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World's Largest Pork Plant Reopens Post-Hurricane Matthew
While the surrounding community struggles to recover after devastating hurricane, it's business-as-usual at Smithfield.
Progresso Launches Vegan Soup Line
"Good Natured" creamy soups cater to the Meatless Monday crowd.
Beyond Burger Expands to East Coast
Brooklyn and Philadelphia "bleeding" burger lovers rejoice!
Abstaining from Red Meat is Not Eco-Friendly
LA Times op-ed discusses how giving up red meat only increases the suffering of other animals raised for food.
"Good Morning Texas" to Visit New Vegan Eatery
Soon-to-open V-Eats Modern Vegan restaurant in Dallas will be featured on popular morning show.
Cities with Most Vegan Options, Ranked
Data shows that while New York and Los Angeles have the most vegan restaurants, diners in Portland, San Francisco, and Seattle have the most options.
Disney's Descendants Star Goes Vegan
Sarah Jeffrey: "My body will not be a tomb for other creatures."
Dairy Industry Compelled to Consider Dairy-Free Products
As meat industry giants incorporate plant-based products, the dairy industry feels the need to change.
Dairy Giant Hikes Prices to Survive Plant-Based Takeover
Country's largest dairy company Dean Foods hikes prices to stay profitable amongst growth of plant-based alternative market.
Potato-Based Vegan Cheese Developed in Australia
Andrew Dyhin's "chato" tastes, shreds, and melts like dairy cheese while making use of would-be wasted potatoes.
New Documentary Highlights Lab-Grown “Clean” Meat
Meat the Future focuses on cultured meat company Memphis Meats, as it works toward making the cultivation of animals for food "unthinkable."
Sneak Peek into the Vegan Vendors of Circle V
We can't wait to taste everything at Los Angeles’ Circle V festival—while listening to Moby's mood-setting tunes.
New by CHLOE to Open in Brooklyn
New Williamsburg location of popular vegan restaurant announced by co-founder Samantha Wasser.
TripAdvisor Stops Selling Tickets to Animal Attractions
Tickets for elephant rides, swimming with dolphins, and petting tigers are no longer for sale at the major travel booking site.
Seattle's First Vegan Tiki Bar Expands to Portland
No Bones Beach Club will soon be making waves with vegan tiki drinks and Polynesian bites at its second location.
Upcoming Jurassic World 2 Film to Address Animal Rights
Film's producer reveals the blockbuster hit's sequel will rely on dinosaurs to highlight the plight of modern-day animals used for experimentation and entertainment.
Cowspiracy Re-Packaged as Classroom Tool
Film condensed to 45-minutes so teachers can incorporate into curriculums.
Impossible Burger Makes West Coast Debut
"Bleeding" vegan burger hits three restaurant menus across California.
Dairy Farmers Purge 43 Million Gallons of Milk
Copious amounts of milk are being dumped into manure lagoons as production remains high.
Millennials Shun Big Macs
McDonald's determined that only one in five millennials have tried a Big Mac.
Study: Marketing "Protects" Meat-Eaters From Empathy
People must mentally detach themselves from animals in order to eat them.
$7 Billion Government Bailout Issued to Help Animal Feed Industry
USDA allocates massive amounts of taxpayer funds in part to bolster troubled corn farmers.
Vegan Taxidermist Uses Roadkill as Advocacy
Scottish taxidermist uses animals killed by cars to put a face on the leather industry.
Vegan Named Top Professional by LinkedIn
Nick Halla is one of the top ten food professionals under 35 for his work with vegan burger company Impossible Foods.
Beyond Meat CEO Defends Tyson Investment
Ethan Brown explains his decision to strike a deal with Tyson in an effort to bring plant-based meat mainstream.
Over 70 Percent of Deaths Caused by Diet
New study shows that infectious disease and accidents take a back seat as causes of death.
Kat Von D's Vegan Cosmetics Expand to UK and Ireland
Celebrity makeup mogul debuts cruelty-free brand at UK and Irish department store Debenhams.
Holocaust Survivor Links Human and Animal Oppression
Alex Hershaft reveals the "striking similarities" between factory farms and the Holocaust.
Miami to Get First All-Vegan Delicatessen
Atlas Meat-Free Deli to expand the vegan butcher culture to Florida.
Badger Cull Fueled by Dairy Industry
Government mandates slaughter of wildlife to protect dairy industry.
Tyson Invests in Vegan Company
Meat giant is the first to move toward plant-based alternatives.
Charges Dropped in Egg Board Vs. Just Mayo Scandal
Government organization instead asks American Egg Board to receive further etiquette training after illegal cover-up.
Industrial Farms Do Not Feed the Hungry
Agricultural report shoots down argument that destructive large scale agriculture is necessary to feed the poor.
Teachers Speak Out Against McDonald's
Educators call McTeacher's Night fundraiser "predatory marketing of fast food to children."
Vegetarian Butcher Named 2016 Emerging Entrepreneur
Dutch butcher takes home prestigious award for excellence in developing meat-free alternatives.
Cage-Free Egg Company Shut Down Due to Salmonella
FDA finds Good Earth Egg Co. poisoning consumers with salmonella for the second time in 10 months.
Jewish USC Student Says Go Vegan for High Holy Days
Students encouraged to celebrate the 5777 New Year by ditching animal products.
Presidential Debate to Address Climate Change
"Will you reduce support for animal agriculture to counter climate change?" is currently on the roster of questions to be considered for the next presidential debate.
How to Celebrate Oktoberfest, Vegan Style
Beers, bars, brats, and Berlin are on the menu of our perfect Oktoberfest celebration.
New Vegan Frozen Yogurt Drone Delivery Service Launched
Vegan-friendly shop Orange Leaf successfully delivers frozen yogurt using latest technology.
New York Times Explores Transparency in Meat Industry
Feature in Food Issue of The New York Times Magazine delves into what the meat industry is hiding.
Vegetarian Eatery to Open in Seattle Airport
Thanks to Café Flora, layovers in the rainy city are about to get sunnier.
Vegan Avocado Ice Cream to Benefit Tom Brady's Charity
All proceeds from New City Microbrewery's chocolate avocado ice cream will go to helping people with disabilities.
First African American Vegan Starter Guide Launches
Tracye McQuirter and Farm Sanctuary team to create specialized toolkit with recipes and guidance from African American vegan experts.
Vegan Options More than Double at US Colleges
Student demand drives dining halls to offer more vegan options than ever.
Activist Arrested for Photographing Overturned Pig Truck
Working to document and help 160 affected pigs, Anita Krajnc is arrested by police amidst her pending trial.
Romania Officially Bans Trophy Hunting
Brown bears, wolves, lynxes, and wild cats are protected under new trophy hunting ban.
"Gary" the Cheese Goes Viral
Angry cheese ranter sparks mass media coverage of vegan cheese.
Patagonia Releases "World Saving" Vegan Beer
Outdoor clothing brand launches vegan beer made with new grain kernza.
Vegan Tomato Sushi Launches in New York City
Tuna alternative will be featured in new dishes at all 14 locations of grab-and-go chain Fresh & Co.

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