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Ripple Foods Vegan Greek Yogurt
Amp up your breakfasts, snacks, and desserts with Ripple’s vegan Greek yogurt.
5 Easy Vegan Meals to Make on a Weeknight
Save time and money with these five-ingredient, ultra-convenient meals.
Hail Merry Vegan Mini Tarts
Pucker up with Hail Merry's sweet lemon tarts.
How to Veganize National Cook a Sweet Potato Day in 8 Ways
We’re cooking sweet potatoes every way we know how to celebrate National Cook a Sweet Potato Day.
How a Vegan Canadian Figure Skater Prepared to Win Gold at the Winter Olympics
Meagan Duhamel’s intense fitness regimen and plant-based diet led her to that international Olympic podium.
Your Meat-Eating Friends Want One of These 10 Vegan Books
Sometimes, you need the help of a good read to convince someone that eating animals is wrong.
Thanks to These 7 Vegan Pies, We Have Declared National Pizza Day a Holiday
Deep-dish, thin-crust, stuffed, and Grandma slices are a few ways we’re celebrating National Pizza Day.
34 Reasons Why Vegans Are in the Cool Kids Club
In case you need a reminder, vegans are quirky, cool, and totally awesome.
4 Vegan Athletes Who Think You Need to Join the #PlantMilkChallenge
Cruelty-free athletes explain why they ditched dairy and how they fuel their bodies with plant-based milks.
Forget Cookies. Here are the 7 Vegan Treats Santa Really Wants This Year ...
Carrot cake, peanut-butter pie, and doughnuts are just a few ways we’re breaking the cookie-cutter tradition (pun intended).
Step Up Your Christmas Menu With These 6 Veganized Global Dishes
Whatever its geographic location, vegan Christmas food is delicious.
4 Vegan Cookbooks For Your Holiday Gift List, Plus What to Pre-Order for 2018
Give the most delicious gift of all with one of these outstanding vegan cookbooks.
4 Easy Ways to Support Animals During the Holidays
This season, get in the holiday spirit while spreading compassion for animals.
If You're A Vegan Stoner, We Have the Perfect Cooking Competition for You
Finally, a TV show in which the chefs are as high as the viewers.
Olympic Medalist Bicycles Into Massive Vegan Concert, FTW
Dotsie Bausch is one of many high-profile vegans speaking at this weekend’s vegan music and food event.
Chunky Vegan Cookies
Big chunks and no allergens make these cookies totally irresistible.
How Moby is Changing the World One Vegan Concert at a Time
The acclaimed musician and restaurant owner is involved in every aspect of organizing the massive vegan event.
7 Vegan Ways to Eat Your Beer on National American Beer Day
What’s even better than cracking open a cold one? Cracking open a cold one, and cooking with it!
13 Things You Didn't Know About Nuts That Every Self-Respecting Vegan Should
Cashews can kill, macadamias are nearly indestructible, and it may be time for peanut butter and kimchi sandwiches?
Getting to Know Vegan Ballerina Agnes Muljadi
When it comes to sustainable fashion and fitness, this vegan dancer is en pointe!
Why Action Star Maggie Q is a Real-Life Vegan Heroine
“Injustice is a pet peeve of mine—pun intended.”
5 Vegan Reasons to Get Excited for Fall
Summer might be over, but fall food and festivities are just beginning!
7 Questions with the Founders of the Vegan Street Fair
End the summer with one of the season’s hottest parties.
Highlights from LA’s Hottest Vegan Summer Party
A bounce house, plant-based chefs, roller skating, and a s’mores station equals the best night of the season.
5 Reasons to Reconsider Your Local Animal Shelter
Similar to their lovable four-legged residents, many shelters just need a second chance.
5 Connections Between the Food and Fashion Industries
Fair-trade fashion and the plant-based movement tackle similar challenges to create a more ethical world.
11 Vegan Clothing Companies that Let You Wear Your Ethics on Your Sleeve
Whether you want to get political, snarky, or flirtatious, there’s a vegan t-shirt for you.
5 Fun Vegan Kitchen Accessories Every Home Cook Should Have
Find inspiration to cook at home with plant-based kitchen décor.
Vegan Guide to the Not-So-Vegan Food Network
Take this guide along on your summer road trip to experience all the celebrity-chef-approved goodness.
Q&A with Celebrity Chef Matthew Kenney
With restaurants, cafés, cooking schools, and wellness retreats spanning the globe, this plant-based restaurateur is on a mission to change the future of food.
6 Things You Didn’t Know About Vegan Chef Jason Wrobel
The beloved TV personality and cookbook author spreads the plant-based lifestyle through culinary entertainment.
8 Coffees, Kombuchas, and Cold Brews at LA's Eat Drink Vegan Festival
Here’s what to drink when you don’t “drink” at a beer festival.
The Best of Eat Drink Vegan
Foodies and drink geeks flocked to this highly anticipated (and all-vegan!) event.
Top 9 Food Items at Eat Drink Vegan
Soak up the unlimited brews with these mouthwatering menus.
5 Spring Resources for Vegan Athletes
Vegan books, blogs, and podcasts are all the motivation you need to get outdoors this season.
7 Deals to Celebrate Earth Day
This Earth Day, we’re showing you how to save more than just the environment.
14 Things You Didn’t Know About Carrots
There’s more to these snacking staples than beta-carotene.
4 Mushrooms to Improve Your Life
Become a fungi (or gal) with our quick guide to the latest superfood trend.
How to Have the Best Day Ever at Your Local Veg Fest
Planning your veg fest visit is serious business.
4 Takeaways from the Vegan Street Fair
North Hollywood event attracts more than 20,000 people for a day of vegan food and shopping.
Celebrate Pi Day—Vegan Style
If there’s one thing we’ve retained from eighth grade geometry, it’s Pi Day.
How (and Why) You Should Become a Vegan Regular
Find your home away from home and leverage support for plant-based options by frequenting your favorite eateries.
What I Learned at the What the Health Film Premiere
The latest documentary from the producers of Cowspiracy tackles diet, disease, and the great protein debate.
3 Ways to Get Vegan Products at Your Grocery Store
New vegan products are hitting the shelves like never before, but not all are distributed nationwide. Here’s how to change that.
4 Ways to Find Love as a Vegan Using Mobile Apps
Follow these tips, and you’ll be swiping right at a frenzied pace.
4 Best Vegan-Friendly Chain Restaurants to Watch the Super Bowl
Whether you’re a diehard football fan or you just like to party, everyone can enjoy a day surrounded by good friends, an energetic atmosphere, and delicious food.
7 Vegan Breakfast Desserts for Each Day of the Week
Start your day with a sweet treat that won’t wreck your resolutions.
5 Fit Tips for Winter
Celebrate the winter season while burning off those holiday goodies.
OMG Oreo-Peanut Butter-Fudge Brownies
Impress your friends and dominate holiday baking competitions with these four-layer brownies.
Three High-Intensity Workouts While You Bake
Got nothing to do while your goodies are in the oven? Hit a quick exercise routine to gain an appetite.

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