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Vegan Steak Alternative to Debut This Weekend
Made using cell technology, a new plant-based steak debuts this weekend in Europe.
European Parliament to End Bullfighting Subsidies
A majority votes to stop giving Spain $110 million annually for an event with a declining interest.
Beyond Meat Launches Athlete-Backed Campaign
Olympians, basketball players, surfers, and runners come together to promote plant-based protein.
Oregon's Top News Outlet Features Vegan Food
Oregon Live says "there are plenty of meat-free options that are geared towards people who typically like meaty fare."
GQ Examines if Eating Meat is Bad
Popular men's magazine explains fallacy of eating some animals and loving others.
Jon and Tracey Stewart to Launch Farm Sanctuary
The celebrity couple's New Jersey property will be the sanctuary's newest branch.
Processed Meat Causes Cancer, Says the WHO
Processed meats are now in the same carcinogen category as cigarettes.
Mother Jones Reveals How Government Pushes Big Dairy
$4.5 billion in taxpayer money spent on promoting milk as a health food.
Vegan Hot Dog Campaign Launches in LA to Help Dogs
Los Angeles beer pub Tony's Darts Away will raise money for dogs by selling celebrity-crafted vegan hot dogs.
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VegNews editors bring you last week's most interesting vegan stories from the most unlikely of sources.
First Vegan Taco Competition Hits NYC
Creative vegan tacos, drink specials, and vegan celebrity judges to hit the East Village tonight for a tourney of tacos.
Hummus Discount for Arabs and Jews Who Dine Together
A restaurant near Netyana is promoting peace through chickpea dip.
Egg Board CEO Steps Down After Vegan Mayo Scandal
Joanne Ivy goes into early retirement after emails reveal her involvement in illegal plot to destroy vegan company, Hampton Creek.
New Study Says 10 Percent of Veggie Dogs Contain Meat
Molecular-level food analysis reveals some vegetarian products include animal ingredients.
Vegan Cupcakes Featured in O Magazine
O's Gayle King says "kindness tastes great."
Vegan Pumpkin Cake Mix
This baking mix makes whipping up a homemade dessert a piece of cake.
Mainstream Mondays!
VegNews editors bring you last week's most interesting vegan stories from the most unlikely of sources.
Professional Soccer Player Says He's Been Vegan for Five Years
In a new interview, professional soccer star Matt Watson dishes about his vegan diet.
Vegan Restaurant Chain Opens 9th Location in NYC
Popular vegan restaurant Blossom opens Blossom Du Jour Union Square with charitable menu options.
New Discovery: Plants Can Power Smartphones
Chilean students discover energy produced during photosynthesis can charge cell phones.
Customers Save Seattle Vegan Pizzeria
Long-time customers buy closing pizzeria to ensure vegan pies will still be served.
Tofu Truck Stolen in Portland, OR
The vehicle was eventually found, but the tofu is still on the loose.
Pork Removed from Federal Prison Menus
Inmate demand for healthier options ousts pork from cafeterias.
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VegNews editors bring you last week's most interesting vegan stories from the most unlikely of sources.
Bogus Vegetarian Study Spread By Mainstream Media
Unverified survey about inebriated vegetarians consuming meat was picked up as a real story on several reputable websites.
NYC Burger Joint Creates Vegan Pizza Salad
According to reports, this vegan salad tastes just like pizza.
101-Year-Old Heart Surgeon Fueled by Veganism
Centenarian doctor says a vegan lifestyle is his secret to longevity.
Cape Cod Restaurants Take On Vegan Challenge
Local vegan group successfully challenges eateries to add vegan options during the month of October.
9 Things We Didn't Know About Animals
From learning to communicate with dogs to understanding the changing color of a turkey, author Tracey Stewart shares nine things you may not know about animals in her new book.
Report: Milk Has Nothing to Do with Bone Strength
Aggregate study shows no correlation between calcium intake and bones.
Miley Cyrus Talks Veganism on The Tonight Show
The vegan pop star says her pig and blowfish are highly intelligent beings.
White Castle Veggie Sliders Now Vegan
After increased demand, the fast-food chain veganizes its bun—making the entire burger vegan.
Time Magazine Says Bananas Are Worth the Calories
Experts agree that bananas are a better post-workout refueling agent than sport drinks.
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VegNews' editors bring you last week's most interesting vegan stories from the most unlikely of sources.
Buzzfeed Video Introduces Bacon Lovers to a Piglet
Making the connection between food and animals gives participants perspective on where their food comes from.
Vegan Story Goes Viral on New York Times
Glowing story about veganism hits number one on news site.
Vegan Cookie Dough
Thanks to A Better Batch, homemade cookies have never been easier.
Hard Rock Café Dubai Introduces Expanded Veg Options
The Dubai location of the worldwide chain adds 25 meatless menu items to celebrate Vegetarian Awareness Month.
10 Drinks with Benefits
Say goodbye to traditional beverages with an array of drinks that offer both health and social benefits.
Public Protesting Stalls Opening of UK's Largest Factory Farm
Angry letters and 200,000 petition signatures force factory farm to scale back operations.
Demand for Vegan Protein on the Rise
Nutritional ingredient developers identify pea, chia, and flax protein as a hot trend.
This Weekend: Vegetarian Festival Takes Place in DC
Vegan food, celebrities, and dynamic speakers come to Capitol Hill in the nation's capital.
Mainstream Mondays!
VegNews' editors bring you last week's most interesting vegan stories from the most unlikely of sources.
Financial Analyst to SeaWorld: Sell Your Park
Declining attendance puts pressure on the aquatic theme park to make a change.
New York Times Says "Fake" Meat is the Future
Columnist Nicholas Kristof examines the evolution of alternative meat.
Lawsuit Alleges Chipotle's GMO-Free Claim is False
Fast-casual restaurant admits it sources animals that consume GMOs.
Chickpea Meringue Featured in Next Issue of Cook's Illustrated
Miracle chickpea brine to be examined by mainstream food magazine.
Jon Stewart Mentions Veganism During Emmy Speech
The former Daily Show host says the real world doesn't have enough vegan food.
Seaweed Sriracha Rice Chips
Just try to eat just one of these spicy rice chips from GimMe chips
Milk Consumption Linked to Breast Cancer
A new study finds that Bovine Leukemia Virus, present in 100 percent of factory-farmed milk, significantly increases breast cancer risk.

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