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Animals in Love: 5 Species That Commit
Some animals do not heed the call of the wild, instead they practice devotion to their significant others.
Horse Slaughter is a Looming Possibility in the US
Animal-advocate groups oppose horse slaughter for consumption and export outside the US, citing health concerns with drugs and lack of inspection resources.
Great White Sharks May Be Classified as Endangered
California will conduct an investigation as to whether great white sharks should be added to the endangered species list.
Illinois Rep. Opposes Captive Hunting Facilities
The pay-to-play captive hunting arenas take the sport out of hunting and allow people to shoot caged animals.
Bob Barker Joins Elephant-Protection Campaign
Behind the fun facade of elephant entertainment is abhorrent cruelty. ADI and Bob Barker intend to put an end to it.
Artificially Sweetened Milk Might Go Label-Free
The dairy industry is lobbying hard to change an FDA rule that requires artificially sweetened milks to have labels indicating aspartame content.
Legislation Puts Pressure on Internet Dog Breeders
Several US senators have introduced legislation to help protect puppies sold over the internet.
101-Year-Old Vegetarian Marathon Runner Retires
Meat-free runner Fauja Singh started running at 89 years old, and after nine marathons, he’s retiring from competitive races.
University Stops Using Pigs for Medical Courses
For the last six years, PCRM has fought to spare pigs from Tulane University’s Advanced Trauma Life Support course.
Butterball Employees Convicted of Animal Cruelty
A slew of Butterball employees face misdemeanor and felony charges after being caught on tape kicking and throwing birds.
The Standard American Diet’s Terrible Toll on Hormones
Cancer, low testosterone, and diabetes are some of the hormonal casualties tied to our dinner plates.
Female NASCAR Driver Commends Cage-Free Farming
When Leilani Münter isn’t lapping opponents she’s advocating for a greener world and the better treatment of farm animals.
Member of Kohl Empire Asks Business to Go Fur-Free
In a campaign against cruelty, psychologist and animal activist Jana Kohl speaks out against her family selling fur.
Vegan Restaurant Makes GQ’s Best of 2013 List
Plant-based Vedge makes a believer out of GQ food writer Alan Richman with its delectable vegan fare.
MFA Calls Out Walmart With Newspaper Ad
The animal-advocate group pleas for pigs via print, taking out a full-page advertisement.
Second Ivy League Vegan Conference is a Success
Some of the nation’s best and the brightest congregated for the Ivy League Vegan Conference.
Vegan Meals Help Beyoncé Lose Pregnancy Pounds
After giving birth to her daughter, the vocal superstar learns that one vegan meal a day can help keep the pounds away.
Lone Star State Attempts to Ban Shark Fin Sales
If a recently introduced bill is passed, Texas will join California, Hawaii, and Washington on the list of US states that ban the purchase and trade of shark fins.
Poultry Workers Face Three Years in Prison
Nearly 50,000 starved chickens have been attributed to the neglectful practices of two A&L Poultry workers who have been arrested for animal cruelty.
Joaquin Phoenix Drowns in New PETA Video
The vegan Hollywood actor humanizes the plight of fish by exposing the painful deaths thousands of them suffer through fishing.
Washington Legislation Aims to Ban Tail-Docking
Four states have already passed legislation that bars the painful practice of amputating dairy cows’ tails, and Washington state may become the fifth.
Toronto Blue Jay Pitcher Stays Loyal to Pitbull
Baseball player Mark Buehrle and his family are forced apart for the season due to a Toronto breed discrimination law that outlaws pitbulls.
Today Show Anchor Campaigns for Animal Rescue
As part of its “Today Takes Action” series, NBC will air an animal adoption public advertisement across the United States.
Tal Ronnen Opens Vegan Mediterranean Eatery in LA
Come March, the City of Angels will have a new refined yet affordable vegan restaurant, created by seasoned culinary veteran Tal Ronnen.
Pork Company Caught Making False Statements Online
An HSUS undercover investigation shows that a food company’s claims of animal-friendly conduct may be misleading the public.
Footage Shows Abuse by Australian Dairy Industry
Recently revealed video depicts that the US dairy industry is not the only one illegally abusing its farm animals.
International Vegan Cookbook Seeks Funds Online
Cookbook and travel log The Lotus and the Artichoke is a testament to the fact that cruelty-free eating is an international affair.
Russia Says No to American Manufactured Meats
The use of the growth stimulant ractopamine has been linked to hundreds of sick animals, and has caused Russia to prohibit the import of US meats.
Pet Preparation for Incoming Winter Blizzards
As people stock up on supplies for the impending snowfall, the HSUS reminds people to make the proper preparations for their companion animals.
The Humane Society’s Online Pet Pageant Begins
To benefit World Spay Day, HSUS is hosting a pet pageant, where contestants compete for Best Hair, Best Smile, and Ugly-Cute.
Fast Food Veggie Eatery Set to Open in Savannah
Cruelty-free restaurant VegHeads, which was well-received in Asheville, NC, makes its way south with a new Georgia location.
PETA Celebrates the Best Cruelty-Free Clothing
Fashion’s most stylish veg-friendly vendors and designers are recognized at the PETA-Approved Vegan Fashion Awards.
Ag-Gag Bills Halt Undercover Farm Investigations
Recent lobbying efforts lead to legislation that imposes criminal punishments on activists who film animal abuse on factory farms.
Veg-Friendly Food Available Via Drive-Through
Vegans will be able to experience the convenience of fast food with an Amy’s Kitchen restaurant tentatively set to open in 2014.
Bollywood Actress Decides to Ditch Meat and Dairy
Kangana Ranaut cites mental and physical benefits as well as her move to Mumbai as the reasons why she switched to a plant-based diet.
Vegan Clothes and Cosmetics at Fall Fashion Week
Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart of vegan fashion house Vaute Couture shows that vegan is in vogue with ethically inspired clothing.
Fruits and Vegetables May Be Linked to Happiness
Researchers discover that consuming fruits and vegetables may increase levels of happiness, energy, and overall calmness.
Texas Court Refuses to Block 2012 Puppy Mill Law
To the ire of some Texas dog breeders, a recently passed statute that protects the well-being of puppies is upheld by the Lone Star State.
Los Angeles Area Festival Cancels Elephant Rides
Undercover footage of elephant abuse and public outcry has led numerous fairs and cities to decline the services of Have Trunks Will Travel.
Decade-Long Study Shows Vegetarianism Saves Lives
Research published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition shows that vegetarians are less likely to suffer from heart disease.
HSUS’s New Animal Rescue Program Now Underway
Rescue Central will provide guidance and a networking forum to bolster the efficiency and effectiveness of animal rescue groups.
New York Vegan Bake-Off Slated for Mid-February
Amateur vegan bakers will battle at Brooklyn’s Bellhouse during this year’s first-ever Vegan Bake-Off.
Veganism a Rising Trend in Philly
Locally sourced food and delicious, dynamic options have given veganism cool credibility in the City of Brotherly Love.
Torturous Horse Treatments are Banned in the US
Painful chemical administrations and inhumane horse mechanisms are now banned in United States Equestrian Federation competitions.
Investors Move to New Animal Product Substitutes
Venture capitalists respond to climate change and health epidemic by investing in alternative egg and chicken products.
Cruelty-Free Fare at the Annual Governor’s Ball
Vegan pizza and kale salad are just some of the veg-friendly dishes Wolfgang Puck will prepare for the 2013 post-Oscar’s celebration.
Vegan Soul Food Restaurant Set to Open in February
With funds from an online fundraising campaign and a local business competition, a mother and son will open a plant-based eatery in Harlem.
Potential Bill Makes Animal Abusers Support Pets
New Pennsylvania legislation prevents animal shelters from shouldering the financial burden of seized animals during pending abuse cases.
Kristen Bell Disapproves of Gestation Crates
The Hollywood starlet recently expressed her empathy toward sows that are kept in cramped gestation crates during their pregnancy.
Tickets on Sale for LA Vegan Beer and Food Fest
Tony’s Darts Away, Quarrygirl, and West Hollywood’s Roxy Theatre will present the fourth-annual Los Angeles Vegan Beer Fest.

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