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Vegan Brand Field Roast Expands Across Australia
The beloved plant-based meat-and-cheese brand embarks on an international expansion after experiencing an increased year-over-year sales by 81 percent last quarter.
Sainsbury's Meat-Free Sales Growing 20 Percent Weekly
The United Kingdom grocery chain reports surging sales of meatless foods—a trend it's capitalizing on by introducing new vegan products in its meat department.
New Vegan Night Market Debuts in San Diego
Vegan food, dessert, and goods vendors will gather every first Friday at eatery Anthem Vegan to celebrate plant-based living.
All Pediatric Residency Programs End Live-Animal Training
All 227 programs across North American now rely on human-relevant methods instead of cruel procedures previously performed on live cats, pigs, and ferrets.
New Data Shows Vegan Barbecue Is Top Summer Trend
Market research firm Mintel reveals that one-third of Americans plan to ditch meat this barbecue season.
5 Vegan Summer Date Ideas
Summer lovin' happens so fast, especially when you're taking your date on vegan adventures.
A&W Adds Vegan Beyond Burger to 925 Locations
Beyond Meat's partnership with A&W Canada will put its vegan patty on the menu at 10,000 points of distribution.
Pride Toronto Adds Plant-Based Zone for Queer Vegans
Fest-goers will be treated to vegan rainbow mac and cheese, soups, salads, snacks, and beauty products, while chilling out amongst glowing palm trees in a new area dedicated to everything cruelty-free.
52 New York Dairy Farms Lose Wholesale Contracts
Dairy suppliers cannot sell their milk as demand for dairy continues to plummet.
Avocados That Last 50 Percent Longer Debut at Costco
The popular toast-topper is wrapped in an organic plant-based preservation skin made by tech company Apeel Sciences.
Canada's Senate Passes Cruelty-Free Cosmetics Act
Cruel cosmetic testing on animals may soon become a thing of the past in Canada.
Month-Long Vegan Festival Kicks Off in London
V For festival will hosts events featuring vegan food, cruelty-free fashion, art, and fitness throughout the month of August.
Vegan Cheese Sales Spike by 45 Percent in 52 Weeks
Consumer research firm Nielsen reveals new consumer statistics, including that African-Americans are 48 percent more likely than the average American consumer to purchase vegan food.
Sting Operation Seizes 43 Metric Tons of Wild-Animal Meat
International police agency Interpol uncovered illegal trade of animal products—including two polar bear carcasses—in 92 countries during a month-long operation.
Cultured Koji Dog Food Has More Protein Than Steak
An independent study found that new clean-meat startup Wild Earth's fungus-based companion animal foods contain 45 percent protein by weight—compared to only 24 percent found in steak.
Vegan Narwhal Ice Cream Debuts for Summer
Ottawa ice cream shop Little Jo Berry's honors the "unicorn of the sea" with a blue-hued, horned, and totally vegan frozen treat.
New Vegan Grocery Store Opens in North Carolina
In addition to a variety of grocery items, Wilmington's new store UpBeet Market features a vegan jerky tower, beer-filling station, and a variety of dairy-free cheeses.
800 Sets of Vegan Frosting Sell in 10 Minutes on QVC
Home-shoppers snatch up Dollop Gourmet's vegan frostings made by Cupcake Wars winner and author Heather Saffer.
New Clean-Meat Startup Enters Race to End Fish Slaughter
San Diego startup BlueNalu received substantial funding from New Crop Capital to bring its cultured mollusks, crustaceans, and finned fish to market.
Tesco Sells 2.5 Million Vegan Meals in 20 Weeks
The supermarket chain more than doubled its sales projections of new vegan line Wicked Healthy.
Nevada Steakhouse Debuts Vegan Menu
Hank's Fine Steaks & Martinis added a separate menu with plant-based cauliflower steaks, stuffed eggplant, and two decadent desserts.
Aussie Pub Creates Vegan Filet-O-Fish
Eatery Two-Bit Villains now hosts weekly vegan pub nights complete with plant-based popcorn chicken, nachos, and a vegan version of the popular fish-based sandwich.
Friday's "Felicia" Opens Vegan Version of Chipotle
Actress-turned-vegan-chef Angela Means Kaaya to re-open Jackfruit Cafe—which she previously operated out of a doughnut shop—this summer.
Vegan Runner Breaks Guinness Record in Cow Costume
Plant-based athlete Fiona Oaks battled Norway's freezing rain and 20-mile-per-hour winds to gain the Guiness Book of World Record title of the fastest woman to complete a half-marathon wearing a costume.
Costco Debuts $5 Vegan Breakfast Bowls Nationwide
The food court at the big-box retailer is about to get a lot more refreshing thanks to a plant-based berry-and-granola-loaded açaí bowl, available by the end of this month at locations nationwide.
Montreal Bans Cruel Horse-Drawn Carriages
Beginning on New Year's Eve 2019, horses will no longer be forced to pull passengers across the cobblestone streets of the Canadian city.
New Locator Finds Vegan Food at Ballparks
New guide Veggie Happy helps sports fans locate vegan options at stadiums nationwide.
Vegan Eatery Expands to Serve Historic Black Town
Jenn Ross—the bubbly owner of gas-station vegan café DaJen Eats—will soon bring her irie Jamaican food to Eatonville, FL, one of the country's first self-governing all-black districts.
Dairy Farmers Make Beer as Milk Industry Sours
Massachusetts dairy farm Carter & Stevens converted part of its facility into a brewery to offset losses incurred by low prices and decreased demand for milk.
The Hamptons Gets Its First Vegan Café
New York's luxury vacation destination will soon be home to the Plant Based Coffee Shop, where hearty vegan food will make for a cruelty-free getaway.
CA Senate Passes Mandatory Vegan Prison-Food Bill
State prisons, nursing homes, and hospitals may soon be required to have at least one plant-based meal option.
Natalie Portman Survives Fiery Vegan Wings on Hot Ones
The vegan actress makes her way through the gamut of hot sauces on the series as she explains her dedication to veganism and promotes documentary Eating Animals.
Prince's Estate Pledges to Remain Meat-Free
To pay respect to the late artist—an avid animal-rights advocate and rumored vegan—Paisley Park will maintain its meat-free policy.
Iceland's Vegan Bleeding Burgers Outsell Wagyu Beef
The No Bull Burger—a private-label vegan burger created by the supermarket chain's executive chef in April—has surged in sales since debuting in April.
Bangalore Elects Vegan Legislative Member
Newly elected official Sowmya Reddy—a 35-year-old animal-rights activist—will use her position to promote greener practices in the Jayanagar district of Indian city.
IKEA's Doughnuts Are Vegan
Vegan-friendly food items continue to grow at IKEA with upcoming launches of dairy-free soft-serve and plant-based hot dogs.
NadaMoo! Opens Its First Vegan Scoop Shop in Austin
The beloved vegan ice cream brand will scoop its pints into cups, cones, and Nada-Mooshakes at its flagship shop which opens on National Ice Cream Day.
Moby Sells His Entire Record Collection to Help Animals
The pioneer of trance music—who recently announced his retirement from the industry to focus on animal rights—is selling his personal collection of rare ‘80s and ‘90s vinyl to benefit plant-based medical group Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine.
Fly-Over Protest to Ruffle Feathers at Tyson
Animal-rights organization Compassion Over Killing will fly a plane over the 59th annual Poultry Festival in Arkansas with the message "Tyson's Cruelty Won't Fly."
Comedian James Corden Ditches Meat
The Late Late Show host is eliminating meat from his diet after learning about animal cruelty in the food industry.
California Pizza Pioneer Debuts Cheesy Vegan Pie
60-year-old chain Straw Hat Pizza will soon offer the decadent Garlic Artichoke Vegan Master Pizza complete with vegan cheese.
PayPal CEO: "Dead-Cow Wallets" to Be Obsolete by 2028
Younger generations are putting a dent in the leather industry by choosing fashion accessories free of animal products.
43 Million Americans Consume Plant-Based Protein
A new survey reveals that plant-based protein is "mainstreaming" as many non-vegan consumers are choosing to buy tofu, veggie burgers, and almond milk instead of animal products.
NYC Vegan Pizzeria Double Zero Opens in Four States
Celebrated vegan chef Matthew Kenney will expand his upscale pizza shop to Los Angeles in August before opening locations in Philadelphia, Boston, and Brooklyn.
UK's Largest Natural Grocer to Open Massive Vegan Outlet
Holland & Barrett plans to add 500 more vegan product lines to its first-ever, all-vegan store.
Michigan Medical School Ends Live Pig Training
Students at Western Michigan University Medical School will no longer be required to insert tubes into live pigs to become doctors.
Impossible Slider Is "Home Run" at White Castle
According to the fast-food chain's Vice President, the plant-based mini-burgers have been selling like hot cakes.
New Vegan Bleeding Burger Debuts at Sainsbury's
Danish brand Naturli's plant-based products will be stocked in the meat department at 400 locations of the popular British supermarket chain.
Trader Joe's Debuts Vegan Rainbow Wrap
The colorful pre-made meal joins a growing list of vegan products now available at the popular grocery store.
Tech Startup Aims to "Catapult" Vegan Meat Production
Seattle Food Tech—a new brand making plant-based chicken nuggets—focuses on the production scalability of vegan meat with the aim of outpacing animal products.

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