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10 Ways to Eat Peanut Butter & Jelly
Whip up these innovative PB&J-inspired recipes that go beyond bread.
10 Incredible Meatless Thanksgiving Recipes
From quinoa-stuffed acorn squash to apple cider Brussels sprouts, we’ve got your entire vegan Thanksgiving menu here.
5 Mouthwatering Vegan Pumpkin Recipes
VegNews gives you the lowdown on the fall pumpkin craze, including five seasonal recipes you’ll be dying to dig into.
11 Stellar Vegan Jackfruit Recipes
From simple to over-the-top scrumptious, these recipes showcase the endlessly amazing uses for one of today’s hottest vegan food trends.
10 Downright Delicious Thanksgiving Dessert Recipes
Follow up your appetizers and entrées with a sensational, dairy-free dessert menu that’s unique and satisfying.
Ultimate Guide to Juicing
From health benefits to how you make it, we’ve got the basics of this white-hot health trend to get you started on your juice journey.
9 Simple Substitutions for Common Food Allergies
People of every dietary persuasion can enjoy these delicious dishes.
4 Tips for Sticking to Your Budget When Going Vegan
Living compassionately doesn’t mean you have to be a big spender. You can save money and animals by following our four favorite money-saving vegan tips.
6 Surprising Ways to Get Vitamin C
Vitamin C comes in more forms than just OJ. Here are six ways to get your cold-fighting fill that may surprise you.
13 DIY Projects to Celebrate Earth Day
Simple, fun projects to repurpose every day things you have around the house.
VN’s Top 7 Favorite Summertime Recipes
Nosh on our all-time favorite summer eats while you soak up some vitamin D—the only thing missing is a colorful umbrella in your drink.
VegNews Guide to Coffee Flavored Food
For those hot summer days when iced coffee just isn’t enough, we give you coffee sweets, pastries, and one special savory caffeinated dish.
It's Never Too Late to Go Vegan
Over 50? No problem. Co-author of the just-released Never Too Late to Go Vegan, Patti Breitman shares the life-changing reasons why embracing veganism is good for anyone at any age.
4 Unforgettable Vegan Fall Getaways
Leave behind the stress of everyday life and extend a warm welcome to autumn with these lovely, eco-friendly, vegan bed and breakfast destinations.
VN Recipe Round Up: 7 Fall Favorites
Warm up to the autumn season with these delicious, decadent dishes that are sure to brighten any fall celebration.
VegNews 2013 End of Summer Bucket List
Summer isn’t gone yet! Make the most of sunnier days with these 5 fun and rewarding must-do’s that should be on everybody’s end-of-summer list.
Vegan Women and Health: Nutrition Expert Tells All
We chatted with nutrition expert Virginia Messina to glean some healthy-woman wisdom from the pages of her new book, Vegan for Her.
Exclusive Q&A: England's Queen of Vegan Baking
Self-taught vegan baker and cookbook author Mellissa Morgan lets us in on the sugary secrets of running the first vegan bakery in the UK.
Sneak Preview: Ms. Cupcake's Mint Chocolate Chip Cupcake
The inspiration behind these light and fluffy vegan cupcakes is none other than mint chocolate chip ice cream, and we wouldn't have it any other way.
50,000 Pounds of Beef Recalled for Possible E.Coli
A Kansas state meat packing plant issued a recall after a food safety routine inspection revealed possible E.coli contamination.
8 Hot New Vegan Restaurants Around the Country
Keep your finger on the pulse and your fork on the plate of veganism’s newest places to get your nosh on.
Singer Rihanna Makes Donation To Wolves Sanctuary
The famous pop singer and self-professed animal lover gives a reportedly large sum of her fortune to Wolf Haven International.
Vegan Bodybuilders Dominate TX Competition
Team Plant Built placed high among hundreds of non-veg competitors at the Naturally Fit Super Show.
Journalist Says Slaughter-Free Meat is the Future
Michael Hanlon of The Daily Telegraph predicts that lab-grown meat will eventually be the norm.
3,000 Hens Rescued by Animal-Welfare Organization
Thousands of egg-laying hens have been rescued from a California factory farm where they were kept in inhumane conditions.
Former USDA Federal Agent Blogs About Veganism
While investigating a slaughterhouse, special agent Tom Carlson realized the cruelty of the meat industry.
Simpsons Co-Creator Donates Fortune to Animal Welfare
Animal lover and vegan Sam Simon was diagnosed with terminal cancer and plans to donate his entire fortune to charity.
All Ag-Gag Bills Introduced in 2013 Now Defeated
North Carolina’s proposed ag-gag law was struck down last week, meaning all 11 of the anti-whistleblower bills have been defeated.
New Gluten-Free Food Truck Hits Vancouver Streets
Terminal City has a new plant-based mobile eatery that offers gluten-free entrées and desserts.
Vegan Cream Blush
The All Natural Face’s new line of cruelty-free cream blush comes in 27 bright, beautiful colors.
Egg Supplier Will Pay $28M in Antitrust Violation
Cal-Maine Foods Inc. has agreed to pay a large sum to settle claims that it conspired with farmers to fix egg prices.
New Vegan Food Truck to Hit New York City Streets
All-vegan food truck The Green Radish is set to debut its cruelty-free cuisine at the Montclair Jazz Fest on August 17.
Business Insider Profiles Nine Successful Veg Men
The commerce news website lists nine of the world’s most successful, powerful men who choose not to eat meat.
Vegan Food Truck Beats Out Non-Veg Competitors
Well-known NYC blog Gothamist names The Cinnamon Snail one of its favorite food trucks.
Luxury Vegan Shoe Company Debuts Affordable Line
UK high-end footwear maker Beyond Skin is seeking funds to launch 10 new affordable shoes in its latest collection.
Vegan Blog Thug Kitchen Spotlighted by The WP
The Washington Post discusses Thug Kitchen’s successful, humorous, and expletive-filled approach to healthy plant-based eating.
Montgomery County, MD Welcomes Meatless Mondays
The Montgomery County Council officially endorses the campaign, encouraging its residents to reduce their consumption of meat.
Chipotle Plans to Expand Sofritas Option Beyond CA
The fast food chain has announced it will begin offering its vegan tofu filling in the Pacific Northwest.
PETA Offers Detroit $100k to Serve Vegan Fare
The animal-rights nonprofit reaches out in hopes of gaining a public platform for veganism in Detroit.
Belgium Approves Bill to Ban Animals in Circuses
The European country is the latest to propose banning the use of wild animals in circus, following many other EU nations.
Vegan Face Cleanser
Osmia Organics’ Gentle Foaming Cleanser is free of any harsh chemicals and pure enough for even the most sensitive skin.
Handmade Vegan Cheese Seeks Funds Via Kickstarter
New and emerging dairy-free cheese company Door 86 hopes to secure the financial backing needed to begin production.
Northeastern Diner Chain Now Offers Vegan Options
Casual American food chain Silver Diner has revamped its menu to include healthier plant-based options with nine new vegan dishes.
DC’s Sticky Fingers Debuts New Menu & Milkshakes
Plant-based favorite Sticky Fingers bakery rolled out a new menu and is now offering dairy-free milkshakes and more.
Two Crossroads Kitchen Chefs Make TV Appearance
Vegan chef Scot Jones and Crossroads Kitchen baker Serafina Magnussen stop by a local station to grill up some goodies.
Popular Houston Bakery Now Offers Vegan Options
Crave Cupcakes opened its doors to dessert lovers of every dietary persuasion by adding healthier options to its sweet menu.
Indian School Calls for Healthy Vegetarian Lunches
A school in Kerala, India has banned meat from its school cafeteria in an effort to combat childhood obesity.
New Study Finds Fish Oil Increases Cancer Risk
Journal of the National Cancer Institute recently published evidence that fish-derived omega-3s up the chance of prostate cancer.
Austin, TX’s Newest Plant-Based Food Truck Opens
Bat City residents can now enjoy Red Rabbit Cooperative Bakery’s famed vegan donuts from its new food truck.
#1 Animal-Welfare Medical Program Launches in TX
Houston SPCA has partnered with a state university to create the nation’s most comprehensive veterinarian program.

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