Articles written by Joseph Connelly

Glen Merzer's "Off the Reservation"
Prolific vegan author pens first novel, a political satire featuring a vegan Congressman.
Introducing the Animal Cruelty Exposure Fund
New non-profit's mission is to expose cruelty via mainstream media.
A Brief History of Calif.'s Prop 2
How California's landmark Proposition 2 went from idea to implementation.
Esther the Wonder Pig
"Person of the Year" honors the biggest vegan of them all!
Animal Place: Non-profit of the Year!
Kim Sturla & Co. have quietly been saving animals for 25 years.
Millennium Named "Restaurant of the Year"
VegNews editors recognize progressive eatery's 20 years of innovative cuisine.
Earth Balance Named "Company of the Year"
From mac & cheese, cheddar puffs, and vegan Cheez-Its, Earth Balance does vegan right.
VegNews Music Week: The History of Pop Music and Vegetarianism
The illustrated history of contemporary pop and rock is paved with compassionate artists of all kinds.
Earth Day Interview with NASCAR’s Vegan Leilani Münter
The vegan racecar driver on being carbon-free, her VegNation plans for 2013, and a sneak peek of her new movie from the director of The Cove.
Joseph Connelly’s 48 Hours in Los Angeles
After two days in LA, VN’s publisher finds that the City of Angels is quickly becoming the City of Vegans.
All Aboard the 100-Percent Vegan Holistic Holiday at Sea Cruise
Food, glorious food! VN Publisher Joseph Connelly spends a week in the Caribbean eating from seven different restaurants.
New Vegan Talk Show Premieres
In this exclusive interview with VegNews, Plant-Based Dietitian Julieanna Hever chats about sex, strawberries, and President Bill Clinton.
New Year, New You Health Fest in Marshall, TX
The small East Texas town recently celebrated the health benefits of a plant-based diet with a weekend-long event.
Top 5 Vegan Hybrid Books of 2012
Publisher Joseph Connelly suggests five of 2012's best vegan book-cookbook hybrids.
Top 10 Vegan Cookbooks of 2012
VegNews Publisher Joseph Connelly shares his top cookbooks for the year.
Top 12 Vegan Books of 2012
VegNews Publisher Joseph Connelly shares his top books for the year—and a few from 2011, too.
Hip-Hop Mogul Russell Simmons Honored by Mercy For Animals
The INSPIRED gala event in New York City honors one of veganism’s brightest stars.
10 Questions with Victoria Moran
The best-selling author of Main Street Vegan dishes on writing, Albert the life-saving cat, and filmmaker Michael Moore.
The Brains Behind the Great American Meatout
VN Publisher Joseph Connelly catches up with Alex Hershaft, the founder of FARM and the Great American Meatout.
10 Reasons We Need Dennis Kucinich in Congress
VN Publisher and Editor-in-Chief Joseph Connelly offers 10 reasons why he supports Rep. Dennis Kucinich.
5 More Must-Know 2011 Vegan Books
Publisher Joseph Connelly suggests five of 2011's best vegan book-cookbook hybrids.
China Study Cookbook Launch
Inspired by The China Study, her father's award-winning, groundbreaking book that has become scientific the benchmark of the vegan/vegetarian community...
10 Best Vegan Books of 2011
VegNews Publisher Joseph Connelly offers his list of 2011's best non-cookbook books.
10 Best Vegan Cookbooks of 2011
VegNews Publisher Joseph Connelly offers his list of 2011's best vegan cookbooks.
Remembering Donald Watson, the Father of Veganism
VN commemorates the 100th birthday of the “father of veganism.”
Can You be Green and Eat Meat?
The myths of humane meat and omnivorous environmentalism come into question in this exclusive Q&A with two of the topics' most prominent speakers.
10 Must-Read Veg Books
VN Publisher and Editor-in-Chief Joseph Connelly recommends books every vegan should read.
Book Review: Eating Animals
The Omnivore's Dilemma meets Animal Liberation, with a little Slaughterhouse thrown in.
Joe’s Famous French Bread
There is nothing like the smell and taste of warm, crusty French bread. Note that the recipe is intended for use in bread machines.
Back to Books
With school back in session, it's time to brush up on your (cook)books with VN publisher Joseph Connelly.
Interview with PETA’s Bruce Friedrich
Writer, activist, and PETA VP Bruce Friedrich talks to VN about jail, Obama, and his new book.
Whale Wars: Sea Shepherd's New TV Show
Yes, Virginia, there really is a reality TV show worth watching with the whole family.
Green and Eco-Friendly Stocking Stuffers
Procrastinators, rejoice! There's no time like the present for finding that perfect holiday gift.

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