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Italian Mayor Plans to Make Turin Italy’s First Vegan City
Strong promotion of vegan diet is a central tenet of new mayor Chiara Appendino’s political strategy.
Alan Cumming Fights For Vegan Options at Dairy Queen
Actor pens an open letter asking Dairy Queen to introduce plant-based options.
Chloe Coscarelli Named Among Zagat’s Top 30 Under 30
Chef behind the massively successful by CHLOE brand has won yet another award.
North Dakota to Get State's First-Ever Vegan Restaurant
Green House Cafe, a local favorite at Fargo’s farmers’ market, will open a full-service restaurant in the coming weeks.
LAX Named Best Vegan Airport, Minneapolis Worst
Tofu-kimchi tacos and jalapeño-cashew cheese separated winners from the losers.
Kat Von D to Reformulate Makeup Line to be 100% Vegan
Famed tattoo artist and ardent vegan activist is taking steps to remove carmine in beauty products.
Activists Driving From London to Mongolia to Help Animals
Three animal activists are traveling across 18 countries to raise thousands of dollars for charity.
Customizable Vegan Cinnamon Buns Coming to Las Vegas
Shark Tank-winning Cinnaholic is preparing for a Nevada grand opening.
Chef Fired for Claiming to Secretly Feed Meat to Vegans
Alex Lambert was terminated after his incendiary comments incited media firestorm.
Man Eats 25 Pounds of Kale in Eight Minutes to Win Eating Contest
Gideon Oji wins Kale Cup after eating more than 25 pounds of raw kale in record time at the The World’s Healthiest Eating Championship.
WhiteWave Bought By Yogurt Giant for $12.5 Billion
Parent company of Silk, So Delicious, Vega, and Alpro will join the Danone corporation, well known for its Dannon brand yogurts.
6 Vegan Fried Chicken Dishes to Celebrate National Fried Chicken Day
Veganized versions of everything from Southern-fried favorites and cauliflower creations prove that plant-based eating is clucking delicious.
The Washington Post: “Meat is Horrible”
Prominent news source shares detailed argument against meat and animal products to more than 10 million fans.
IKEA Launches Food Truck with Vegan Meatballs
Swedish furniture giant is capitalizing on mobile food trend by giving out free vegan meatball stacks across the country.
Vegan Shoes Profiled on Forbes
Susi Studio’s line of recycled footwear highlighted for sustainability and style.
Brooklyn Startup Raises $40 Million to Make Vegan Leather
Making “biologically identical” animal-free leather products, Modern Meadow has secured a windfall to bring its cruelty-free material to the market.
A Vegan Mars Possible After Scientist Grow Martian Tomatoes
Peas, rye, radishes, and tomatoes grown in toxic-simulated Mars soil have been found to be safe for human consumption.
Bleeding Vegan Burger to Expand to Whole Foods, Across US
Following a “remarkable” reception, Beyond Meat’s Beyond Burger is readying for a nationwide expansion.
Italians Create Vegan Leather Made from Mushroom Caps
MuSkin is a new, biodegradable suede-like material that wards off bacterial growth.
CNN Names Hottest Global Vegan Food Destinations
India, Israel, and—you guessed it—Portland among top picks.
Spain’s Animal-Rights Party Wins Record Amount of Votes
Country’s “fastest-growing political party” wins more than 285,000 votes.
Vegan Comfort Food Diner Opens in DC
Fare Well, from the owner of popular bakery Sticky Fingers, makes its long-awaited debut.
Vegan Food Series to Find Nation’s Best Plant-Based Eats
Pizza, ice cream, Italian cuisine, a vegan butcher shop, and more to be featured on second season of The Vegan Roadie.
Major Zoo to Close After 140 Years, Release 2,500 Animals
Buenos Aires mayor announced the groundbreaking move after calling animal captivity “degrading.”
Obama Signs Groundbreaking Animal Testing Law
President passes unprecedented amendment drafted by vegan senator Cory Booker.
Yard House Adds “The Vegan Burger” to Menu
All-vegan option added amongst Gardein-rich veg-friendly menu.
New York Moves to Ban Elephants Used in Entertainment
State’s Senate votes unanimously in favor of an elephant protection act that would create unprecedented standards for elephant welfare.
New All-Vegan Video Site Launches to Huge Response
Bosh is putting an #allplants spin on the viral Facebook recipe video phenomenon.
10 Best Vegan Summer Ice Cream Photos on Instagram
Summer is here, which means it’s time to eat ALL the ice cream.
Third by CHLOE Officially Opens Today in New York City
Following last month’s LA opening, the burgeoning plant-based eatery finds a new home in NYC’s Flatiron District.
Toyota Called Out for Involvement in “Monster Shark” Hunt
Within four hours, an online campaign forced a Toyota dealership to back out of rewarding the winner of a “monster shark” catching tournament.
USDA: Our Salmonella Detection System May be Flawed
A new study has found that “consumers could be exposed to salmonella-contaminated chicken at much higher rates” than otherwise suggested.
Transgender Man Wins Sexiest Vegan Contest
PhD student and vegan activist was named PETA’s first-ever out transgender winner.
Nationwide Giveaway for Vegan "Bleeding" Burgers
Thanks to beet juice and coconut oil, the new "bleeding" burger from Beyond Meat is being offered to customers in a national giveaway.
Vegan Rock Star Shares Best On-Tour Midwest Eats
From açai bowls to guacamole-buffalo burgers, America’s heartland is brimming with vegan options says vegan musician Justin Pearson.
LGBTQ Vegans Speak Out on Orlando Shooting
VegNews talks to queer vegans for their responses to the deadliest mass shooting in US history.
Vegan Pop Stars Slam Social Media “Body-shaming Trolls”
Australian sister act The Veronicas speak out against harmful comments they receive on a daily basis.
Vegan’s Reaction to Accidentally Eating Cheese Goes Viral
YouTuber Powsimian’s reaction to eating animal products had many calling him immature. He answered back, “This is the animal holocaust.”
Two New Vegan Oreo Flavors Debut This Month
New cookies take inspiration from blueberry pie and a kid’s cereal classic.
Vegan Burger Startup Debuts at High-End Restaurants
Bill Gates-backed vegan burger will be introduced to customers starting in July.
Aquarium to Build New Sanctuary, Release Dolphins
Baltimore’s National Aquarium plans to build North America’s first seaside dolphin sanctuary to house previously captive dolphins by 2020.
Corn Could Be Key to Making Gluten-Free Foods Taste Better
Italian scientists find that a protein in corn mimics the properties of gluten, which could make gluten-free products softer and more palatable.
Starbucks Unveils New Frozen Vegan Options
Caramel Espresso, Youthberry White Tea, and Strawberry Lemon Limeade are coming to a café near you.
Blogger Fights YouTube’s Vegan Censorship
Bite Size Vegan has her most popular video restricted on YouTube while website permits and promotes violent animal hunting videos.
7 “Almost-Vegan” Celebrities We’re Rooting For
“Mostly vegan” is good, but fully vegan is better.
Canada Supreme Court Legalizes Sex Acts with Animals
Canada’s highest court absolved a rapist of bestiality charges and has okayed oral sex and other non-penetrative acts with animals.
New All-Vegan Pizzeria Opens in Brooklyn Today
Brooklyn mainstay Champs Diner and Philadelphia favorite Blackbird Pizza are teaming up on the new Screamer’s Pizza.
Court Rules Bullying of Vegetarians Unacceptable
Parents of a sixth grader given detention for bullying a vegetarian classmate have cost a school district $8,000 in legal fees, following multiple appeals.
Vegan Soylent Beverage Debuts on Amazon
A favorite among San Francisco’s tech community, the “nutritionally complete” near-flavorless meal replacement is now available to the masses.
Vegan Political Party Names Dr. Breeze Harper as VP Pick
Intersectional critical feminist has been slotted as presidential candidate Clifton Roberts’ running mate for the November election.

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