Articles written by Chris Willitts

A Vegan Bodybuilder's Guide to Getting All the Nutrients You Need
Building muscle mass as a vegan is easy if you take the time to monitor your macronutrients.
5 Vegan Appetizer Recipes Packed with Protein
Delicious appetizers help set the tone for your meal while letting your creativity shine.
7 Ways a Bikini Competitor Diet Can Help the Average Person
Follow these simple steps to get your body feeling as renewed as the spring season.
Why Bikini Competitors are Turning to a Vegan Diet for the Ultimate Bod
One way to get your body ready for that upcoming bikini competition? Go vegan.
6 Relationship Survival Tips for Inter-Dietary Couples
With openness, love, compromise, and a little research, you can make a vegan/non-vegan relationship work for the long-term.
5 Workout Ideas for the Vegan Couple
Appreciate the beauty of exercise with someone who appreciates your cruelty-free lifestyle.
7 Tips to Prevent Injury for Vegan Athletes
The first step to getting in shape is knowing how not to get hurt.
The Importance of Varying Your Vegan Diet While Training
Read on for five reasons to switch up your daily meals to keep temptation at bay.
Why Short But Intense Workouts are Ideal for Vegans
Follow these six steps to ensure your time at the gym is as effective as possible.
How to Snack When You’re a Vegan Athlete
Follow these three eating tips to maximize your plant-based workouts.
9 Sources of Vegan Protein to Get You Ripped
Soy, quinoa, almonds, and hemp seeds are just a few plant-based foods that lead to muscle growth and cell repair.

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