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New Orleans' Popular Artisan Bakery Goes Vegan
Breads on Oak is celebrating its six-year anniversary by ditching all animal products.
Vegan Reddi-Wip Hits Store Shelves
The dairy-free whipped topping is being offered in both almond and coconut milk-based varieties.
Harry Potter Stars Demand Vegan Butterbeer
A new campaign pushes for a dairy-free option of the popular drink to be added at Universal Studios attraction Wizarding World of Harry Potter.
KFC Says It Is Testing Meat-Free Options
The fast-food chain announces a trial of meatless chicken at its United Kingdom locations later this year.
5 Zero-Waste Tips for Vegans
Whether you’re looking to go zero-waste or just to develop more sustainable habits, these simple tips will help you—and the planet.
Avengers Star Benedict Cumberbatch Goes Vegan
The British actor discussed his commitment to veganism in interviews promoting the new Avengers: Infinity War film.
The 8 Best Vegan Things I Ate During My First Month in LA
From sugar-dusted croissants to fully loaded baked potato pizzas … Los Angeles is a vegan foodie's dream.
20 Vegan Things at Costco We're Stocking Up On
From bleeding plant-based burgers to vegan white cheddar puffs, this superstore is carrying more vegan options than ever before.
Harry Potter Subscription Box Goes Vegan
Accio! Box will now feature 100-percent vegan snacks, beauty products, and more.
13 Best Vegan Mother's Day Brunch Recipes
Make your mom a delicious brunch this year with plant-based recipes for everything from pancakes to croissants.
Vegan Café Opens at Neiman Marcus in Beverly Hills
Café on 3 opens today in the luxury department store featuring a gourmet menu and vegan desserts from Yvonne's Vegan Kitchen.
Vegan Surf Camp Hits the Waves in June
Surfers will eat organic vegan meals, practice yoga on the beach, and tackle the waves on the Atlantic Coast of France.
Our Vegan Croissant Bucket List
From tofu scramble-stuffed pastries to irresistibly buttery peach baked goods, vegan croissants are having a moment—and we want in.
Vegan Confectioners Develop Aquafaba Marshmallows
Artisanal confectionery brand The Vegan Marshmallow Company is making gelatin-free marshmallows in inventive flavors.
Afters Ice Cream Debuts Vegan Milky Buns at Coachella
The trendy Southern California ice cream chain will debut the first vegan version of its signature frozen treat at this year's Coachella music festival.
New Vegan Ice Cream Truck to Debut in LA This Summer
Frozen Fruit Co announces plans to debut its first plant-based scoop truck in Southern California.
5 Vegan Horchata-Flavored Sweets We’re Craving
With the new release of Baskin Robbins’ Horchata Ice, we’re enjoying all of these amazing plant-based, horchata-flavored goodies.
The 9 Best Vegan Passover Recipes
Keeping kosher—and staying vegan—has never been tastier.
Vegan Neapolitan Ice Cream Flavors Debut at Sainsbury's
The UK-based supermarket chain continues to expand its plant-based offerings with the new addition of dairy-free ice cream.
10 Vegan Easter Candies We Want To Find in Our Easter Basket
We hope the Easter Bunny leaves us these decadent, cruelty-free treats in our holiday baskets.
Owners of Philly's Vedge Open Upscale Vegan Eatery in DC
New vegan restaurant Fancy Radish is an Alice in Wonderland-esque tea party for foodies.
W London Hotel to Offer Vegan Menu
The internationally inspired menu was created in honor of chef Ravinder Bhogal’s vegan niece.
The 10 Best Vegan Products at Natural Products Expo West
From plant-based tuna to birthday cake blondies, here are our Best of Show Winners from this year’s Natural Products Expo West.
10 Easy Vegan Meals at Trader Joe's for Lazy Days
This iconic grocery store makes it easier than ever to be vegan.
Iconic Ice Cream Company Launches Vegan Mochi Line
Thirty-year-old Hawaiian brand Bubbies fulfills consumer demand for vegan ice cream.
Study Shows Childhood Pets Lead to Meat-Free Diets
New research reveals that children who grow up with companion animals are less inclined to eat them in adulthood.
The 10 Vegan Swag Bag Items That Will Make You Wish You Were Going to the Oscars
From cruelty-free lipsticks to animal-shelter donations, the swag bag at the 90th Academy Awards is brimming with lavish vegan gifts.
Social Justice Summer Camp for Adults Launches
All-vegan Youth Empowered Action (YEA) Camp aims to help adults get more involved in charitable causes.
8 Love-Infused Vegan Events to Celebrate Valentine's Day
No animals were harmed in the making of these upcoming vegan Valentine's Day happenings.
Vegan Beach-Themed Bar Opens in Chicago
No Bones Beach Club’s tiki cocktails and plant-based fare will soon be expanding beyond the Pacific Northwest.
Glow Up With These 18 Vegan Beauty Brands in 2018
Cruelty-free companies are taking over the beauty industry, one liquid lipstick at a time.
Reality Fitness Show Promotes Plant-Based Eating
New reality Facebook show helps save lives and encourages families to achieve their fitness goals.
20 Vegan Women You Need to Follow On Instagram Today
Women rule, and vegan women rule even more. Get ready to double tap and follow because you're about to be as obsessed with these changemakers as we are.
8 Best Vegan Super Bowl Recipes on Instagram
From spicy cauliflower wings to fully loaded vegan nachos, we’ve got you covered when it comes to vegan eats inspiration for the Super Bowl.
The Ultimate Vegan Guide to Jamba Juice
With over 800 locations, this giant smoothie chain is pleasing customers with its abundant plant-based offerings.
Heart Attack Survivor Inspires Over 1,000 to Go Vegan
Doug Schmidt’s annual vegan challenge sparks interest in plant-based living in New York School Districts.
Well, That Was Quick. 7 Ways We’re Breaking Our 2018 Resolutions with the New Vegan Ben & Jerry’s Flavors
The debut of the new flavors from this iconic ice cream brand have us dreaming of all the ways we plan on eating them.
Italian Chain Launches Vegan Avocado Pizza
Zizzi added the new vegan pizza and special deals on all vegan entrées for the month of January as part of the Veganuary challenge.
Vegan Brewery to Open in Kentucky
V-Grits Food Co. plans to open its first brick and mortar restaurant and brewery in Louisville in April.
The 12 Best Vegan Desserts of All Time at Trader Joe’s
We are completely obsessed with these sweet treats, and you’re about to be, too.
Veganism is Slowing Growth of the Pepperoni Market
A recent report cites the increase in veganism as a major factor hindering the sales of processed meat.
Star Wars Star Daisy Ridley is Vegan
The actress discussed dining out as a vegan while traveling for the film’s promotion tour.
Vegan Billboard Goes Up in Times Square
Catskill Animal Sanctuary’s billboard campaign, placed in one of the biggest tourist destinations in the world, encourages people to go vegan this holiday season.
VegNews Receives Award for Taking Veganism Mainstream
The Factory Farming Awareness Coalition honors the media company at its year-end gala.
Amy’s Kitchen Debuts New Vegan Pizza Rolls
The meatless company appeals to plant-based consumers with its latest vegan product release.
10 Vegan Beauty Products at CVS That Will Save You Some Coin
Your local drugstore’s makeup aisles are full of cruelty-free hidden treasures.
Vegan Black Friday Deals That Will Make You Whip Out Your Credit Card
You won’t want to miss these sales on luxury vegan handbags, eco-friendly makeup, and snack-filled subscription boxes.
13 New Vegan Holiday Products at Trader Joe’s You Need to Snag Before They Disappear
Dairy-free nog, turkey-less roasts, and easily-veganized baking mixes make this holiday season oh-so-simple for vegans.
20 Vegan Things at Target That Will Revolutionize Your Pantry
From non-dairy ice cream to fishless filets, America’s favorite store has a plethora of options for vegans.
The Ultimate Dream Vegan Trick-or-Treat Bag
This Halloween, we’re dreaming of gourmet-chocolate skulls, sour gummy worms, spooky makeup, and bewitching bath bombs.

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