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6 Vegan Superfoods You Can't Afford to Miss in 2018
Start 2018 off right by ditching the vegan junk food and raiding the produce section.
How to Throw a Stellar Vegan Holiday Party
Spread the holiday spirit with a veg-friendly fête fit for revelers of every stripe.
5 Easy Ways to Make Your Home More Eco-Friendly
From city studios to country bungalows, green your abode with these practical and stylish eco-friendly tips.
A Vegan Mother’s Day Your Mom Will Love
Vegan brunch is just the beginning when organizing the best Mother’s Day celebration ever.
The Ultimate Vegan Spring Picnic
Gorgeous warm weather makes spring the perfect season to plan a lovely plant-based picnic.
Keys to a Stellar Vegan Cinco de Mayo Party
Celebrate Mexican heritage by throwing a festive fiesta with these spicy, south-of-the-border recipes.
Vegan Ballpark Bites Around the US
Celebrate baseball season with these cruelty-free concessions, guaranteeing snack-time homeruns.
How to Throw a Great Vegan Mardi Gras Party
Ready to eat, drink, and be merry for Mardi Gras? Party down vegan style with these tips and tricks.
Ethical Vegan Sex
To get the lowdown on ethical sex, read VN's guide on how to put the "passion" back into compassion.
Festive Vegan Holiday Drinks
Consult VN’s guide to vegan-friendly drinks perfect for mealtime wine pairing or a wintertime warm-up.
Vegetarian Camps for Kids
All-star summer camps promise new friends, great adventure, and delicious food for today’s veg youth.
Celebrate Fourth of July, Vegan-Style
Party like it’s 1776 and celebrate America’s independence with vegan funnel cake and picnics.
10 Ways to Give Back at the Holidays
From volunteering to baking, here are VN's 10 ways to make a difference this holiday season.
Your Favorite Comfort Foods, Veganized
Dig into these five hearty, down-home dishes, perfect for comfort-food cravings and holiday tables.
11 Perfect Vegan Thanksgiving Pies (Plus Crusts!)
Thanksgiving and pie go hand in hand, so check out these perfect last-minute dessert pie ideas!
Urban Gardeners Growing Near You
From California to the New York Island, these city dwellers prove that this land was made for growing greens.
VN Chats With Maroon 5’s Vegan Bassist Mickey Madden
With a new record and tour on the horizon, Maroon 5 bassist Mickey Madden talks vegan eats, ethics, and entertainment with VN.
How to Help Those Devastated by the BP Oil Spill
Eager to help wildlife suffering in the Gulf Coast? VN investigates how others are making a difference for the animals.
Veg Quote Contest
This week, veg-friendly online outlet The Vegetarian Site launched a “Quote of the Month” contest to find the best vegetarian and animal-rights themed quotations...
Sheryl Crow PSA
This week, musician and animal activist Sheryl Crow became the latest celebrity to speak out against animal neglect and cruelty through the Humane Society...
Animal Rights on CNN
Tonight, Issues, hosted by Jane Velez-Mitchell, will focus entirely on animal-rights issues, dedicating a full-hour of CNN‘s Headline News Network (HLN) to problems ranging...
Chloe’s Cupcake Wars
Vegan Chef Chloe Coscarelli’s desserts take first prize on Food Network’s series Cupcake Wars.
Veggie Dog Month
July marks the kick-off of the fifth annual National Veggie Hot Dog Month, a vegan holiday founded by animal rights group Compassion Over Killing as a cruelty-free counterpart...
Art For Pit Bulls
Recently, New York-based animal activist Jenith Mateja launched Art for Pitties, a project focused on saving rescued pit bulls. Throughout July, more than 30...
Eco Emily Deschanel
Recently, vegan actress and longtime animal activist Emily Deschanel dished to eco-fashion site Ecouterre about her favorite cruelty-free fashion designers.
Oil Spill Intensifies
On Thursday, the BP oil spill became the largest ever recorded in the Gulf of Mexico, and also surpassed the previous international record for an offshore oil spill during...
FDA Meat Message
This week, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) released a letter to the American meat industry urging farmers to ditch growth hormones used on...
Primetime Vegans
Tonight, iconic primetime host Larry King will interview world-famous animal activists Paul Watson and Bob Barker on Larry King Live. Watson will discuss...
Meat-Free DC
On Tuesday, the Washington, DC City Council held a special press conference to announce its newly approved “DC Meat-Free Mondays” ceremonial resolution....
Historic Ohio Animal Laws
This week, the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) announced that it had reached a series of agreements dramatically increasing animal welfare laws...
2010 Sexiest Vegans
This week, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) announced that celebrity trainer Bob Harper and actress Olivia Wilde have been voted the...
Activists Sue Seattle
On Tuesday, animal activists represented by the Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF) filed a lawsuit against the City of Seattle, Wa., in an attempt to halt...
Meat-Free Future
Recently, Global Environmental Change published a study showing that reducing consumption of meat and dairy products, in conjunction with reformed farming...
NY Animal Activist
This week, The New York Times Magazine published a compelling letter to the editor arguing that a recent article examining animal cruelty failed to connect...
Vegan Olivia Wilde
Recently, House actress Olivia Wilde celebrated the launch of her new website, Wilde Things, including an entire page sharing her vegan lifestyle. Wilde says...
Roosters Seized In Raid
This weekend, authorities seized approximately 150 roosters from a rural property in Ducktown, Tenn., and police issued citations to more than 100 individuals...
Happier Veg Moods
Recently, Nutrition Journal published a study revealing that on average, vegetarians maintain lower instances of depression, anxiety, and other negative mood...
Vegan Doughnut Winner
In May, animal-rights group Compassion Over Killing (COK) teamed up with Vegan Treats bakery to sponsor a cruelty-fee doughnut recipe competition...
Vegans Pitch Oprah
This week, thousands of hopefuls are submitting videos for the chance to win their own television show on Oprah Winfrey’s forthcoming network, OWN...
Doggie Work Day
Tomorrow, companion animal guardians across the country are encouraged to bring their canine friends to work for Take Your Dog to Work Day 2010. Since...
School Lunch Support
This week, comedian Sarah Silverman announced her support of the Healthy School Meals Act of 2010 by writing a letter to Congressman George Miller...
PETA Target BP
This week, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) are asking Gulf Coast attorneys general to launch a criminal investigation against oil spill...
Pork Industry Gaffe
Recently, lawyers representing the National Pork Board sent a cease-and-desist letter to satirical website ThinkGeek after it posted an April Fool’s Day joke...
Japan Bribes IWC
On June 13, London newspaper The Sunday Times published a watershed investigation exposing Japanese officials bribing members of the International Whaling...
Mother Jones Meat Issue
On Monday, Mother Jones Associate Editor Kiera Butler published an online column titled “Death by Hamburger?” exploring the risks of eating meat. Butler...
Rapid Product Recall
Recently, ConAgra Foods Inc. recalled more than 800,000 packages of Marie Callender Cheesy Chicken and Rice frozen meals after US Centers for Disease Control...
NBC Health Week
This week, NBC Universal launches its first annual “Healthy Week,” featuring celebrities and network personalities such as vegan trainer Bob Harper and...
Vegan Cupcake Wars
On Tuesday, the second episode of Food Network’s new series Cupcakes Wars airs, featuring Los Angeles-based vegan chef Chloe Coscarelli. The 22-year-old...
Cruelty-Free Condoms
This week, Sir Richards, a new vegan condom company based in Boulder, Colo., announced that for every cruelty-free condom sold, it will donate one condom...
Zilli Catering Concerts
Recently, vegan singer Leona Lewis called upon veg-friendly chef Also Zilli to cater four of her upcoming UK tour dates. Due to Lewis’ ethics, no meat is allowed on...

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