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The VegNews Guide to Eco-Friendly Holiday Trees
Find a tree that suits both your ethics and aesthetics with traditional, eco-friendly, and unconventional options.
11 Unbelievably Awesome Uses for Cauliflower
You’d never guess how many healthy meals can be made with one simple, star vegetable!
3 Steps to Smoothie Success
Never suffer the heartbreak of “blended salad” again with these three easy steps for ensuring stellar smoothies.
DIY Vegan Holiday Gifts
Spending mucho moola not your idea of a happy holiday? These DIY gifts are green and affordable.
5 Amazing Vegan Subscription Boxes
Get fun treats on the regular with these cruelty-free subscriptions.
Mardi Gras: A Vegan’s Survival Guide to New Orleans
If you’re headed to the Big Easy, make sure to properly fuel your adventure with some of NOLA’s best veg-friendly food.
Rahm Emanuel Supports Veganism
Chicago’s mayor speaks up for plant-based eating on a recent news segment.
New MFA Campaign Exposes Dairy Industry
A stark new video from Mercy For Animals gives dairy cows a voice.
Bittman Speaks Out Against Current Food System
The popular columnist blasts the US' national obsession with unhealthy food.
Purdue Study Finds Pork Consumption Reduced
Consumers have decreased how much pork they eat in response to animal-welfare concerns.
Congress Signs Bill To Replace Animals in Training
The National Defense Authorization Act will report the use of animals in military trainings.
For Diabetics, Cutting Fat Might Mean Relief
Battling type 1 diabetes might include eating low-fat meals.
Ditching Dairy on the Big Day: Vegan Indian Weddings
The trend of forgoing dairy in traditional Indian weddings is on the rise.
The Ultimate Doomsday To-Do List
You never know exactly what the future holds, so we might as well get to doing fantastic stuff while the getting’s good.
5 Terrifying Ways Eating Meat Can Kill You
Here’s a look at surprising, and frightening ways in which animal products can endanger your life.
Harris Teeter Announces Ban on Gestation Crates
The trend of renouncing cruel gestation crates continues to advance across the food industry.
HSUS Becomes Shareholder in Financial Institutions
The animal-advocacy organization will be able to propose policy changes at shareholder meetings.
7 Out of This World Vegan Cheese Dishes
Vegan cheese’s time has come, which means it’s time to indulge in these incredibly cheesy recipes.
Animal Agriculture Publications Cover Welfare
Coverage of animal-rights and -welfare issues has increased in agricultural trade publications.
Obsessive Confection Disorder Sweets Seeks Funding
The California-based vegan caramel company is fundraising via Indiegogo for new equipment.
New Video Reveals Abuse at Walmart Supplier
Mercy For Animals has documented abuse of pigs at Christensen Farms.
NFL Running Back Announces Switch to Vegan Diet
Houston Texans’ running back Arian Foster has decided to train on a plant-based diet. Texans? running back Arian Foster has decided to train on a plant-based diet.
Colleges End Live Animal Labs For Med Students
Two universities have committed to discontinuing their live-animal lab programs.
International Stars Pen Vegan Cookbook with PETA
Bollywood and Hollywood are joining forces for animals with a new vegan cookbook.
Studies Demonstrate Animal Thinking Abilities
A bevy of new studies are helping scientists understand the profundity of animal intelligence.
Raw Romance Novel Model
Move over, Fabio! Nathane Jackson is a Harlequin cover star, fitness guru, and one other little thing: he’s a big, hulking vegan.
New Vegan Restaurant Opens in New Orleans
Superfood Bar will bring mostly raw food to NOLA.
New Vegan Food Truck Launches in New York
The Squeeze will serve fresh juices and other healthy fare.
Activists Encourage Obama to Not Eat Meat On Camera
Activists ask that the influential president not eat meat on camera.
Investigation Exposes Cruelty at Tyson Supplier
The Humane Society of the United States finds disturbing treatment of pigs at a Wyoming breeding facility.
Eat Less Meat to Combat Climate Change
Experts recommend moving away from meat to stem the tide of climate change.
WorldFest Launches Kickstarter Campaign
Eco-friendly vegan festival, WorldFest, is looking for funding.
Vegan Pop-Up Restaurant Wildflower Goes Bicoastal
Chef Ayinde Howell brings his successful pop-up to the West Coast.
Takoma Park, MD Kicks Off Third Annual VegWeek
The city’s mayor and four city council members will go veg.
Make Up Your Own Holiday
Creating and celebrating your own holiday worked for Festivus, and it can work for you!
Why VegNews Loves Esquire
Straight from our Man Issue, Managing Editor Elizabeth Castoria has something to say to the nation’s most popular men’s lifestyle magazine.
Should Junk Food Be Taxed?
The United Nations’ Special Rapporteur on food rights recently submitted a report that questions whether governments should tax junk foods as a means of protecting their citizens...
Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale
For activists who prefer to use sweets as their tactic of choice, the hugely popular Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale will return for its fourth year from April 21 to 29. Each year, participants...
New Vegan Resource Launches
Mayim Bialik, the actress best known for her roles on hit television shows including Blossom and The Big Bang Theory, has launched a new center for Jewish vegans. Bialik herself...
Sodas Contain Carcinogens
Regardless of which brand wins the blind taste test, ditching sodas all together is likely the best bet for staying healthy. A new study found that Coke, Diet Coke, Pepsi, and Diet Pepsi...
Creative Ways to Meet People
Looking to broaden your social circle? Check out these tech-friendly ways to get friendly!
Hero Cow Gets Movie
Yvonne, a cow who escaped from a slaughterhouse in Austria last year, will be the subject of an animated feature film in 2014. Cow on the Run, the film’s tentative title...
Slaughterhouse Investigated
After video footage of workers beating pigs repeatedly over the head with metal bars at Hawkesbury Valley Meat Processors in Australia aired on television, the...
Green Seed Vegan Kickstarter
Green Seed Vegan, a food truck based in Houston, TX hopes to move into a brick-and-mortar restaurant location by March. The on-the-move eatery offers healthy...
Florida Ag Gag Bill Fails
Much like the proposed “ag-gag” bills that failed in 2011, Florida’s Senate Agriculture Committee and House Criminal Justice Subcommittee recently removed language...
Factory Farm Inspectors Cut
Tom Vislack, agriculture secretary of the US Department of Agriculture, has announced plans to cut the jobs of roughly 1,000 poultry factory-farm inspectors. Secretary Vislack...
Pigs’ Blood Dumped
Columbia Packing Company, located in Dallas, TX was found to be dumping blood from slaughtered pigs directly from its processing plant into a nearby waterway. After being...
5 Fitness Must-Reads
If January’s gloom has overshadowed your get-fit resolutions, these reads will get you back on track.
5 Simple Diet Swaps
As the new year gets going, it’s time to revamp winter menus with simple, healthy substitutions that don’t skimp on flavor.
Red Meat Hurts Kidney Health
According to a new study released in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, the consumption of red meat is linked to the development of renal cancer.

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