.
Coconut Water Brand Drops Dairy to Appeal to Vegans
Zola's coconut water no longer contains dairy specifically so that the company can make "plant-powered hydration" claims.
Amazon Buys Whole Foods for $13.7 Billion
The major online retailer plans to keep Whole Foods' core values intact and vegan CEO John Mackey on board after the merger.
5 Unlikely Countries Where Veganism is About to Blow Up
Meat-loving Brazil and dairy-guzzling New Zealand are just a couple places where veganism is set to explode in coming years.
EU Bans Use of "Milk" Branding for Tofu and Soy
Court rules that some plant-based products in the European Union can no longer use labels such as "butter," "milk," and "cheese."
Vegan Documentary What the Health Hits Netflix Today
From the producers of Cowspiracy, the vegan documentary uncovers the link between disease and animal consumption.
Vegan Butchers Take Over Seafood Shop
Canada's The Very Good Butchers expand to larger space in former seafood restaurant to accommodate growing vegan demand.
Pret A Manger Installs Veggie-Only Fridges in UK Stores
The forward-thinking food company now has dedicated veg options on display in various stores as it tests new markets for all-vegetarian Pret locations.
Vegan Preschool to Open in Cincinnati
Heärt Montessori will serve children organic, plant-based lunches, arrange animal sanctuary visits, and focus on kindness rather than performance.
Vegan Brand Debuts Nude Nail Polish for All Skin Tones
Mented Cosmetics is making new tones that create the desired "nude" look for people of color.
Stella McCartney to Make Vegan Shoes from Ocean Trash
The designer has partnered with plastic recycling company Parley for the Oceans to create new animal-free bags, shoes, and outerwear to reduce waste.
Dairy-Free Milk Market to Hit $16 Billion
Dairy alternatives are booming around the world, particularly in China, as people seek out more plant-based options.
Vegan Cyclist Rides 2000 Miles to Save Rhinos
Matt Meyer is towing a 350-pound rhino replica along the Pacific coast of the US for two months to raise funds to save the endangered animal.
Farmer Sends Cows to Sanctuary; Grows Vegetables Instead
Vegetarian Jay Wilde turns father's cattle farm into organic produce farm without harming animals.
Study Finds Cardiologists Don't Eat Their Vegetables
The new report also found that 90 percent of the medical professionals had minimal basic nutrition training.
Vegan Impossible Burger Debuts in Texas
Two Houston eateries now proudly serve the plant-based patty, in the land famous for 72-ounce steaks.
Starbucks Debuts Four Lady Gaga-Inspired Vegan Drinks
The Cups of Kindness collection feature coconut milk-based, refreshing summer drinks created to benefit Lady Gaga's anti-bullying organization Born This Way Foundation.
Miley Cyrus Hosts Vegan BBQ in Miami
The vegan singer kicked off iHeartRadio's Summer '17 weekend in Miami with plant-based sausages for all.
Vegan Protein Bars Make $10 Million in Revenue
20-year-old entrepreneur Daniel Katz' company D's Naturals increased revenue by $9 million in one year.
Hollywood Blockbuster Prompts Stars to Rethink Meat
Okja's stars say they've become more aware of the horrors of the meat industry after appearing in animal-rights centric film.
Arizona Struggles to Find Egg and Dairy Farm Workers
The state's farmers can't find millennials willing to work 12-hour shifts in squalid conditions.
Danone Backs Multi-Million Dollar Vegan Ice Cream Ad
Vegan ice cream brand So Delicious is about to compete with dairy brands on a whole new level.

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