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3 Cheap Ways to Stock Your Vegan Bar
Bring on the booze without breaking your bank with these easy tips to make your cocktails refreshingly frugal.
5 Ways to Get Your Juice On
Drink up with these tips for tapping into this tasty trend.
USDA Seeks Solution to Animal Antibiotic Use
The government agency is looking into safe alternatives to factory farms’ overreliance on superbug-breeding drugs.
Chefs Panic as California’s Ban on Foie Gras Looms
The ban, which prohibits the sale and production of the controversial food, goes into effect July 1.
PETA Extends Deadline for Lab-Grown Meat Contest
The animal-welfare organization has pushed back the deadline in an effort to give scientists more time for research.
Vegan Runner Shares Story on NY Times Blog
Yesterday, the newspaper’s Well blog featured the personal account of an amateur vegan runner.
Vegan Actors Named PETA’s Sexiest Vegetarians
Jessica Chastain and Woody Harrelson have been named PETA’s 2012 Sexiest Vegetarians.
NPR Reports on History of US Meat Consumption
In three recent reports, the news organization dissects the evolution of Americans’ relationship with meat.
Former Reality TV Star to Open Veg Sushi Eatery
Guy Vaknin, a recent contestant on Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen, plans to open Beyond Sushi next month.
Study Says Soy Prevents Breast Cancer Recurrence
New research suggests that breast cancer survivors who consume more soy are more likely to keep the disease at bay.
Group Exposes Inhumane Treatment of Taiwanese Cows
Environment and Animal Society of Taiwan has released a new video depicting the abuse of cows at slaughterhouses.
Urban Decay Loses Cruelty-Free Certification
The company recently announced its decision to move into the Chinese market, where animal testing is required.
3 Hot Button Animal-Welfare Issues in Australia
The past year has been an active period for animal-welfare advocates across the Commonwealth, with critical issues being addressed both by the media and government.
EU Activists Launch Dairy-Cow Welfare Campaign
Compassion in World Farming and Ben and Jerry’s hope to enact a law that would mandate higher welfare standards.
Congressional Committee Passes Horse-Slaughter Ban
Following its initial approval, the measure will move to the entire House, then the Senate, for further consideration.
Organization Sues FDA Over Animal Antibiotics
A conservationist group is taking legal action due to the agency’s failure to give it access to crucial documents.
New Vegan Web Series Launches Kickstarter Campaign
Eatin’ Vegan hopes to raise enough money to cover initial production costs and move toward a sustainable business model.
Rhode Island Passes Farm-Animal Welfare Bill
The new law includes provisions that prohibit the use of sow gestation crates and the practice of cow tail docking.
Vegans Advocate for Healthier Food-Stamp Choices
Author Rory Freedman and PCRM recently discussed the nutritional limitations of the food-stamp program.
Owner of Backyard Butchery Faces Criminal Charges
Roberto Celedon pleaded guilty to animal cruelty after authorities raided his illegal backyard slaughter operation.
New Survey Says Americans Want Antibiotic-Free Meat
According to Consumers Union, the majority of US consumers want more antibiotic-free meat at their supermarkets.
NY Politician Calls for Better Treatment of Dairy Cows
Responding to a recent PETA undercover investigation, State Senator Tony Avella is appealing for welfare reforms.
Probiotics Curb Bacterial Infections in Chickens
According to a report in the journal Zoonoses and Public Health, probiotics may help reduce food-borne illness.
Drive-In Chain Sonic Eliminating Gestation Crates
The fast-food chain hopes to phase out its use of the small cages in favor of more humane group housing systems.
Sales of Whale Meat Facing Steep Decline in Japan
Due in part to anti-whaling groups’ efforts, consumer demand for cetacean meat has plunged in Japan.
PCRM Files Complaint Against Connecticut Hospital
The organization is calling for a criminal investigation into the use of live pigs at Hartford Hospital.
Kickstarter for New Vegan Restaurant in Brooklyn
Heirloom Vegan Eatery is raising money for a permanent location of its restaurant start-up.
5 Veg-Centric Spiritual Practices
These five faiths have prompted countless followers to adopt a cruelty-free lifestyle.
The Seed Launches in New York City Today
The two-day conference will feature vendors, cooking demos, and presentations from notable vegans.
Study Says Farm Runoff Contains Harmful Hormones
Research suggests that the hormones found in wastewater could present an environmental and health hazard.
Controversy Over US Beef Imports Heats Up in Taiwan
Parliament will soon vote on a bill that would prohibit the import of US beef containing a banned drug.
California to Vote on GMO Labeling Initiative
If the measure passes, the state would become the first in the country to mandate labels on GM foods.
COK Reaches Settlement with California Hatchery
As part of the settlement, the owner has vowed to refrain from being responsible for animals in a commercial setting.
UN Officials Turn to Quinoa for Food Security
Championed by Bolivian President Evo Morales, the United Nations is hailing quinoa as a solution to global hunger.
Mercy For Animals to Expand Pro-Veg TV Ad Campaign
The ads, which criticize the horrors of factory farming, are scheduled to air on a variety of networks this month.
Vegan Boxer Takes Welterweight Champion Title
Timothy Bradley, who adopts a plant-based diet while training, is the latest WBO champion.
EU Commissioner to Propose Welfare-Policy Review
The government official voiced his support for a campaign spearheaded by nonprofit World Horse Welfare.
Vegan Cooking Show to Air on PBS This Fall
Vegan Mashup, produced by Delicious TV, will feature recipes from an all-star array of vegan experts.
New NYC Soul Food Restaurant Launches Kickstarter
The team behind Seasoned Vegan hopes to raise $20,000 to go toward operating costs for their Harlem eatery.
Fruits and Vegetables May Help Smokers Quit
According to a study in Nicotine and Tobacco Research, fresh produce may be stave off nicotine cravings.
Skinny Bitch Co-Authors Embark on New Projects
Kim Barnouin and Rory Freedman are busy pursuing endeavors ranging from women’s fiction to disability activism.
Disney Unveils New Health-Focused Initiatives
The company is taking a stand against childhood obesity by banning junk food ads on its channels.
Dutch Official Wants to Limit Size of Factory Farms
Agricultural minister Henk Bleker is proposing a nationwide limit on the number of animals on farms.
Fruits and Vegetables Boost Longevity in Women
New research suggests that eating plant-based foods can lower the risk of death in senior-age women.
Vegans Prepare for Columbus, OH July Fourth Parade
The 300 Vegans for Independence Day project hopes to assemble hundreds of supporters before July 4.
Chipotle Supports FDA Ban on Animal Antibiotics
The restaurant chain voiced its approval for banning the use of superbug-causing antibiotics in livestock feed.
FDA Appeals Decision to Ban Antibiotics in Feed
The government agency hopes to overturn a court-ordered ban on the nonmedical use of antibiotics on farm animals.
Q&A with City Council Candidate Bryan Pease
Attorney and animal-welfare activist Bryan Pease shares his experience running for political office.
McDonald’s Sets Deadline for Gestation Crate Ban
The burger chain announced a plan to eliminate gestation crates in its US pork supply in the next 10 years.
NYC May Ban Large Sodas and Sugary Drinks
Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced a plan that would ban sodas and other drinks from city establishments.

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