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Chain Debuts Vegan Jolly Rancher Frozen Yogurt
Frozen-yogurt chain Orange Leaf added dairy-free Green Apple and Blue Raspberry—Jolly Rancher's top-selling classic flavors—to its 200 locations this week.
Pizza Hut Australia Adds Vegan Cheese
The international pizza chain is testing vegan cheese at two locations to compete with Domino's plant-based pizzas.
50 Crocodiles Saved from Slaughter at London Airport
Crates crammed with crocodiles shipped from Malaysia to the UK for slaughter were discovered by Heathrow airport officials.
Indie Rock Band Speedy Ortiz Embarks on Vegan Tour of US
Eateries around the country created specialty vegan menu items inspired by the band—fronted by longtime vegan Sadie Dupuis—and will donate proceeds to charities that support food justice, prison reform, and education.
Vegan "Ahimi" Tuna Expands to 40 Whole Foods Stores
The innovative tomato-based tuna by vegan brand Ocean Hugger Foods will now be available in the sushi case of Whole Foods Markets in 10 states.
New Vegan Baileys Alternative to Debut This Year
Vegan brand Besos de Oro Founder Peter Smith spent two years in Spain developing his signature beverage—a vegan Baileys-style liqueur that blends Spanish brandy and tiger nut milk-based horchata.
Miley Cyrus Unveils 38-Piece Vegan Converse Collection
The vegan musician announced the release of her highly anticipated Converse line of vegan shoes and apparel—which she designed "right down to the super cute shoelaces."
Vegan Prince Selected as Royal Wedding Photographer
Celebrity photographer Alexi Lubomirski—a Polish prince and proud vegan—will photograph Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding on May 19.
Ben & Jerry's Scoop Shops Sell Vegan Ice Cream Cakes
The iconic ice cream brand now makes a variety of vegan cakes—layered with ice cream from its nine-flavor almond milk-based line, vegan chocolate cookie crumbles, and vegan-certified frosting.
Tyson Leads $2 Million Investment in Cultured-Meat Brand
The world's largest meat producer continues to diversify its portfolio—which already includes vegan brand Beyond Meat—by investing in slaughter-free startup Future Meat Technologies.
Startup Develops Method to Grow Slaughter-Free Steak
Israel-based Aleph Farms developed technology to 3D-print clean meat into shapes that mimic its animal counterparts.
TripAdvisor Revises Stance Against Animal Exploitation
The travel company clarifies its position on banning ticket sales to attractions where animals are exploited for entertainment.
Vegan Big Mac Returns to Glasgow's Durty Burger Club
Scottish chef Danny McLaren's popular "V Mac" burger—which stirred a social media craze last year—will be available on May 25.
LA Mexican Cart Debuts Vegan Street Meat in Stores
Cena Vegan's plant-based Carne Asada, Barbacoa, Al Pastor, and Pollo Asado will debut at Follow Your Heart Café and Organix just in time for Cinco de Mayo.
H&M Group to Ban Mohair by 2020
Fashion retailers Old Navy, Gap, H&M, Banana Republic, Zara, and Topshop will no longer use the cruelly sourced animal fiber after gruesome exposé.
"Vegan Ladyboss" Empowerment Event Expands Globally
Vegan candy brand Smarties' Co-President Liz Dee started the small event in her New York apartment in 2016 and Vegan Ladyboss has now expanded to five countries outside of the United States.
Starbucks Debuts Vegan Cookie Nationwide
The certified vegan Macadamia Oat Cookie is now available inside Starbucks' pastry cases across the United States.
Domino's to Debut Cheesy Vegan Garlic Bread
The Australian branch of the international pizza chain asks fans if they want cheesy vegan garlic bread added to its menu.
Guy Fieri Serves Vegan Food at Country Music Festival
VegNews photographer Jackie Sobon was in for a surprise at this year's Stagecoach Country Music Festival where she sampled Fieri's vegan Thai Curry Burrito.
NYC's Kosher Dining Scene is Going Vegan
Experts say that younger Jewish generations are ditching animal products in favor of vegan restaurants such as Beyond Sushi.
CA Prisons May Soon Require Access to Vegan Meals
State Senator Nancy Skinner introduced a bill that would require all prisons, hospitals, and nursing homes in California to serve vegan meal options.
Vegan Grooming Line Debuts to Support Men's Mental Health
Bristol resident Blue O'Connell aims to remove the stigma of men seeking mental health support with his new vegan brand Kings.
Tofurky Founder Samples McDonald's McVegan in Finland
Seth Tibbott, who founded Tofurky almost 40 years ago, heads to McDonald's to try its new vegan burger option—which he ordered as a "Happy Meal."
Amtrak Adds New Vegan Menu Options
Guests on select overnight trains in the United States can soon order a vegan wrap and fruit plate in their on-board "roomette."
Harvard Study Finds Ditching Meat Could Save 200K Lives
New research presented at the United to Cure Fourth International Vatican Conference shows that one-third of early deaths could be prevented with a dietary shift toward plant-based food.
Racial Justice-Focused Vegan Eatery to Open in Minnesota
Three friends plan to open Trio Plant-Based in Minneapolis to promote justice for animals and humans alike.
Former Slave Inducted into Soybean Hall of Fame
The Missouri Soybean Hall of Fame recognizes George Washington Carver for his contribution in innovating the use of soy beans to create new foods such as non-dairy cheese.
Domino's Netherlands Debuts Three Cheesy Vegan Pizzas
The pizza chain partnered with Dutch Society for Veganism to develop three pizzas—the Vegan Margarita, BBQ Vegan, and Spicy Vegan—that will be available in the Netherlands and Belgium starting April 30.
Evanna Lynch Suffers Animal Testing to Promote Veganism
The vegan Harry Potter actress simulates skin-burning and eye-irritation tests routinely conducted on animals to urge fans to buy vegan beauty products.
Vegan Singer Advances to American Idol Finals
Fans voted 18-year-old Catie Turner into the top 10 finalists of singing competition American Idol.
Grey's Anatomy's Ellen Pompeo Visits Doctor, Goes Vegan
The actress and her entire family no longer consume animal products after learning about the health benefits of a plant-based diet.
Moby Sells 100 Musical Instruments to Help Vegan Doctors
The vegan activist has opened an online shop for his prized music equipment to raise funds in support of vegan medical group Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine.
Cardi B Feasts on Vegan Food at Coachella
The celebrated songstress and fellow musicians Migos, Daniel Caesar, Ghostface Killah, Kelela, and Beyoncé's crew enjoyed vegan food at Coachella thanks to vegan chef Lauren Von Der Pool.
Kevin Smith Officially Goes Vegan
The famed director's vegan daughter Harley Quinn Smith confirmed that her father—who recently had a massive heart attack—has gone vegan and loves Veggie Grill's nachos.
Vegan Chocolate Cake-Scented Bus Stop Erected in London
Londoners can now smell the sweet aroma of BOSH!'s chocolate fudge cake while waiting for the bus.
Beyoncé Debuts New Vegan Meal-Planning App
The 22 Days Nutrition program—which the singer co-owns with nutritionist Marco Borges—has launched a new meal-planning feature to make vegan food accessible to all.
Costco Sells 1 Million Vegan Burgers in 60 Days
Don Lee Farms' organic plant-based burger exceeded sales expectations and will soon be available in restaurants and the brand's other partner stores.
James Cameron Hopes Veganism Will Make Viagra Obsolete
The celebrated director discusses The Game Changers, a film that showcases the benefits—such as longer-lasting and more frequent erections—of a plant-based diet.
Casey Neistat: Impossible Slider Is "Beefier Than Beef"
During a taste-test in Brooklyn, the respected YouTube personality said the animal-based cheeseburger at White Castle tasted "like mush," while the new plant-based Impossible Slider tasted "like meat."
Delivery Service Veganizes Meghan Markle's Favorite Dish
London-based food delivery app Deliveroo added vegan "Royal Poutine" to its menu in honor of Prince Harry and future duchess Meghan Markle's wedding.
Plant-Based Pork to Curb Meat Consumption in Asia
New brand Right Treat—created by vegetarian market chain Green Common founder David Yeung—launches its first product, vegan meat Omnipork, in Hong Kong.
Bentley Designer Predicts Animal-Free Future for Cars
Automotive designer Stefan Sielaff believes that making luxury car interiors from 15 animal hides will become obsolete, as modern customers are looking for vehicles that align with their cruelty-free values.
Former Beyond Meat Chef Debuts New Vegan Bacon Chips
Dave Anderson—formerly employed by plant-based companies Beyond Meat and JUST—developed mushroom-based PIG OUT vegan bacon snacks, the flagship product of new vegan brand Outstanding Foods.
Four New Vegan Dishes Hit Whole Foods Markets
The Amazing Protein Company's plant-based Lika protein is now available in the prepared foods section across the Southwest Pacific region of the grocery chain.
Anthony Bourdain Says Plant Foods Help End World Hunger
The chef is critical of the Impossible Burger—which he has not sampled—but understands the world-changing effects of replacing animal foods with plant-based protein.
France Bans Use of "Meat" for Plant-Based Products
Plant-based food companies in France will now face a $370,000 fine for using "meat," "sausage," "bacon," or any other term legislators have deemed is connected to meat marketing.
Israeli Salami Brand Debuts Vegan Meat Line
Food company Soglowek will donate 20 percent of its profits from the new plant-based line to support the efforts of SuperMeat—an Israeli company working to develop slaughter-free meat.
Luxe Shop Debuts Vegan Avocado-Shaped Ice Cream
London's luxury gelato stand Snowflake sells vegan ice cream made from, and shaped like, an avocado, complete with an edible pit.
IKEA Promotes Plant-Based Eating for Earth Day
The furniture chain sent a newsletter in time for Earth Day with three plant-based recipes it says are good for your body and the planet.
'50s Style Vegan Diner Opens in Michigan
Former Detroit-area food truck Shimmy Shack's new retro diner will serve Coney dogs, burgers, and shakes, and host birthday parties, gift-basket making events, and vegan vintage clothing pop-ups.

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