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Vegan Gym to Bulk Up Portland's Plant-Based Scene
Liberation Barbell will offer plant-based nutritional advice and sell only vegan fitness supplements and food.
New Vegan Cruise Sets Sail in September
Guests will be treated to a vegan voyage to the fjords of Norway this fall.
Esther the Wonder Pig to Get Reality Show
The famed pig and her 43 rescued animal friends may soon become reality TV stars thanks to series Estherville.
Americans Ate 20 Percent Less Meat in Last Decade
New data shows that Americans reduced their carbon footprint by 10 percent thanks in large part to cutting down meat consumption.
Califia Farms Expands Plant-Based Milk to UK
The vegan company heads across the pond where plant-based milk is booming.
Vegan Cheese-Slathered Mermaid Toast Goes Viral
Food stylist Adeline Waugh creates stunning, shareworthy toasts with the help of vegan cheese by Kite Hill.
Americans Find Plants as Meaty as Animals
A new survey reveals that 65 percent of people find plant protein as hearty and satisfying as meat products.
London Café Ditches Dairy Because It's Scary
The Fields Beneath removes dairy from its menu and goes completely vegan in honor of British Mother's Day.
Vegan Metal Bar Opens Above Toronto Pizzeria
Canada's Apiecalypse Now! welcomes customers to drink and be merry at a metal-themed hideaway above their vegan pizza hotspot.
TLC's Chilli Demands Vegan Options at Chili's
The singer penned a letter to convince the restaurant chain to get on trend by offering more plant-based dishes.
Harvard Hosts Vegan Conference
Students will discuss the bioethical implications of the vegan diet at the sixth annual Ivy League Vegan Conference hosted by Harvard Vegan Society Student Group.
Arkansas Passes Debilitating Ag-Gag Bill
The state enacted a bill that will jeopardize citizens' ability to report abuse across industries including nursing homes, hospitals, schools, and factory farms.
Vegan Shrimp to Hit Shelves Next Month
New Wave's innovative algae-based popcorn shrimp will debut ahead of schedule due to widespread market interest.
Vegan Junk Food Bar to Open in Amsterdam in April
The munchies capital of the world will welcome a plant-based eatery, with burgers and fries galore.
Brazilian Meat Producers Caught in Global Scandal
The world's largest meat producers adulterated rotten meat with acid and bribed inspectors to get health certification.
Farm Sanctuary Kicks Off Plant-Powered Run
This summer, athletes nationwide will be challenged to "outrun cruelty" by demonstrating that vegans are fast and strong.
Cinnaholic Sold 300k Vegan Cinnamon Rolls in 2016
People customized hundreds of thousands of cinnamon rolls at the 13 nationwide locations of the vegan bakery franchise.
Sausage Executive Says Future is Plant-Based
Applegate's Nina Asoudegan thinks diversifying the meat-based company to include more plant protein will help move the company into the modern era.
Impossible Burger Expands to 11 Restaurants
The "bleeding" burger is now available at three more Northern California eateries, and is increasing its production facility in hopes of expanding to 1,000 restaurants by year end.
Starbucks Launches Organic Vegan Avocado Spread
The coffeehouse is slowly rolling out more vegan food options, including guac-like spread and a new sprouted bagel.
90-Year-Old Sydney Pub Throws Vegan Launch Party
Beloved watering hole East Sydney Hotel is keeping up with the times by launching a whole new vegan menu and a party to promote it.
TV's Only Vegan Show Prepares for Season Two
Plant-Based by Nafsika on A&E FYI Channel will return with new vegan cooking and living tips.
First Almond Milk Company to Open in Jamaica
Almond milk to plant roots in Jamaica to meet growing demand for non-dairy options on the island country.
Vegan Sushi to Expand Across NYC
Beyond Sushi will open six additional Manhattan locations by 2018.
Stella McCartney Debuts "Skin-free Skin" Collection
The vegetarian designer takes faux leather to new heights with her fall 2017 collection.
Savannah's First All-Vegan Eatery Opens This Fall
The balmy Georgia city will soon be home to Fox & Fig Café where vegan brunch will reign supreme.
Evanna Lynch Veganizes Hogwarts Recipes
The Harry Potter star creates "dairy- and frog-free" recipes in new video cooking tutorial.
Get Out's Jordan Peele Says Milk is "Kind of Gross"
Star of popular comedy series Key & Peele and director of provocative new movie Get Out expressed his disgust with dairy.
Starbucks Launches Almond Milk in UK
Six months after the long-awaited US launch, the nut-based milk option is finally available at Starbucks locations in the United Kingdom.
My Sneaky Plan to Convince a 17-Year-Old to Go Vegan
Teenagers are known to be stubborn but this semi-stepmom will stop at nothing to get an underage angel to eat a god#@!? veggie burger.
Plant-Based Was Biggest Trend at Major Trade Show
Food industry insider Organic Authority named plant-based products the most prominent during this year's Natural Foods Expo West.
Iconic Veg Restaurant Celebrates 40th Anniversary
Feminist-founded Connecticut vegetarian restaurant Bloodroot heads into its fifth decade with new menu items featuring vegan cheese.
Vegan Train Ride Takes Off on Earth Day
All aboard PA's cruelty-free train—serving quinoa salad, chickpea bake, and raw lime cheesecake!
"Vegan Paradise" Replaces Meat-Heavy French Bistro
Move over meat and cheese—Vita is bringing plant-based food to New York City's Chelsea neighborhood.
Arkansas Close to Passing Egregious Ag-Gag Bill
If HB1665 is passed, the free speech of whistleblowers within a range of industries—including animal agriculture, nursing homes, and schools—will be at risk.
Vegan Milk is Top Consumer Trend in UK
Plant-based milk makes debut in UK's symbolic "shopping basket" that reveals what Brits are buying most in 2017.
Slaughter-Free Chicken and Duck to Hit Stores by 2021
Memphis Meats is growing poultry from cells to alleviate environmental damage caused by traditional animal agriculture.
Vegan Grocer Opens Adjacent to MooShoes in New York City
The founders behind the iconic vegan apparel store move into the grocery industry with prepared sandwiches, snacks, pantry items, homemade soft-serve, and more!
British Men Go Vegan to Impress Dates
Survey found that opting for a vegan diet, and sticking with it, is amongst the top 40 changes UK men make to be more appealing to love matches.
Shuttered Dairy Company Launches Vegan Milk Line
Former CEO of NYC's Elmhurst Dairy shifts company to produce "Milked"—a new line of cashew, walnut, almond, and hazelnut plant-based milks.
Coffee-Mate Promotes Vegan Creamers in National TV Ad
The new Natural Bliss vegan creamer line will be heavily advertised via two TV commercials that promote its dairy-free creaminess.
Unilever Joins Plant Meat Matters Consortium
The corporation will work with The Vegetarian Butcher, amongst others, to advance the development of plant-based steak.
New Artisanal Vegan Cheese Launches in Canada
Julain Molnar of Prince Edward Island is crafting small-batch local vegan cheese in flavors such as chèvre, gouda, and feta.
Vegan Beer Garden to Open in LA
Hinterhof will serve veganized German dishes and beer in a 2,100-square foot cube-like space.
Restaurant Industry Mag Says Plants Are the Future
Quick Service Restaurant Magazine's special report concludes that various plant-based food trends will push the industry away from animal products.
MD Debunks Myth that Humans Evolved to Eat Meat
Doctor Shivam Joshi points to homosapiens' herbivorous ancestors and inability to digest cooked meat as proof that the Paleo diet is preposterous.
General Mills Continues Plant-Based Investing Streak
The major food corporation led a $6.5 million investment round in probiotics startup Farmhouse Culture.
Portuguese Cafeterias Must Now Offer Vegan Option
A new law mandates that schools, universities, hospitals, and prisons must implement at least one vegan selection on their cafeteria menus.
M&M's Lobbyist Fights for Almond Milk on Capitol Hill
Mars Inc. executive Shannon Campagna was hired by vegan lobby group Plant Based Food Association to take down the Dairy Pride Act.
Major Pizza Chain Adds Vegan Cheese to Menu
Hundreds of locations of Pizza Pizza in Canada will now serve a vegan pie made with Violife cheese.

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