Articles written by Ana Sofia Rodriguez

Animal Sanctuary in Mississippi Gets a Facelift
Newly reimagined Hope Animal Sanctuary features 20 tiny houses that serve as comfortable habitats for rescued animals.
3 Vegan Prom Makeup Looks
Whichever look you choose, you’ll feel confident knowing your face is as cruelty-free as your dress.
It's Time Your Dog Went Vegan
Increased energy levels and decreased allergies are just two reasons why your dog should go plant-based.
Did You Know César Chávez Was Also an Animal-Rights Activist?
A cruelty-free world? Sí se puede.
5 Vegan Responses When Your Health Teacher Tells You to Eat Meat
If you’re a vegan high school student, health class just might be the hardest course to pass.
It's Time You Talked to Your Parents About Your Veganism
They might not understand at first, but with the help of documentaries and delicious meals, your parents will understand that your veganism is more than just a fad.
Want to Make Sure Your College Choice Is as Vegan as You Are? Here's How
Animal-rights groups, cruelty-free laboratories, and community kitchens are a few issues I’m considering to help me choose the right university for me.
A Vegan Teen Guide to Ordering Food at Non-Vegan Restaurants
Want to make sure your order is as vegan as you are? Call ahead, be confident, and don’t back down.
How to Be a Vegan Teen Valentine
Wear cool clothing, give amazing gifts, and watch Okja, and you can be my Valentine.
How One Woman is Introducing Vegan Mexican Sweets to a Rural Southern California Desert
Marcie Morlett is showing her community that veganism is delicious—one cookie at a time.

This Week on VegNews TV: The secret to these delightful sweet treats is white beans! Aylin Erman shows you how to make these simple blondies.

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