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City Council Asks VegFest to Sell Meat Sausages
Event organizers defend their choice to omit meat from Earth Day vegetarian celebrations as its consumption is not environmentally friendly.
25 Percent of UK Slaughterhouses Fail Hygiene Standards
An investigation uncovers that one in four meat products on supermarket shelves may be contaminated with a host of disease-causing bacteria.
Bacon Brand Buys Plant-Based Meat Company
Maple Leaf Foods acquires meat-free company Lightlife for $140 million.
Tough Mudder Gets First Vegan Sponsor
The extreme training events will now include plant-based protein shakes from Vega.
German Minister Proposes Meat Ban at Gov't Meetings
Barbara Hendricks revealed plans to nix meat on menus in order to promote environmental responsibility during official meetings.
Legendary Animal Rights Philosopher Tom Regan Dies at 78
The author and visionary fought for animals throughout his long and influential career.
New by CHLOE Comes to Rhode Island
The vegan restaurant's massive expansion across New England with a new location in Rhode Island planned for this summer.
"Sexual Politics of Meat" Exhibit Opens in Los Angeles
Inspired by the work of vegan activist Carol Adams, 14 women will showcase their art to draw a connection between female oppression and animal agriculture.
Lisa Frank to Debut Nostalgic Vegan Makeup
Unicorn school supplies designer from the '90s is back with cruelty-free cosmetics.
Mr. Universe Becomes Vegan Tattoo Artist in London
Vegan bodybuilder Barny du Plessis has embarked on a new career as a tattoo artist using only cruelty-free inks and techniques.
Cowspiracy-Makers Debut New Vegan Flick Online
Kip Andersen and Keegan Kuhn launch What the Health online to unravel the connection between Big Pharma, consuming animal products, and poor American health.
Vegan Mac n Cheese Smackdown Draws Record Numbers
An estimated 3,000 people showed up to sample plant-based cheesy creations in Baltimore last weekend.
UC Berkeley to Offer Plant-Based Seafood Tech Class
Students will be challenged to "do for plant-based seafood what Impossible Foods did for the veggie burger."
KIND CEO Sets Up $25 Million Food Transparency Firm
Daniel Lubetzky launched the industry watchdog group to keep consumers out of the dark regarding corruption within the food industry.
Number of North Dakota Dairy Farms Drops 75 Percent
The state's farms are struggling to stay afloat amidst reduced dairy consumption.
Seafood Market Pleads Guilty to Lobster Cruelty
An Australian seafood market was fined $1,500 for employee's cruel treatment of lobster.
Ritter Sport Debuts Its First Vegan-Certified Bars
The company developed new, vegan-certified flavors to feed a growing vegan German population.
Danone Cuts Dairy Ad Budget to Focus on Plants
The yogurt giant is restructuring to spend less on dairy advertising and shift focus on new plant-heavy acquisition WhiteWave.
Muscle Milk Gets into the Plant-Based Protein Game
Company behind dairy-based Muscle Milk products releases aptly-named vegan line Evolve.
School District Swaps Pepperoni Pizza for Plants
To increase its efforts in fighting global warming, the Oakland Unified School District replaced meat and cheese on school menus with plant-based alternatives.
Israeli Company Debuts Vegan Milk Chocolate Coins
Carmit swapped milk for cocoa butter to create its new creamy vegan chocolate coins, snack bars, and buttons.
Sia Asks Kanye West To Go Fur Free
The vegan musician takes to Twitter to convince Kanye to drop animal cruelty from his fashion line.
Vita Coco Goes Dairy-free to Hit $1 Billion in Sales
Popular coconut water brand plans to take advantage of growing plant-based milk industry to help increase profits.
Vegans Fare Better than Bacon on Tinder
More than 50 percent of women were interested in a man when he was wearing a "vegan" shirt rather than one that touts bacon.
Bank of England to Keep Animal Fat in Money
British £5 and £10 banknotes will continue to contain tallow until the bank can find a plant-based alternative.
New by CHLOE Locations Coming to Boston
The popular vegan restaurant chain continues its expansion with two new locations in Beantown.
Breyers Releases Second Vegan Ice Cream Flavor
Vanilla Peanut Butter vegan ice cream flavor joins Breyers' expanding non-dairy line.
Australia's Eligible Bachelor Debuts Vegan Condoms
Bachelor of the Year finalist Dustin Leonard launches vegan sexual health products to help fight HIV in Africa.
Harry Potter Star Plans to Launch Vegan Podcast
Actress Evanna Lynch is increasing her efforts to mainstream veganism and looking for a co-host to help.
Vegan Cheese Company Receives $6 Million Investment
Miyoko's Kitchen raised major funding from a group of investors to help the vegan company expand.
Starbucks Adds First Prepared Vegan Breakfast Option
Overnight grains soaked in coconut milk make menu debut at coffeehouse giant.
How to Combat the USDA's Animal Welfare Blackout
The government just made it nearly impossible to track the abuse of millions of animals used in laboratories each year. VegNews speaks to Beagle Freedom Project founder Shannon Keith to find out what we can do to weather the blow.
Moby Gifts Love Letter to Animals for Valentine's Day
"A Simple Love" song from Moby's new album focuses on pigs in factory farms and the rescue workers that give them hope.
Golfer Disqualified for Meat-Related Doping
Swiss golfer Mathias Eggenberger was retroactively disqualified from the World Amateur Championship after eating meat contaminated with a growth stimulant.
Plant Protein Equal to Meat for Building Muscle
New research shows meat is not superior to plant-based sources of protein.
Daytona Fans Will Be Treated to Free Vegan Food
Vegan race car debut to be paired with a free plant-based food giveaway thanks to vegan driver Leilani Münter's efforts to bring cruelty-free awareness to racing fans.
5 Dreamy Vegan Valentine's Day Proposals
We're fantasizing about special love-day proposals that are sure to sweep any food-loving vegan off their cruelty-free feet.
University of North Carolina Ends Animal Training
Yet another university plans to switch to animal-free medical training models.
Marines Speak Out Against Live Animal Combat Training
Pigs and goats are injured, then kept alive and suffering, in order to simulate battlefield conditions.
Meat Industry Says Big Macs Are Doomed
Cattle Network says farewell to McDonald's iconic burger as consumers turn to vegetarian fast-food options.
Vegan Chocolate Shop to Open on Valentine's Day
NYC's Cocoa V Chocolat will resurrect in the Blossom Bakery space in time for love-day festivities.
Vegan White Chocolate
Vanilla bean and sea salt punctuate this divine white chocolate bar.
6 Ways to Woo a Vegan Girl Online
Looking to go from profile to dinner and a movie? Here are six tips to up your dating game.
Millennials are Bringing Down the Beef Industry
Younger generations continue to perceive the meat industry as negative, and cattle farmers are feeling the burn.
British Academy Awards to Serve Vegan Menu
Britain's biggest award ceremony will treat celebrities to a decadent plant-based meal for a second year in a row.
Get Ready for a "Cow" That Makes Almond Milk
DIY Almond Cow exceeded its $10k Kickstarter goal by tenfold and promises to make homemade almond milk in 30 seconds flat.
Ben & Jerry's Debuts Another Vegan Ice Cream Flavor
The rapidfire release of new vegan ice cream options from the beloved Vermont-based ice cream company continues with new Caramel Almond Brittle flavor.
Vegan Ice Cream Company Debuts Two New Flavors
Texas-based vegan company NadaMoo! introduces Birthday Cake Cookie Dough and The Rockiest Road flavors to Sprouts stores across the country.
Portland to Get Its First All-Vegan Doughnut Shop
Vegan shop Doe is bringing raised doughnuts topped with chocolate brownies and edible pearls to the city in May.
NYC Restaurant Launches Vegan Menu for Fashion Week
Chalk Point Kitchen will serve its fashionable clientele twice baked avocado, turmeric roasted cauliflower steak, and red velvet brownies.

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