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7 Deals to Celebrate Earth Day
This Earth Day, we’re showing you how to save more than just the environment.
14 Things You Didn’t Know about Carrots
There’s more to these snacking staples than beta-carotene.
4 Mushrooms to Improve Your Life
Become a fungi (or gal) with our quick guide to the latest superfood trend.
How to Have the Best Day Ever at Your Local Veg Fest
Planning your veg fest visit is serious business.
5 Easy Vegan Meals to Make on a Weeknight
Save time and money with these five-ingredient, ultra-convenient meals.
4 Takeaways from the Vegan Street Fair
North Hollywood event attracts more than 20,000 people for a day of vegan food and shopping.
Celebrate Pi Day—Vegan Style
If there’s one thing we’ve retained from eighth grade geometry, it’s Pi Day.
How (and Why) You Should Become a Vegan Regular
Find your home away from home and leverage support for plant-based options by frequenting your favorite eateries.
What I Learned at the What the Health Film Premiere
The latest documentary from the producers of Cowspiracy tackles diet, disease, and the great protein debate.
3 Ways to Get Vegan Products at Your Grocery Store
New vegan products are hitting the shelves like never before, but not all are distributed nationwide. Here’s how to change that.
4 Ways to Find Love as a Vegan Using Mobile Apps
Follow these tips, and you’ll be swiping right at a frenzied pace.
4 Best Vegan-Friendly Chain Restaurants to Watch the Super Bowl
Whether you’re a diehard football fan or you just like to party, everyone can enjoy a day surrounded by good friends, an energetic atmosphere, and delicious food.
7 Vegan Breakfast Desserts for Each Day of the Week
Start your day with a sweet treat that won’t wreck your resolutions.
5 Fit Tips for Winter
Celebrate the winter season while burning off those holiday goodies.
OMG Oreo-Peanut Butter-Fudge Brownies
Impress your friends and dominate holiday baking competitions with these four-layer brownies.
4 Easy Ways to Support Animals During the Holidays
This season, get in the holiday spirit while spreading compassion for animals.
Three High-Intensity Workouts While You Bake
Got nothing to do while your goodies are in the oven? Hit a quick exercise routine to gain an appetite.
A Vegan Guide to Disneyland
The happiest place on earth just got happier with an array of vegan options.
Top 5 Vegan Things to Do (and Eat) in Orange County
An array of vegan eateries is proving that the OC is more than surf, sand, and Disneyland.

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