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Food-Service Giant Seeks More Plant-Based Options
Food service café Bon Appétit is actively seeking to add new plant-based protein options at its 650 locations.
Twin Cities Vegan Cook-Off Winner Named
Popular Midwestern dish is veganized and awarded first place in the fourth annual Minneapolis competition.
Dairy Slashed in New UK Dietary Guidelines
Recently released guidelines cut dairy-consumption recommendations by nearly 50 percent.
Cheerios Removes Bee, Not the Honey, from Cereal Box
In an effort to raise awareness of bee colony collapse, Cheerios has removed the bee mascot from Canadian cereal boxes—but not honey as an ingredient.
Pearl Harbor Actress to Launch Vegan Makeup Line
Jaime King's new collection will include multi-purpose, cruelty-free makeup geared toward every race, gender, age, and creed.
Vegan English Cream Egg
This vegan cream egg is our go-to way to enjoy the popular Easter treat.
GMO "DARK Act" Bill Rejected by Senate
Food containing genetically modified organisms will be labeled to allow for transparency.
Captive Orca Breeding to End at SeaWorld
In an unprecedented move, SeaWorld has partnered with The Humane Society to shift focus away from entertainment and toward conservation.
Matt & Nat Launches Vegan Shoe Line
Popular vegan handbag company now sells high-quality vegan leather shoes
Bustle Brings Awareness to Cruelty of Wool
Media outlet reveals reasons why wool is "cruel, unnecessary, and just plain baaaa-d."
Canadian Students Invent New Vegan Gelato
BiotaGelata takes home the grand prize with its fermented-bean gelato.
Vegan Company Writes Letter to Presidential Hopefuls
Hampton Creek's CEO urges presidential hopefuls to "build a leadership platform for better food."
Jon Stewart Sends Fan Mail to Vegan Butcher Shop
Comedian answered Herbivorous Butcher's 30-day vegan challenge with a letter of appreciation and photos of himself eating plant-based cheese.
"Free-From" Vegan Ice Cream Shop Hits London
Yorica! is serving ice cream and frozen yogurt that is free from soy, nuts, dairy, GMOs, artificial sweeteners, and gluten.
Scientists Grow Vegan Meal From Mars
Researchers are growing vegetables in simulated Martian soil and plan to create a "Martian Meal" from their harvest.
Raw Milk Sickens Senators During Raw Milk Bill Festivities
A group of senators fell ill after drinking raw milk in celebration of West Virginia bill that allows residents to consume milk raw.
Fast and Furious Actress Goes Vegan
Film series star Michelle Rodriguez is transitioning to a vegan diet after watching a Vice documentary.
Vegan Women Making Waves in Sports
Vegan female athletes prove that meat is not necessary to achieve greatness.
Top North Carolina Chefs Participate in Vegan Challenge
During the month of April, Durham restaurants will feature creative vegan dishes to bring plant-protein options to the "Barbecue Belt."
Makeup Mogul Focuses on Vegan Beauty Products
Marla Malcolm Beck's new makeup brand Lune+Aster caters to conscious consumers with paraben-free and vegan "farm-to-face" products.
Study Shows Cows Recognize Their Friends
Bovines recognize familiar faces, distinguish social groups, and acknowledge that photographs are representations of reality.
Tesla CEO Says Vegan Leather Interior Is the Best
Among the three options available for the Model X, Elon Musk recommends white vegan interior.
My Love Affair with Squeeze Packs (Even Though I Don't Have Kids!)
Not just for children anymore, an array of squeeze packs are vegan-friendly and come in tempting flavors such as Apple Quinoa Cinnamon, Blueberry Beet, and Sweet Potato Goji.
Canada Ends Pesticide Testing on Beagles
Cruel practice of exposing the trusting dogs to chemicals has finally been banned in Canada.
Gardein Pizza Pockets Hit Shelves Nationwide
Vegan meat company introduces new pizza pockets stuffed with pepperoni and cheese.
Willie Nelson's Favorite Chili is Vegan
Legendary musician will feature "Willie's Vegan Chili" at an upcoming potluck dinner at his Texas ranch.
5 Things We Learned from the World's First Vegan Makeup School
Two Canadian sisters have formed the first-ever vegan online makeup school to teach the world about vegan brushes, lipsticks, and eye shadows—and what animal-based products lurk in many brands.
The Standard UK: "Is Leonardo DiCaprio Vegan?"
According to the publication, all signs point to "yes."
HBO Show Explores Environmental Impact of Eating Meat
Popular documentary series examines the devastating effects the world's growing appetite for meat has on natural resources.
New Plant-Based Trade Group To Bring Veg Message to DC
Daiya, Tofurky, Follow Your Heart, and others have partnered to have a meat-free voice in food policy.
Raw Vegan Truffles
We're big fans of these organic, melt-in-your mouth chocolate truffles.
Winner of First-Ever Vegan Battle of the Brussels Announced
Chef Melissa Charlana beat the Brussels sprouts competition with her Buffalo Bites.
Designers Say No to Fur at London Fashion Week
86 percent of London Fashion Week designers opt for cruelty-free fabrics.
Harvard Magazine Profiles Progress of Animal Law
Scholarly publication examines the question "are animals things?" and reveals that the field of animal advocacy is growing.
Vegan Startup Makes Molecular Copycats of Animal Products
Chilean startup The Not Company uses a food-analyzing computer to create vegan replicas of animal products on a molecular level.
Hampton Creek to Introduce 43 New Products
New products including pancakes, dessert mixes, and salad dressings will first be available at Walmart and Target.
Harry Potter Actress Speaks Out for Veganism
Evanna Lynch: "Killing and eating animals is a betrayal of our own core humanity."
Spanish Designer Makes Vegan Leather from Pineapples
Carmen Hijosa creates Piñatex as a biodegradable and cruelty-free alternative to animal leather.
New Film Reveals Vegan Mayor's Lasting Effect on Texan Town
The Marshall Plan tells the inspiring story of mayor Ed Smith III and his successful efforts to help Texans go vegan.
Official Oscar After-Party Features Vegan Dessert Buffet
The Wolfgang Puck-catered event had plenty of vegan options, including a dessert bar, avocado toast, and wild mushroom tacos.
Stevie Wonder Urges People to Go Vegan
Legendary musician plans to use his fame to promote veganism.
Fashion Retailer Adds Line of Vegan Suede to Collection
Fashion boutique Aritzia is promoting faux-suede line as "better than the real thing."
Vegan Ice Cream Shop Expanding with Kickstarter Funds
Popular Austin, TX vegan ice cream shop Sweet Ritual is moving to a new location after a successful Kickstarter campaign.
Tool Frontman Produces Vegan Wines
Award-winning musician and winemaker Maynard James Keenan opts for natural filtration of his Arizona wines.
Rapper Waka Flocka Flame Teases Vegan Cooking Show
Musician teased fans with a potential vegan cooking show and received overwhelmingly positive responses.
UK Wastes 34,000 Metric Tons of Beef Annually
While British meat consumption is down, food waste continues to be a problem.
Vegan Olympian to Make Arm-Wrestling Comeback
Olympic gold medalist Alexey Voevoda's motto is "meat makes you weak."
Kids Taste Test Vegan Ben & Jerry's on Bon Appetit
The harshest critics taste new vegan ice cream line—and love it.
Eater Discovers Vegan Egg Whites, Makes Cocktails
Food site uncovers the "secret ingredient" known as aquafaba.
Fox News Highlights Vegan Apparel Company
St. Louis vegan clothing company Fauxgerty shines on morning news segment.

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