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5 Foods to Keep Your Teeth Healthy this Holiday Season
As you dig in at your next holiday soirée, make sure to indulge in these five vegan options for optimal dental health.
Halloween-Themed Milk Chocolates
Premium Chocolatiers offers a variety of allergen-free and frightfully fun vegan milk chocolates.
VN Thanksgiving Exclusive: Five Holiday Centerpieces
These five Turkey-alternatives will turn a simple holiday get-together into a full-on feast.
How Loving Animals Can Benefit Your Health
Animals may be the key to alleviating stress and living a happier and healthier life.
The Unlikely Health Benefits of Coffee
Coffee has long been perceived as an unhealthy indulgence, but recent research shows that it may contribute to longevity.
5 Reasons I’m Glad to Be Vegan
Why your average 26-year-old guy thinks going vegan is a no-brainer.
Why Red Meat is at the Root of America’s Health Epidemic
Studies show that red meat is a key culprit in a slew of chronic diseases that currently affect the US.
9 Vegan Foods For Healthy, Beautiful Skin
These plant-based staples will clear your complexion, fight wrinkles, and protect your skin from burns and dryness.
Indian Government Bans the Import of Foie Gras
A two-year expositional campaign by animal-welfare activists resulted in another victorious battle in the compassionate war against foie gras.
Alternative News Source Films McDonald’s Ad Parody
Redacted tonight posted a satirical commercial for the fast food chain to expose the harmful ingredients included in Chicken McNuggets.
Gov. Kills 2M Wild Animals for Livestock Industry
Wolves, coyotes, and prairie dogs are painfully killed with traps, bullets, and poison, for livestock industry interests.
Activists Push for USDA Lawsuit on Behalf of Orcas
Animal-welfare groups are adamant about suing the USDA after it renews Seaquarium’s AWA license.
40th Vegetarian Summerfest Starts Today
Leading health professionals and animal-rights activists will be educating the veg masses from July 2 to July 6.
New Law Limits Animal Cosmetics Testing in China
The Chinese government no longer requires all cosmetics manufacturers to test their products on animals.
Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills to Serve Vegan Cuisine
The Beverly Hills property has teamed up with Spork Foods to add cruelty-free dishes to its culinary repertoire.
Beyond Meat Pitching Beast Burger to Big Leagues
The veg company visited the Mets to show the players its protein-packed Beast burger.
Study: Veganism Reduces Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Recently released research shows that going cruelty-free can help keep global warming at bay.
CNN Does Exposé on Factory Farm Animal Cruelty
The mainstream media organization reports on the abuse and public health hazards activist investigations have revealed.
Miss Illinois Advocates For A Healthful Vegan Diet
Maris Bucheit, a Miss America competitor, says eating vegan gives her energy and health.
Healthy Vegan Restaurant Will Open in Maryland
Smoothies, salads, and Philly Cheesesteak sandwiches will be served at MD’s newest veg eatery, Sprout.
Farm Auction Investigation Reveals Horrific Abuse
Undercover footage taken by Mercy for Animals at livestock auction results in multiple cruelty charges.
Hampton Creek Founder Appears on CNBC’s Mad Money
The plant-based company CEO showed Mad Money viewers how his tech-driven egg alternative is reinventing the food business.
49ers Home Field Offers 14 Cruelty-Free Dishes
Game goers can nosh on BBQ Jackfruit sandwiches and vegan curry this upcoming 49ers football season.
In Vitro Leather Company Receives Big Investment
A Hong-Kong-based investment firm is helping Modern Meadow bring leather to the masses without harming animals or the environment.
Billy Bob Thornton Talks Vegan Health With People
The film star says that a cruelty-free diet keeps him from indulging in junk food.
CNN Lists 10 Best Veg-Friendly Travel Locales
From major US metropolises to faraway Buddhist meccas, CNN gives road-ready vegans 10 great cities to visit this summer.
Celebrities Speak Out Against Butterball Abuse
The latest investigation of Butterball’s horrid treatment of animals invokes the ire of several celebrities.
New Study: Red Meat May Be Linked to Breast Cancer
Research published earlier this week in the British Medical Journal shows that eating red meat during early adulthood may increase breast cancer incidence.
San Jose, California Gives Up Meat on Mondays
The North California city has taken a healthy and environmentally friendly step with its recent support of Meatless Mondays.
Veganz Supermarket to Open US Shopping Center
The 100-percent plant-based supermarket will set up shop in Portland, OR with a clothing store and restaurant.
The Kids of Hollywood Take on the Vegan Challenge
For two weeks, more than 300 of Tinseltown’s children are discarding junk food in favor of healthful plant-based meals.
Philadelphia Schools to Adopt Meat-Free Initiative
During Lean & Green Days, thousands of vegetarian meals will be served at Philadelphia’s public schools.
Animal Agriculture Advocacy Group Forms Super PAC
A Super PAC is being formed to combat animal-rights organizations and support livestock companies.
Congress: Improve Living Conditions for Orcas
Public representatives on both sides of the aisle requested that the USDA updates their standards for facilities that hold aquatic animals captive.
Staph Infections from Pig Farms Kill Three People
The overuse of antibiotics on animals has once again led to the development of drug-resistant staph infections.
Kelly Osbourne Blogs About Antibiotics in Poultry
The celebrity singer says that the antibiotics used in chicken and eggs are making her reconsider her dinner options.
“Chicken King” Pleads Guilty to Poisoning Public
An egg magnate is back in the courtroom after endangering consumers with tainted food and bribing a public official.
Minnesota Governor Passes Humane Dog Breeder Bill
Starting on July 1, MN commercial breeders will have to obtain a license that requires them to undergo annual inspections.
Daniella Monet Inspires Houston Students to Go Veg
The Nickelodeon actress and long-time vegetarian, educates kids about the physical and environmental benefits of eating meatless.
Ohio Hatchery Causes National Salmonella Outbreak
Mounty Healthy Hatcheries is being implicated in a large-scale salmonella outbreak for the third time since 2012.
Jennifer Lopez Says Veganism Makes Her Feel Great
In a recent radio interview, the pop star talked about the physical benefits of eating a plant-based diet.
Premier League Soccer Star and Coach Give Up Meat
Phil Neville says going veg has paid off, for his individual wellness and for the animals.
Rainbeau Mars Prepares Easy Vegan Pizzas for E!
The author and fitness guru shows that cooking vegan comfort food is an easy and healthy venture.
Native Foods Café Receives $15 Million Investment
Native Food’s dreams of success across the US are coming to fruition with fiscal assistance from investors.
Vegan Bakery Cinnaholic to Appear on Shark Tank
With the help of Shark Tank’s wealthy entrepreneurs, Cinnaholic could become a nationwide phenomenon.
Federal Court Upholds West Hollywood’s Fur Ban
Court strikes down a retailer’s complaint that West Hollywood’s ban on fur clothing is unconstitutional.
Activists Cracking Down on Egg Industry Profits
Animal-welfare legislation is forcing Land O’Lakes to cut its losses and sell its egg business.
CNN News Show Features Million-Pound Meat Recall
News correspondents Chris Frates and Shannon Travis shine a light on a meat processing plant’s unsafe and unlawful practices.
NFL Defensive Lineman Cites Reasons for Going Veg
David Carter shows that veganism is a key component of health and high-performance on the field.
IKEA Will Add Meat-Free Meatballs to Its Menu
In an attempt to go green, the Swedish furniture company plans to serve a vegetarian version of its Swedish meatballs.

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