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New "Meatball" Eggplant Serves as Meat Alternative
Hybrid seeds of new meat-like eggplant are outselling those of tomatoes and peppers.
UK's Largest Indy Retailer Promotes Vegan Fashion
ASOS explains the importance of vegan fashion in a blog post earlier this month.
National Restaurant Chain Bans Bacon
"Simply put, you can’t be a healthy food business and serve bacon," says Sweetgreen salad chain.
7 Hacks for Baileys' New Vegan Irish Cream
Smoothies, ice cream, and cookies are getting a boozy makeover thanks to vegan Irish cream.
Vegan Butcher Shop Makes 6-foot Party Subs for Moby
The Herbivorous Butcher creates vegan meat and cheese-loaded submarine sandwiches for Minneapolis book-signing event.
The Guardian Conducts Massive Vegan Taste Test
British staffers sample a wide range of vegan products with positive results.
Philadelphia Hosts Vegan Pizza Tribute to Pussy Riot
Local pizzeria will host a tribute to Russian activist band with creative vegan pizzas and appetizers.
Tyson Found Torturing Animals, Again
New Mercy For Animals investigation reveals widespread abuse and neglect of chickens at Tyson factory farms.
Just Mayo Makers Reveal Massive New Product Line
Hampton Creek reveals several new vegan products, including an egg-like snack that turns into superheroes or toy cars.
Vegan Chef Hopes to Feed Stevie Wonder at Napa Festival
Chef Jackie Howard launches a campaign to lure Stevie Wonder to her booth at upcoming Napa food festival.
Brazilian State Bans Cosmetic Animal Testing
Pará, Brazil's second largest state, became the fourth city in the country to ban testing of beauty products on animals.
Vegan Product Labels Are Fastest Growing in Western Europe
A market trend report predicts significant growth for products labeled as vegan in $709 billion ethical-label global market.
Baileys Releases Vegan Irish Cream
Almond milk-based beverage Almande is Baileys foray into growing dairy-free market.
Vegan Chickpea Mayonnaise
Vegan mayonnaise made from chickpea brine is the latest innovation from Sir Kensington's.
General Mills Invests in Kite Hill Cheese
General Mills is the largest investor in the vegan cheese company's latest round of funding.
Justin's Nut Butters Acquired for $286 Million by Hormel
Hormel is building its plant-based portfolio and plans to push the nut butter brand to new markets.
New Unisex Vegan Boutique Opens in Seattle
Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood welcomes an all-vegan apparel shop for both men and women.
Johns Hopkins Ends Mandatory Medical Training on Piglets
The prestigious medical school will no longer require students to practice medical procedures on anesthetized pigs, turning to tech stimulators instead.
Chase Hospitality to Add 25 Percent Veg Options Across Menus
The Toronto, Canada-based hospitality group plans to transform the menus of their five popular restaurant holdings to include more vegan options.
Eating Fruit Young Slashes Breast Cancer Risk by 25 Percent
A new study finds that the consumption of apples, bananas, and grapes during teenage years significantly lowers risk of breast cancer in adulthood.
Number of Vegans in Britain Up 360 Percent
A new survey reveals that the vegan population in Britain has more than tripled in the past decade.
9 Vegan Ramen Options Across America
Chewy noodles swimming in flavorful broth surrounded by succulent veggies is our idea of heaven in a bowl.
Culinary Institute of America Asks Chefs to Reconsider Meat
The prestigious cooking school releases documents that urge chefs to elevate plant-based proteins and use less meat.
Seattle Chef Known for Cooking Meat Opens Veg Restaurant
Hitchcock Deli’s Brendan McGill will open Verjus with a focus on cold-pressed juices and farm-fresh vegetables.
Pea Protein Market Will Surge to $18.5 Million by 2021
Key ingredient in vegan milk, meat, and other foods is expected to grow in the coming five years due to factors such as demand from rising vegan population.
San Diego Attorney Opens Animal Sanctuary
John Fiske turns his cherimoya fruit farm into a sanctuary for rescued horses, pigs, chickens, and goats.
Vegan Chocolate Chunk Blondies
These moist, gluten-free, chocolate chunk-studded blondies are made with a surprising ingredient: chickpeas!
Vegan Butchers to Appear on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives
Food Network's Guy Fieri recently taped an episode of the travel show at the Minneapolis-based vegan shop The Herbivorous Butcher.
Veganism is Transforming Diner Culture
According to The Washington Post, vegan-friendly diners are paving the way in redefining comfort food.
Leaving Animals in Cars Can Be a Felony in Michigan
Two new proposed bills may impose the highest penalties in the country for leaving animals locked in cars.
Acclaimed Chef "Tasted the Future and It Was Vegan"
New York City chef David Chang tries a vegan burger by Impossible Foods and is convinced the future of food lies in plants.
New York Magazine Traces the Plight of SeaWorld
Blackfish director says park is a 50-year whale-human experiment that failed.
130,000 Petition Olive Garden for Plant-Based Entrée
Good Food Now campaign hand-delivers a petition to the restaurant chain demanding more responsible practices and better menu options.
Philly's Hosts First Vegan Mac n' Cheese Competition
LJ Steinig's veganized version of her mother's recipe took top honors.
Vegan Company Secures $5 Million Investment
Meal delivery service Purple Carrot recently raised an additional $5 million in funding.
Vegan Butchers Make Meals for Mars Excursion
The Herbivorous Butcher will provide frozen meals for two-week simulated mission to Mars with possibility of expanding to space.
Eating Eight Ounces of Steak Equivalent to Driving 29 Miles
New study looks at the carbon footprint of eating meat while examining 39 plant-based alternatives that are much more efficient.
Red Meat Consumption Causes Higher Death Rates
Mayo Clinic study of more than one million people shows carnivores have higher mortality rates than vegetarians.
UCONN Wins Top Honors with Vegan Crab Cakes
The University of Connecticut dining services was awarded the gold medal for its vegan "Not So Crabby Cakes."
World's First Whale Sanctuary to Be Built in North America
The Whale Sanctuary Project will establish the first ever seaside sanctuary for whales, dolphins, and porpoises previously held in captivity.
Jamba Juice to Launch Plant-Based Concept Café
Smoothie company will expand the brand into a café with juice, smoothies, and a plant-based menu.
YouTube Star Ricky Dillon Goes Vegan
The 24-year-old performer samples meat-free meat and battles insomnia by watching vegan recipe videos.
New York Times Profiles Aquafaba
Times writer Jane Black says, "Vegans, by necessity, are a creative bunch."
Israel's Processed Meat Consumption Plunges 30 Percent
Israel's population sharply abandons processed meat six months after the WHO linked its consumption to cancer.
Animal-Rights Group Launches Anti-SPAM Campaign
Compassion Over Killing unveils a counter-campaign to Hormel’s "SPAMERICAN Tour" using footage of cruelty found at the pork producer’s slaughterhouse.
Ruby Rose is New Face of Cruelty-Free Makeup Urban Decay
Orange is the New Black star supports Urban Decay's strict stance against animal testing.
UK Vegan Shoe Company Launches in US
Bourgeois Boheme brings its vegan luxury shoe line for men and women across the pond.
NFL Players Fail Drug Tests From Eating Imported Meat
Football players are warned that consuming meat from China and Mexico can result in a violation of NFL drug policy.
Wine Industry Magazine Promotes Vegan Fining Agent
Publication urges winemakers to address growing demand for vegan wine by replacing gelatin with pea protein.
Top Google Exec Names Plant Foods as Hot Tech Trend
Chairman Eric Schmidt says plant-based-food is one of the six most important tech trends today.

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