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Irish Butchers Try Vegan Food
Butcher brothers sample vegan burgers, burritos, and chocolate.
UK Model Anais Gallagher Judges Vegan Shoe Contest
The model, TV presenter, and daughter of former Oasis guitarist Noel Gallagher will judge designs for a shoe to be launched by Bourgeois Boheme.
Soldier Discharged for Refusing to Wear Leather Boots
Swiss Army says 19-year-old is "unfit for (mandatory) service."
Eating Fruit Reduces Erectile Dysfunction
New study shows that consuming flavonoids found in fruit positively affects male sexual health.
Nation's First Vegan Butcher Shop Opens to Massive Crowds
Herbivorous Butcher's grand opening last weekend in Minneapolis was a huge success.
Wendy's Launches Black Bean Burger Commercial
Fast-food chain promotes new veggie burger.
Vogue Questions Use of Leather by Nation's Historical Figures
Fashion magazine says great thinkers like Leo Tolstoy and Susan B. Anthony would not have supported the animal product.
Butterscotch White Tea
We're drinking dessert without breaking a single New Year's resolution.
Meatless Meat Sales Outpace Animal Products
New survey shows meat substitutes sales growing at a rate of three times more than animal products.
Facebook Bans Bullfighting Photos in Spain
Spanish users can now report bullfighting photos as animal abuse.
Iron Chef Michael Symon Goes Vegan for 10 Days
Meat-loving chef goes vegan and—to the disbelief of his fans—loves it.
Sesame Street Promotes Avocados
A new partnership is created to educate children and families about the benefits of our favorite fruit.
New Vegan Flavor at World's Largest Self-Serve FroYo Franchise
Menchie's now offers a coconut milk-based Tahitian Vanilla vegan flavor at stores nationwide.
Cameras to Be Installed in Israel's Slaughterhouses
Undercover investigation spurs Ministry of Agriculture to order the installation of cameras in the country's slaughterhouses.
New Survey: Half of Omnivores Drink Plant-Based Milks
Survey reveals that non-dairy beverages are growing in popularity amongst non-vegans due to health, environmental, and ethical concerns.
Warsaw, Poland Bans Animal Circuses
Poland's capital to put an end to exploiting wild animals for entertainment in traveling circuses.
Metro UK Features Films That'll "Make You Go Vegan ..."
Amongst the moving media are Cowspiracy, Forks Over Knives, and Gary Yourofsky's popular speech about animal ethics.
British Restaurant Chain Pulls Anti-Vegetarian Ads
Ads that poke fun at vegetarians removed by the restaurant chain after boycotts, protests, and social media parodies.
Pamela Anderson Protests Foie Gras in France
Actress-turned-activist urges French lawmakers to ban force-feeding of ducks and geese.
Ethical Veganism Now Legally Recognized in Ontario, Canada
The Human Rights Commission of Ontario deems veganism an ideology with similar discrimination protection rights as other belief systems.
New Apple Museum to House Vegan Café in Honor of Steve Jobs
As a tribute to Jobs' famous diet, the museum will soon offer raw vegan food.
Canadians Demand Vegan Pastries at Tim Horton's
Coffee-and-pastry chain is the subject of a petition with close to 20,000 signatures.
CBS Goes Inside California Vegan School
News network checks in with Muse School in Calabasas to find that kids are learning to garden and eat well.
Vegan Boutique in England Shattering "Hippie" Stereotype
UK's vegan shop Vx Bristol proves that veganism "should never be a brown rice and lentil hell or flavorless penance."
Austin Reporter Stumped by The Taco Cleanse Authors
Satirical book and its creators are spotlighted on Texas morning news show.
Gwyneth Paltrow Launches Edible Vegan Beauty Line
The actress' new makeup line features botanical fruit juices and plant-derived organic ingredients.
You Know You Were Vegan in the '90s If...
No matter how hard you bopped-it or skipped-it, soy milk was brown and vegan cheese wouldn't melt.
Las Vegas Sun Urges Readers to Go Vegan
News source reports that "the most dangerous weapon ... is still our fork."
Hollywood Actor Opens Vegan-Friendly Taco Shop
Machete's Danny Trejo puts tofu and other vegan options on his menu to serve "a big movement."
Australia Day Lamb Ad Stirs Controversy
Annual advertisement created to drive lamb consumption in Australia sparks debate over violence.
The Huffington Post Debunks Vegan Myths
Media outlet runs an infographic discrediting the misconceptions that vegans lack protein, are unhealthy, and spend more money than meat-eaters.
Canadians Refuse to Work at Slaughterhouses
Meat production facilities report a shortage of Canadian workers applying to work on the kill floor.
Vegan Doctors Sue Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee
New dietary guidelines influenced by egg industry to exclude recommendations to limit cholesterol.
Associated Press Names Top 5 Vegans to Watch in 2016
A chef, blogger, cheese maker, clothing designer, and senator are notable vegans the publication urges readers to get to know.
Ohio State Student Petitions to Bring Just Mayo to Dining Hall
Scholar is hoping her petition will prompt Ohio State University to make more sustainable food choices.
Vegan Brownie Named Top Chocolate Dessert in NYC
Peacefood Café's vegan brownie receives acclaim amongst New York City's best chocolate desserts.
Cattle Ranchers Try Vegan Jerky and Love It
Militia ranchers occupying Native American land in Oregon tried Primal Strips and said they taste like salmon.
Bon Appetit Goes Nuts with Nooch
Food magazine explores the many uses of vegans' favorite cruelty-free cheesy flavoring.
Celebrity Vegans Interviewed on TMZ
John Salley, Emily Deschanel, Travis Barker, and Moby respond with clever answers to TMZ's vegan questions.
First Avocado Ice Cream Line Launches
New ice cream brand Cado Desserts now available in nine states.
Chick-fil-A to Replace Coleslaw with Vegan Option
Fast-food chain to offer a vegan kale salad side instead of mayo-based slaw.
NBA Champion Urges Michelle Obama to Go Vegan
John Salley writes an open letter to the first lady urging her to set an example by taking a 30-day vegan pledge.
Vegan Doctor Featured on Fox News
Dr. Michael Greger discusses How Not to Die on national television.
Vegan Chai Gelato
Feed your inner rebel by having a hot cup of chai in frozen gelato form.
New Article: Humor Helps Promote Vegan Message
Portland Press Herald highlights the effective trend of promoting veganism through humor.
Wall Street Journal Spotlights Vegan Senator Cory Booker
Booker and his new book United are praised by the financial publication.
Marketing Company Touts Vegan as Growing Food Trend
The Food Channel includes veganism as top 10 trend for 2016.
Vegan Snooker Player Wins Big at Championship Game
Neil Robertson scores maximum break score to win UK Championship final.
"Virtual Reality" Vegan Fragrances Launch in LA
Perfumery Xyrena creates cruelty-free scents that smell like a gas station, theme-park water ride, and brand-new shoes.
New Location of by Chloe to Open in SoHo
Promotional signage for the rapidly-expanding vegan restaurant's new location goes up on Lafayette Street in SoHo.

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