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5 Ideas for a Great Vegan Spring Wedding
Spring is the season of rebirth, making it the perfect time to get married and enter a new phase of life with the person you love.
How to Make the Perfect Spring Veggie Burger
Famed New York City chef Karliin Brooks has your backyard bash covered.
5 Vegan Destinations for a Romantic Springtime Getaway
Spring has sprung, so it's time to plan a dreamy adventure to a veg-friendly city.
5 Things You Can Do This Spring to Help Animals
There’s plenty to do this season to help animals while renewing your compassionate lifestyle.
6 Red-Hot Vegan Lipsticks To Drive Your Valentine Crazy
Make your Valentine’s Day even hotter with these all-vegan sexy shades for your lips.
How One Chef is Getting NFL Players to Go Vegan
The Tennessee Titans made the playoffs this season for the first time since 2013. Their secret weapon? A vegan chef.
8 Vegan Winter Boots That Will Make You Look Hot
Dropping temperatures don’t mean forfeiting fashion.
6 Vegan Thanksgiving Dinners for Any Food-Obsessed New Yorker
The Big Apple and its surrounding communities is redefining Thanksgiving with a cruelty-free twist.
Is Your Meat-Eating Loved One Driving You Up the Wall? Here's How to Deal.
Melanie Joy’s latest book teaches us everything we need to know about communicating with the omnivores (and vegans) in our lives.
9 Ways to Ensure Your Vegan Fall Wardrobe Makes You Look Hella Cute
Add some color and glitz to gray fall days with these cruelty-free versions of autumn’s fashion-forward looks.
4 Innovative Vegan Companies We Found at Boston Veg Food Fest
If this weekend’s event taught us anything, it’s that Beantown—and the rest of the world—is embracing veganism.
5 Ways Vegan Boyfriends are Awesome
On National Boyfriend Day, let’s celebrate the cruelty-free guys who light up our lives.
A Vegan Fall-Lover’s Guide to the Hudson Valley
Known for its stunning fall foliage, the Hudson Valley also has plenty to offer vegans.
4 Vegan Snacks at Gas Stations that are Perfect for Summer Road Trips
Our guide will help you navigate the tricky terrain of the truck-stop mini mart on your next road trip.
Why Asheville is One of America’s Hottest Vegan Cities
With a wealth of vegan-friendly restaurants and a mayor-proclaimed Vegan Awareness Week, Asheville might be the new vegan capital of the South.
6 Vegan Lip Glosses Perfect for Summer
Summer’s the time for days at the beach, warm nights under the stars, and lips that sport the perfect coat of gloss.
7 Vegan-Friendly Yoga Retreats Around the Globe
Reconnect with yourself (and your commitment to do no harm to others) at yoga retreats offering asanas, meditation, and delicious vegan food.
6 Places to Find Great Vegan Sushi in New York City
The sushi craze started in NYC, and now the city boasts some of the best vegan interpretations of the Japanese favorite.
5 Vegan Spring Date Ideas
With much of the country facing cold and challenging weather throughout winter, spring brings an invitation to the welcoming outdoors.
Brooklyn Chef Veganizes Popular Momofuku Milk Bar
The popular dessert-based cookbook is getting a plant-based makeover.
How to Become an Ageless Boomer
Vegan since the 1980s, 70-year-old Rod Fisher credits his healthy lifestyle to his plant-based diet.
5 Hot Vegan Shoes for Spring
With spring comes sunshine, rain, and all of the new shoe styles that designers have to offer.
Isa Chandra Moskowitz’s Tips for a Great Vegan Brunch
Often the highlight of weekend plans (and a great way to recover from a late night out), brunch holds a unique place in the culture of dining.
6 Places to Meet a Vegan to Love
The vegan of your dreams is out there somewhere—if you’re willing to look.
7 Books to Share with Your Veg-Curious Love Interest
Omnivores who become romantically involved with vegans often become vegan themselves.
7 Vegan-Friendly Children’s Books to Share with Your Kids
Bedtime stories get even better when you’re sharing tales of animal friendships.
5 Vegan-Friendly Places to Move if You’re Thinking the US Isn’t for You
Whether it’s for a job, your health, or your country’s imploding government, sometimes in life there comes a time to move to another part of the world.
5 Ways to Heat Up Your Sex Life on Valentine’s Day
Veganism is for lovers, which means you can’t skimp on Valentine’s Day.
5 Holiday Gifts for the Unapologetic Omnivore in Your Life
Give your meat-eating friend, family member, or lover a fashionable handbag, aromatic scent, or sexy clothing to prove there’s no holiday gift that can’t be vegan.

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