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Groundbreaking Vegan Documentary Debuts in 2018
Filmmaker brothers behind new documentary Eating Our Way to Extinction aim to inspire viewers to adopt a plant-based diet and already have Leonardo DiCaprio's support.
$4 Trillion Investor Firm Warns Meat Tax is Inevitable
A group of influential investors warn colleagues that meat will soon carry a sin tax similar to tobacco, sugar, and carbon.
Hollywood Writer Demands Vegan Dog Food at Shelters
Law & Order screenwriter hopes his proposal to feed dogs vegan kibble for optimal health is adopted by shelters across Los Angeles.
Vegan Cheese Market to Be Worth $4 Million by 2024
Demand for dairy-free cheeses due to health and animal welfare concerns will drive substantial growth in the vegan cheese industry.
Factory Farm Workers Routinely Denied Bathroom Breaks
Congressional watchdog group US Government Accountability Office releases a report that shows inhumane treatment of workers at factory farms across the country.
18 Vegan Things We Can't Wait to Try in 2018
The new year is quickly approaching and vegan cannabis gummies, bottled Starbucks Frappuccinos, and three new vegan whipped cream options await on the other side.
Vegan Ice Cream Brand Raises $4 Million to Expand
Austin-based NadaMoo! secures new funding to help expand the national footprint of its coconut milk-based ice cream.
Plant-Based Investors Unite to Form Influential Group
Trade group Plant Based Food Association welcomes 10 leading investment groups to help advance the vegan revolution.
Vegan Burger Brand Incentivizes Restaurants with Cash
Impossible Foods asks fans to demand its vegan burgers at their local restaurants with a $200 incentive.
Tyson Increases Investment in Vegan Brand Beyond Meat
The meat company is looking to expand its holding in the vegan company as the plant-based protein industry continues to boom.
What the Health Nominated for Major Film Award
The popular film that drove celebrities, athletes, and musicians to adopt plant-based diets for optimal health is now up for an NAACP award.
Airline Adds Vegan Menu to Meet Passengers' Demands
International airline Jetstar now serves falafel, lentil and quinoa salad, and more after receiving frequent requests for vegan food options.
Top Chefs Predict Tempeh Burgers Will Trend in 2018
An extensive survey found that chefs at more than 80 restaurants believe plant-based foods will be featured on even more menus next year.
Tesco Doubles Meat-Free Options for Christmas
For the first time ever, Tesco will offer two vegan Christmas centerpieces—Turmeric Spiced Cauliflower Wellington and a Pecan and Peanut Roast—thanks to vegan chef Derek Sarno.
Instagram Creates New Feature to Fight Animal Abuse
Users of the social media platform are now shown a message against animal exploitation when searching for hashtags that refer to wild animal abuse.
Field Roast Sets Vegan Rules for Acquisition
After its $120 million acquisition by meat company Maple Leaf Foods, Field Roast has set rules that will keep animal products out of the vegan company.
SeaWorld Blackfish Lawsuit Now a Class Action
Court proceedings uncover emails between SeaWorld executives that admit the damage to their business caused by animal-rights documentary Blackfish—a fact the company hid from shareholders.
Meat Mag Names Plant-Based Protein Top Trend of 2017
Meat + Poultry points to the unprecedented growth of plant-based protein companies such as Impossible Foods and predicts a bright future for meatless food.
James Cameron Says Animal Ag is Choking the Earth
The famed director and his wife Suzy pen a feature in The Guardian to push leaders to consider the devastating effects of animal agriculture on the environment.
Startup to Make Lab-Grown Meat for Cats
Colorado-based Bond Pet Foods aims to eliminate traditional meat sources in the diets of obligate carnivores.
Rainn Wilson Went Vegan After Realizing Pigs are Bacon
The Office star explains to Conan O'Brien that he chose to go vegan after making the connection that his lovable companion pigs are the same animals used to make bacon.
Pork Magazine Learns Lesson from Vegan Drive-Through
The popularity of vegan fast food is pushing the meat industry to re-think its business strategies.
Vegan Burger Shop Opens at the Largest Mall in America
Shoppers at the Mall of America can soon feast on plant-based burgers, fries, and coconut soft serve at vegan eatery Earth Burger.
Vegan Zero-Waste Store Opens in London
New shop Hetu is on a mission to eliminate plastic, exploitation, pesticides, and over-consumption.
Vegan Cookie Dough Jars Launch for the Holidays
Glass jars filled with fudge brownies, avocado mousse, cookie dough, and coconut whipped cream are now available at NYC's Jars by Dani.
Ruffles Apologizes for Anti-Vegan Tofu-urkey Ad
The chip brand removes its Thanksgiving joke from social media after receiving backlash from its compassionate customers.
Scientists Turn Tofu Waste into More Vegan Food
Researchers in Singapore repurpose okara—a byproduct of tofu and soy milk production—into a nutrient-packed food ingredient.
Seinfeld Comedy Writer Puts a Vegan Spin on Hanukkah
Vegan comedienne Carol Leifer makes jelly doughnuts, latkes, and dark chocolate gelt for the perfect cruelty-free Festival of Lights celebration, complete with soy-based candles.
Pastry Chefs Name Vegan Desserts Top Trend for 2018
The country's top pastry chefs are adding vegan ice cream sundaes topped with fluffy whipped coconut cream, and other vegan desserts, to restaurant menus next year.
Meat Company Buys Vegan Brand for $120M
Canada's Maple Leaf Foods makes its second acquisition of a meatless brand, this time for $120 million.
Vegan Sisters Open Doughnut Shop in Ohio
The Mayo sisters will sell cake-like, chocolate-dipped, coconut bacon-topped doughnuts in Lakewood early next year.
Long Island Pizzeria Debuts Vegan Drunken Grandma Pie
Frankie's East Side Gourmet Pizza launches an expansive vegan menu with plant-based pizza your nonna would enjoy.
Consulting Firm Exposes Companies that Exploit Animals
New nonprofit Cruelty Free Investing evaluates each publicly traded stock to point conscious investors toward companies that do not contribute to animal exploitation.
Expert Says Vegan Food Will Ease Political Woes in 2018
Hospitality consultant Andrew Freeman points to plant-based foods as a source of relief for consumers during unstable political and economic climates.
Vegan Just Scramble Debuts in San Francisco
Hampton Creek's breakthrough vegan scrambled eggs are now on the menu at a San Francisco restaurant, with plans to expand nationwide.
Two-Story Vegan Pizza Shop Lands in London
Brighton's Purezza plans a huge expansion that accommodates 100 diners and serves vegan sourdough pizza, burgers, pasta, raw dishes, and more.
Vegan Makeup Line Designed for Trans Women Debuts
JECCA Makeup makes vegan beauty products that address the needs of trans women—such as beard shadows and scarring—to help everyone feel more confident in their skin.
3D-Printed Vegan Candy Selfies Debut for Christmas
Vegan shoppers can snap selfies and eat them at seven Magic Candy Factory pop-ups across England.
Farmer Stops Slaughtering Cows to Grow Vegetables
Third-generation cattle rancher Mike Lanigan now runs an animal sanctuary that houses 31 cows, three horses, three chickens, and one duck.
Beyond Burger Expands to Nearly 500 TGI Fridays
The plant-based patty was a success at select TGI Fridays, which prompted the chain to add Beyond Burger to the menu of 465 locations.
Doctors Urged to Prescribe Plant-Based Food as Medicine
A new seminar aims to teach health professionals to use the power of plant-based nutrition to prevent heart disease, cancer, and type 2 diabetes.
London Mayor Bans Fast-Food Chains Near Schools
Mayor Sadiq Khan will not allow new fast-food restaurants to open near schools to fight the city's childhood obesity epidemic.
Irish Officials Blame Dairy Industry for Climate Change
New figures from Environmental Protection Agency point to increased greenhouse gas emissions caused by the country's growing dairy sector.
UK Pizza Huts to Permanently Add Vegan Cheese to Menu
After a successful trial of vegan cheese at select locations, the pizza chain has permanently added the cruelty-free option to 262 locations.
20th Century Fox Debuts Animated Animal-Rights Film
Animal sanctuary The Gentle Barn partners with the film studio to adopt a bull calf that shares the name of the title character in upcoming film Ferdinand.
Groundbreaking Vegan Support System Launches
Non-profit organization Mercy For Animals—known for its world-changing undercover investigations—launches The Green Plate, a comprehensive guide to help people go and stay vegan.
UK Government Promises to Recognize Animal Sentience
Environment Secretary Michael Gove issues an official statement pledging to protect animals in the United Kingdom after its withdrawal from the European Union.
Vegan Daters Get 62 Percent More Messages Online
Cruelty-free, vegetable-centric profiles on dating platform Zoosk are gaining popularity among internet singles.
Vegan Cheese Platter Debuts in Time for Christmas
Vegan brand Violife launches a three-cheese Christmas platter perfect for holiday celebrations.
LUSH Debuts 100-Product Vegan Christmas Collection
Christmas sweater-themed bath bombs, snow angel luxury bath melts, foamy package-free shower gels, and Santa's belly jellies are all cruelty-free ways to ring in the holiday season.

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