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7 Unexpected Phrases Rooted In Animal-Cruelty
We’ve veganized the rest of our lives, so now it’s time to do the same to our vocabularies.
10 Surprising Animal Ingredients Lurking on Store Shelves
Vegans know to avoid gelatin, lactose, and honey, but what about those other, unrecognizable ingredients found in packaged foods?
Vegan Beer & Food Festival Announces 2016 Dates
Portland, OR and Los Angeles fests will be held on back-to-back weekends this year.
The Huffington Post Predicts the Next Sriracha
News source says gochujang is just like the favorite hot sauce, only better.
News Site Examines Veganizing Your Home
Online news source Quartz discusses removing animals from your home, in addition to your diet.
2016: The Year of the Vegan in Philadelphia? outlines 15 reasons why veganism is taking over the city this year.
Growing Demand for Vegan Beer
British news source The Telegraph discusses the increasing appetite for veg-friendly brews.
Food & Wine Promotes Vegan Cheese
The magazine writes about the many innovations in the dairy-free cheese world.
10 Vegan Drink Recipes for New Year’s Eve
We can't wait to toast the New Year with these vegan cocktails from San Francisco-based bartender Lauren Fitzgerald.
Home Depot to Phase Out Bee-Killing Insecticide
The world’s largest garden supply retailer will phase out pre-treating plants with neonicotinoids by 2018.
Walnuts Found to Improve Overall Health
Adding the nuts to your diet provides great nutrition and leads to better eating decisions.
The Guardian: Give Up Meat in 2016
British news outlet recommends going veg as a New Year’s resolution that is both good for you and the planet.
Vegan Chef Gives Holiday Cooking Tips to PBS
Los Angeles chef/restaurateur Tal Ronnen shares advice on which dishes to make for different holiday situations.
Aziz Ansari Criticizes the Cruelty of Egg Production
Master of None creator integrated impressions of rapper Ja Rule to emphasize the abuses that happen to chickens on factory farms.
Pamela Anderson Joins Fellow Vegan Miley Cyrus on Stage
Veg celebrities come together to promote animal-rights.
Kat Von D Donates $50,000 to Mercy For Animals
The TV star’s gift to the animal-rights organization will be doubled due to a matching-grant program.
Follow Your Heart Reports Success for VeganEgg
The plant-based company’s website crashed when the revolutionary product was launched earlier this year.
Actress Amy Smart Promotes Cruelty-Free Products
Smart collaborates with the Leaping Bunny Program to promote items that are not tested on animals.
19 Boozy (Vegan) Holiday Drinks
Our list of the best alcoholic vegan drinks means you don’t have to compromise your ethics during the holiday season.
James Cameron Urges Environmentalists to Go Vegan
Award-winning director details the positive effects of a plant-based diet for Newsweek.
Perdue Employee Faces Four Felony Charges
Most recent Mercy For Animals undercover investigation shows chickens being stomped, thrown, and kicked.
Time Recommends Plant-Based Foods to Prevent Heart Attacks
Publication releases the seven best foods to improve cardiovascular health.
Outside Magazine: “Vegans Will Own the Podium”
Outdoors-themed publication details the trend toward plant-based diets in athletes.
Animal Charity Evaluators Names Top Organizations
Mercy For Animals, The Humane League, and Animal Equality International all received top honors this year.
Salt-Water Fish Extinction Possible by 2048
Diversity of sea life is rapidly declining due to human influence.
Follow Your Heart Named PETA’s Company of the Year
Animal-rights organization touts company’s newly-developed VeganEgg.
PETA Names Sexiest Vegans Over 50
The animal-rights organization chooses two individuals based on their positive impact on animals (and other sexy qualities).
San Diego Investment Firm to Buy Neat Foods
The meat and egg alternative company will be purchased for an undisclosed amount.
Hawaii to Ban Wild Animals in Circuses
The Aloha State is on track to become the first in the US to outlaw the use of elephants, big cats, bears, and other wild animals in circus performances.
Pamela Anderson’s New Boot Line: Made From TV Screens
The vegan actress’ brand new “Pammies” are created from recycled materials.
Fat Gay Vegan Endorses Plant-Based Schools
The blogger/former primary school teacher tells Metro UK that all schools should go plant-based.
Uber Removes Leather Interior Requirement
The transportation company no longer requires its UberBLACK vehicles to have leather seats.
UK Travelodge’s New Breakfast Offers Vegan Fare
To compete with other hotel chains, the company released a new, more affordable menu with plant-based options.
USA Today Tells Readers How to Adopt A Turkey
National newspaper highlights Farm Sanctuary’s Adopt a Turkey program.
Los Angeles Vegan Food Scene Expands
Fala Bar opened its second location in Venice this past weekend.
Vegan Chef Event Comes to Las Vegas
Los Angeles restaurateur Tal Ronnen collaborates with Las Vegas chefs to promote plant-based cuisine.
Melissa McCarthy Debuts Vegan Holiday Line
Hollywood star’s clothing is both PETA-approved and made for women of all body-types.
13 Great Thanksgiving Events Around the Country
Why stare down a plate of turkey at your uncle’s house when you can share this special day with like-minded individuals?
FDA Issues New Rules for Fruit and Vegetable Production
The US government releases long-awaited guidelines for how produce is grown, harvested, and packed.
Moby Opens New Vegan Restaurant Today
The vegan musician’s Little Pine is 100 percent organic and plant-based.
Vegetarian Menus Experience 66 Percent Growth Since 2012
Market research finds that Americans are increasingly interested in vegetables and grains.
PETA Fashion Awards Celebrates Cruelty-Free Style
The third annual vegan awards highlight a wide array of designers and clothing.
VICE Interviews the Vegan Black Metal Chef
The 15-year vegan discusses his popular YouTube show, veganism, and upcoming cookbook.
Walmart Sells Livestock Truck Play Set
Retail giant offers toys mimicking transit to the slaughterhouse.
Ben & Jerry’s to Use Almonds in Vegan Ice Cream
Popular ice cream company chose almond milk as a base over other dairy-free options.
Hormel Workers Caught Abusing Pigs in Undercover Video
Compassion Over Killing investigation into a high-speed pork slaughterhouse finds extreme animal suffering.
Washington Post Promotes Plant-Based Diet for Children
In the midst of numerous new studies and suggestions to avoid meat products, one writer discusses why her child is vegan.
Food Network Touts Vegan Chickpea Meringue
Popular cooking site publishes a recipe for vegan meringue, complete with step-by-step photos.
Tyson Foods Faces 33 Counts of Animal Cruelty
Mercy For Animals finds animal abuse in undercover investigation of the food giant’s facilities.
Guinness Beer To Be Vegan in Ireland in 2016
The Irish brewery will change its filtration system to remove fish bladders at its Dublin plant.

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