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Vegan Shoe Company Turns Profit in Brazil Despite Recession
Eco-minded company stands up to Brazilian leather industry through environmental advocacy and one-of-a-kind shoes.
New York City's Last Dairy Plant to Shutter
80-year-old Elmhurst Dairy will close next month due to plummeting demand.
Summer Fashion Tips from Stylish Vegan Sisters
Sister-duo behind LA vegan fashion label Delikate Rayne share their top tips for summer style trends, ethical shopping, and more.
Cattle Network Publication Mocks Vegan Lobster
Meat industry publication implores childish tactics to disparage cruelty-free products such as vegan lobster and butter.
Senator Cory Booker Defends Veganism
Vegan senator takes to Twitter after The New York Times infers that Americans will elect a black man but never a vegan.
Morrissey Demands Five Australian Venues To Go Vegan
Former Smiths singer has refused to play at venues that profit from serving animal products.
Venus Williams Discusses Her Path to Plants
In a new promotional video for dairy alternative company Silk, the tennis star shares her path to going vegan.
Patagonia and North Face Switch to Vegan Spider Silk
Fashion designer Joshua Katcher reveals a revolution brewing in the fashion industry as major companies partner with cruelty-free fabric makers.
Taco Bell Promotes Meat-Free Guide
Nationwide chain creates a "How to Eat Veggie" guide to make it even easier to order meat-free options.
Gluten-Free Tomato Crackers
This picnic-perfect tangy cracker stands up to our favorite spreads.
The Independent: How Raising a Child to Eat Meat is Extreme
Publication points out that feeding children vegan food is less abusive than teaching them to love animals while eating them
Waka Flocka Flame Responds to Questions on Veganism
Rapper participated in Reddit's "Ask Me Anything" series to answer questions about his decision to go vegan.
Vegan Restaurant Opens in Former Real Food Daily Space
Los Angeles continues to welcome new plant-based options with newly opened Erven in Santa Monica.
Impossible Burger Debuts at NYC Restaurant
Momufuku Nishi adds the plant-based burger to its menu after chef "tasted the future, and it was vegan."
Sales of Veg Products in Denmark Spike 30 Percent
Denmark's growing plant-based population is driving sales of meat and dairy alternatives.
Dublin Bans Wild Animal Circuses
Ireland's capital city will no longer allow the use of wild animals such as elephants, tigers, and camels in traveling circuses.
Google to Switch to Vegan Shrimp on Campus
Google HQ chef has committed to using New Wave Foods' vegan shrimp in place of animals on campus menus.
5 "Poptails" to Get This Party Started
Adding popsicles to cocktails is all the rage on Instagram, so VegNews decided to investigate.
Five Fashion Brands Ban Down Feathers
A group of large clothing brands, including UK-based Topshop, pledges to remove feathers from future collections.
UK Eatery Debuts "Beany McBeanface" Vegan Wrap
Urban Eat expands its grab-and-go menu with quirky veg options due to growing customer demand.
Publix Finally Commits to Going Cage-Free
Third-largest supermarket joins companies such as Walmart, McDonald's, and Panera Bread to sell only cage-free eggs.
Ethical Vegan Wins Title at Miss Galaxy Universe
Deni Kirkova wins coveted “Beach Body” category at the fitness and beauty competition.
Meat-Free Startup Raises $100,000 on Indiegogo
Israel-based cultured meat company SuperMeat gains crowd support to produce slaughter-free meat.
Vegan Chocolate Milk
Rebel Kitchen makes us feel like kids again with a dairy-free chocolate "mylk" made with clean ingredients.
Vegan Blue Wine To Debut in the United States
Spanish company plans to shake up the alcoholic beverage industry with its brightly hued, blue vegan wine.
First Automated Farming Machine Debuts
Urban farmers can now easily grow the optimal garden with the help of technology that allows for hands-free planting, weeding, and watering.
Brand Halts Leather Line in Favor of Vegan Bag Collection
Leather handbag company will debut a fully vegan line—complete with a PETA logo—next spring.
One in 10 New Products in Germany Is Vegan
New report finds that Germany is launching more vegan products than any other European country.
Top 10 Vegan Dishes to Celebrate Junk Food Day
Towering double-decker burgers, deep-fried Oreos, and apple pie pizza are a few of the ways to get into the holiday spirit.
Canadians Found to Distrust Animal Farmers
Public survey reveals Canadian citizens are more concerned with animal welfare and believe animal farmers are not good stewards of the environment.
Vegan Billboard Goes Up in Front of McDonald's
Campaign targets fast-food chain customers with a powerful photo and slogan on animal exploitation.
Los Angeles Times Calls for an End to Bullfighting
Editorial board of the publication asks, "Now can we stop bullfights?"
Obama to Sign GMO-Labeling Bill
President set to sign a bill that would require all food producers to label display GMOs on modified food.
Futuristic Plant-Based Eatery to Expand to Manhattan
"No-Human" West Coast restaurant Eatsa brings its customizable bowls to NYC.
New All-Vegan Netflix Service Launched
Vegan blog Your Daily Vegan creates one-stop-shop for vegan movies called "Vegan Flicks."
Startup Makes Vegan Dairy Indulgences that Mimic Cow's Milk
Using a proprietary blend of plant-based foods, Willow Cup aims to create frothy vegan milk that will not curdle in hot beverages.
Vegan Summer Grill Pack
Herbivorous Butcher's bundle of grilling products includes meatless meats spiced just right for summer.
Daiya's Ads Are About to Get Even Cheesier
Vegan cheese company's new advertising campaign uses humor to appeal to a larger customer base.
Vegan Soylent Fares Better than Average American Diet
When compared to what North Americans routinely consume, the vegan meal replacement drink scores high on all fronts.
Vegan Burritos Feed LA's Homeless
Burrito Project LA makes hot vegan meals from donated fillings to feed homeless populations in Los Angeles.
Vegan Fashion Show Hits LA
Collections from ethical designers will be showcased this weekend in downtown Los Angeles at the Fair Trade Fashion Show.
Canadian Monks Save Hundreds of Lobsters
Monks buy 600 pounds of lobsters and release them back into the ocean near Wood Islands.
Study Finds Pig Voices Depend on Personality
New research suggests that pigs have personalities and communicate emotional states through unique vocalizations.
KIND Ditches Milk and Honey in New Line of Energy Bars
Snack bar company introduces line of vegan bars made with fruit, vegetables, and chia seeds.
Califia Launches First Vegan Nitro Cold-Brew Latte
Vegan company's new coffee beverage is infused with nitrogen to create a micro-foam finish.
Starbucks Launches First Coconut Milk-Based Drink
Iced Coconut Milk Mocha Macchiato is the coffee giant's first foray into capturing the $6.7 billion dairy-free drink market.
Meat Restaurant Adds Veg Options for First Time in 118 Years
India's long-time meat kebab eatery adds vegetarian options to accommodate customer demand.
San Antonio Businesses Team Up to Open Vegan Eatery
Five companies band together to create a grab-and-go eatery to serve the Texas community.
Danone Explains Benefits of WhiteWave Acquisition
Dairy yogurt giant expands its holdings to non-dairy companies in an effort to move forward on its sustainability promise.
Tibetan Nomads Go Meat Free
As the country becomes more metropolitan, Tibet’s population increasingly slashes meat consumption to fall in line with compassionate morals.

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