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40 Things I Desperately Want to Eat at Los Angeles' Hottest Vegan Festival
My tupperware's set, I've only eaten kale the past four days, and I'm ready for Eat Drink Vegan.
Sunflower Seed Butter Cups
With these allergen-free candy cups, you can pass on the peanuts.
Cheesy Mustache Crackers
The quintessential cheddar snack gets a nutritional boost with kale and chia seeds.
17 Vegan Matcha Recipes You'll Lose Your Mind Over
Don’t know much about matcha? Follow our guide to this green ingredient, and you’ll be an expert in minutes.
7 Vegan Super Bowl Recipes That Rule
Regardless of which team you’re rooting for, these taste-tested vegan recipes are sure to be the real winners on Super Bowl Sunday.
The VegNews Guide to Vegan Girl Scout Cookies
With the 2018 cookie season in full swing, make sure you know if you’re buying vegan cookies or ones laced with dairy and eggs.
10 Best Vegan Holiday Desserts on Instagram
Vegan eggnog, mint chocolate truffle pie, and snickerdoodles will make this a December to remember.
The VegNews Guide to a Vegan Mexican Christmas
VegNews editor Richard Bowie spotlights his five favorite veganizable dishes for a Mexican Christmas feast.
10 Totally Veganized Holiday Starbucks Drinks
‘Tis the season of giving, so treat yourself to a festive beverage—minus the dairy.
9 Vegan Pies We Want in Our Faces Right Now
With the official baking season ahead of us, we’re already set for second helpings of these top-notch pies.
Häagen-Dazs Debuts Four Vegan Ice Creams
Non-dairy caramel, coconut, peanut butter, and fudge flavors have been spotted at Target across the country.
9 Kid-Friendly Summer Starbucks Drinks
Satisfy any child’s taste with these vacation-ready, caffeine-free beverages from Starbucks.
7 Vegan Ice Creams We Love That Aren’t Ben & Jerry’s
Celebrate the vegan ice cream makers who’ve been doing dairy-free ice cream long before the Vermont brand entered the scene.
Domino’s to Debut Six Vegan Pizzas
Field Roast, Beyond Meat, Miyoko’s, and Daiya to contribute to revolutionary line of plant-based pizzas.
How to Make Your Own Veganized Lunchables
Crackers, meat, cheese, and a juice pack. What more could a vegan kid ask for?
9 Vegan Oreo Treats We Deserve Because We’re Good People
Long day at work? Stop by the convenience store before heading home, pick up a sleeve of cookies, get into your kitchen, and let your creativity blossom.
Clean Hazelnut Cacao Spread
Popular chocolate spread gets a ’makeunder“ with this raw, sprouted, four-ingredient treat.
13 Vegan Toast Hacks That Will Literally Change Your Life Forever
We’ve got a slew of toasty ideas that’ll take your morning meals to new heights.
Organic Chickpea Puffs
We’ve given peas a chance and we’re not looking back.
7 Vegan Starbucks Drinks Just in Time for Fall
Whether you’re into coffee, tea, blended beverages, or even butterbeer, we’re showing you how to make sweater weather even better.
New Vegan-Friendly Emoji App Launches
Nimoji brings crossed-out milk, eggs, fish, and other illustrated stickers to iPhones.
Quinoa Chocolate Clusters
Halfway between indulgent and healthful, these snacking chocolates satisfy on so many levels.
US Prisons to Start Offering Vegan Meals
Incarcerated vegans at 102 federal prisons will have plant-based options at every meal.
Reality TV Star Lisa Vanderpump Fights Yulin Dog Festival
Real Housewives’ star takes on Capitol Hill in hopes of saving the lives of a reported 10,000 dogs.
Traditional Chinese Mooncakes Go Vegan
Vegan versions of the celebratory cakes are all the rage during this year’s annual moon festival.
New York College Gets Its First-Ever Veg Dining Station
Students at Canisius College can now dine on vegan burgers, cupcakes, mac and cheese, and more.
Major Coffeehouse Rolls Out Vegan Pumpkin Lattes
With fall just around the corner, Peet’s Coffee & Tea launches four veganizeable pumpkin-infused drinks.
24-Year-Old Opens Qatar’s First Vegan Café
Qatar is now home to Evergreen Organics, a 100-percent, plant-based eatery.
Big Dairy to Pay $52 Million for Murderous Inflation Conspiracy
The nation’s top milk producers killed 500,000 cows in order to keep the country’s dairy supply low while driving up consumer prices.
Tom Brady Debuts Line of $50 Vegan Nut Snacks
Take a page out of a Super Bowl MVP’s diet plan with the new line of TB12 snacks.
Vegan Pumpkin Spice Latte Recipe Shared by Bustle
As fall approaches, popular women’s site creates beloved veganized beverage.
Vegan Baking Substitution Guide Shared by InStyle
Website touts sweet potatoes, beets, and zucchini as top picks for the stylish and compassionate.
Applebee’s at Center of Petition Calling for Vegan Options
One of the most popular American eateries has virtually no options for plant-based eaters, but one animal-rights group is working to change that.
X Factor Judge Flips $100,000 Car to Avoid Hitting Cat
Nick Grimshaw spared a stray cat’s life by rolling his Mercedes G-Wagon while driving 15 mph.
MooShoes to Open All-Vegan Grocery Store
Sister owners will be opening a plant-based market next door to their iconic NYC shoe store.
Grotesque Bear Kill Goes Viral, Prompts Government Ban
Government of Alberta, Canada says it will ban spear hunting in response to the widely circulated video of a former competitive javelin thrower impaling a wild black bear with a seven-foot spear.
Jersey City Moves to Ban Use of Animals in Circuses, Parades
Final vote could prevent the exploitation of countless animals for entertainment.
PETA to Donate $1,000 in Vegan Ice Cream to Police
Animal-rights group is hoping to get the St. Louis Police Department to ditch dairy for the health of its community.
Peet's Coffee Chain Debuts Vegan Whipped Cream
National chain Peet’s Coffee & Tea introduces the first-ever vegan whipped cream available at a major coffeehouse.
Grotesque Image of Nipple on Bacon Goes Viral, Creates Vegans
“If I wasn’t vegan, I am now,” said one commenter, to whom another suggested tempeh bacon.
New “Avocado Time Machine” Will Stop Fruit From Browning
Australian company has found a way to “switch off” oxidizing enzyme using only pressure.
Starbucks Announces It Will Finally Carry Almond Milk
In response to nearly 100,000 votes, Starbucks will add the nut milk to stores starting September 6.
UK Departure from EU Could Mean Disaster for Animals
As the UK prepares to leave the European Union, millions of animals might be left vulnerable to testing, vivisection, and genetic breeding.
Blink-182 Hires Vegan Instagram Star as Chef
Popular plant-based Instagram personality Nomyourself has hit the road with the famous band.
Vegan Big Mac Sells Out at Canadian Barbecue Rib Festival
Double-decker plant-based burger is a smash hit among the meat-eating crowds at Canada’s largest barbecue festival.
Vegan Soul Food Restaurant to Expand in Detroit
Beloved plant-based soul food restaurant is preparing for a second location in Detroit’s Grandmont Rosedale neighborhood.
Three-Legged Michael Vick Pit Bull Rescue Now a Kitten Cuddler
Ex-dogfighter Cherry Garcia got a “Dog’s Best Day” complete with a kitten tent, doggy beer, and a beach day to commemorate his rehabilitation.
The Walking Dead’s “Magic” Tiger Earns Vegan Award
Upcoming seventh season of today's most-watched TV show employs futuristic technology to bring Shiva the tiger to life, eschewing exploitative use of live animals.
A VegNews Intern’s Week of San Francisco Meals
Somewhere between writing news stories, design meetings, and copyediting, an intern’s gotta eat.
Number One Egg Brand in America to Go Cage-Free
Eggland’s Best has plans to ensure none of its 15 million hens are cruelly confined by inhumane wire cages.

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