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Boston Celtics' Kyrie Irving Adopts Plant-Based Diet
The professional basketball player reveals he is moving away from animal products this season to fuel his performance.
Lack of Vegan Menus Top Complaint at UK Hotels
Independent hotel review company The Good Hotel Guide found that lack of vegan options is a top gripe among hotel guests.
Vegan Makeup Brand for POC Raises $1 Million
Mented founders Amanda Johnson and KJ Miller became the 15th and 16th African-American women to raise that much in capital funding.
Natalie Portman Urges Award Show Attendees to Go Vegan
The vegan actress delivered a moving award-acceptance speech urging everyone to consider a plant-based diet.
Vegan Chocolate Hummus Raises $600K on Shark Tank
Venture capitalist Mark Cuban commits more than half a million dollars in exchange for 25 percent equity in vegan startup Delighted by Hummus.
Cadbury Heir Launches Vegan Avocado Chocolate Bar
James Cadbury—of the family behind chocolate brand Cadbury—creates the first avocado-based chocolate bar sans animal products.
Meat-Free Apartment Complex to Open in Russia
Veda Village—a smoke-, alcohol-, and meat-free complex—aims to be the first of its kind in Russia, and comes complete with a vegetarian restaurant.
Vegan Chickpea Snack Brand Raises $10 Million
HIPPEAS receives a large capital injection to continue expansion of its vegan snack line.
Popular Shoe Brand Launches New Vegan Line
T.U.K's creepers are now available in seven styles made with a new, softer vegan material.
Grilled Cheese Truck Transforms into Vegan Restaurant
Virginia-based Cheesy Rider is removing all animal products for the upcoming restaurant Urbavore.
New Program Rehabilitates Inmates with Vegan Diet
Pennsylvania state prisons will determine if a plant-based diet curbs aggressive behavior and keeps current inmates from returning to jail.
Major Italian Chain Launches Expansive Vegan Menu
UK-based Carluccio's will offer a 20-item vegan-friendly menu featuring classic Italian dishes with vegetables at the forefront.
Spanish Company Invents Diet Avocado
Isla Bonita's Aguacate Light promises to be 30 percent lower in fat than other varieties.
Dandies Pumpkin Marshmallows
Dot your lattes, cookies, and s'mores with one of our favorite new pumpkin products.
24-Hour Vegan Vending Machine Lands in Melbourne
Vegan snacks, coconut water, kombucha, salads, and sandwiches are now available at the push of a button any time of day in the Australian city.
Plant-Based Foods Slated to Be Mega-Trend of 2018
New research shows that next year, vegan cheese will become commonplace in restaurants, plant-based meat will gain traction, and big brands will launch more vegan ice cream options.
5 Sweet Vegan Treats We're Craving on National Dessert Day
Towering cakes, all the vegan doughnuts, and a dozen Twinkies is how we're celebrating the best day of the year.
Ryan Gosling Rocks Custom Vegan Coat in Blade Runner
The star wore a faux-shearling jacket on the big screen, bringing mass attention to cruelty-free fashion options.
Sales at Vegan Treats Spike Thanks to Jon Stewart
Orders at the Pennsylvania-based bakery have increased after the comedian sent its vegan cakes to doubtful hosts on The View.
Vegan Faux Fur-Lined Hemp Parkas Debut in US
Cruelty-free, hemp-based Nordic parkas are arriving in the States in time for cooler weather.
Vegan Taco Face-Off Hits Los Angeles This Weekend
LA's Best Vegan Taco Competition pits the city's best vegan chefs against each other to raise funds for earthquake relief in Mexico.
Gucci Bans Fur
The luxe fashion brand will no longer sell fur and plans to auction remaining fur apparel to benefit animal-rights organizations.
Miley Cyrus Skips Tour to Care for Pigs
The avid animal lover says she'd rather stay home with her companion animals than perform.
Belgian Food Pyramid Puts Vegan Foods on Top
The European county's new dietary guidelines place plant-based foods at the top and animal-based foods at the bottom of its recent food pyramid.
The Office Star Adopts Vegan Diet
Craig Robinson is looking for a vegan birthday cake and cooking carrot and farro salad to achieve his goal of ditching animal products.
Futuristic Animal-Free Aquarium Opens in NYC
Guests can now come face-to-face with whales, sharks, and giant squid in their natural habitat without exploiting animals.
Musician Jason Derulo Adopts Vegan Diet
The musician ditches all animal products in favor of jackfruit, lentils, spinach, and tofu.
Beyond Meat to Expand to UK in 2018
The makers of Beyond Burger will soon serve the growing number of people who eschew meat across the pond.
Vegan Grocery Store Opens Inside Ohio Cake Shop
Cleveland vegan grocery store AVE MKT features a fully-fledged vegan cheese fridge, a selection of vegan meats, and sweets galore.
Apparel Brand Drops Leather in New Vegan Beanie Line
Love Your Melon releases eight vegan beanies with faux-leather patches in time for fall.
Fatburger Adds Vegan Impossible Burger to Menu in CA
The 50-year-old cult favorite chain adds the plant-based burger patty to the menu of five Southern California locations.
Jon Stewart Sends The View Vegan Cakes
Co-host Sunny Hostin literally ate her negative words about vegan cake after sampling baked goods from Vegan Treats.
Vegan Tattoo Studio Opens in Dallas
Brand new tattoo studio Konēko will use only vegan ink, furniture, ointments, and environmentally-friendly paper products while supporting local vegan companies.
Meat-Based Diets Destroying 60 Percent of Biodiversity
Snow leopards, giant pandas, giraffes, and more could cease to exist if animal-agriculture continues to expand.
McDonald's Debuts Veggie Burger in France
Le Grand Veggie features a carrot and salsify patty and is a first for the fast-food giant's French locations.
Real Housewives Star Rocks Custom Vegan Shoes
Erika Jayne Girardi—of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fame—will wear cruelty-free Better Than Sex shoes as part of a new ad campaign for Too Faced's vegan mascara.
Cardiologist to Open Vegan Café Near Detroit
Joel Kahn, MD—aka, America's Heart Healthy Doc—expands his vegan eatery Greenspace Café to fast-casual concept Greenspace Grille & Go.
70 Percent of Colleges Now Offer Daily Vegan Options
While only 28 percent of colleges offered vegan options in 2014, now a majority of students have access to cruelty-free cuisine.
Guardian Columnist Says End of Animal Farming is Near
George Monbiot believes future generations will follow a plant-based diet and look back on animal agriculture as obscene and inhumane.
Plant-Based Product Sales Triple Since 2016
New market research shows a surge in online vegan product sales, as consumers become more conscious.
Vegan Cheeseburger Pie is Now a Thing in London
UK's Young Vegans debut a pie packed with vegan meat, cheese, and tomato chutney.
Utah's First Vegan Truck Round-Up Opens Today
Six all-vegan vendors will sell falafel, churros, hot dogs, and more to hungry crowds in Salt Lake City.
McVegan Burger Debuts at McDonald's
The all-vegan burger will be available at a single location in Finland until November to gauge consumer demand.
Late-Night Vegan Mexican Restaurant to Open in NYC
Matthew Kenney will expand New York City's vegan dining scene with two new restaurants: Mexican-inspired Bar Verde and Mediterranean spot XYST.
Fall Out Boy's Drummer Opens Vegan Café in Portland
Andy Hurley's newest venture is an all-vegan café serving quality coffee with vegan pastries.
New Vegan Supermarket Opens in Australia
Vegan Aisle will join The Cruelty Free Shop—the world's largest vegan grocery store—to give Australians a plethora of vegan shopping options.
Popular Asian Fusion Chain Adds Expansive Vegan Menu
UK chain Wagamama has added a menu crafted especially for the cruelty-free crowd.
Nirvana-Themed Vegan Café Now Open in Glasgow
The new plant-based eatery—named after the band's song In Bloom—treats diners to not-so-grungy housemade vegan pasta, pastries, and a step back to a time when Kurt Cobain ruled.
Forbes' Newest Contributor is Vegan Journalist
The iconic publication will now have a vegan voice thanks to Katrina Fox.
Bareburger to Open Vegan Restaurant
Culinary Director of the 45-location burger joint Jonathan Lemon says meat's role in food industry is fading.

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