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Kylie Jenner Launches Vegan Lipstick to Support Charity
Celebrity's cruelty-free lip kit in new shade "Smile" will benefit children's cleft surgery charity Smile Train.
Bees Added to Endangered Species List for the First Time
Seven bee species are now protected in native home of Hawaii.
Samuel L. Jackson Appears in New Vegan Documentary
Eating You Alive also stars James Cameron, magician Penn Jillette, and a host of medical professionals advocating for optimal health by way of a plant-based diet.
Canada's Top Newspaper Says the End of Meat is Near
Financial Post writer says a world without meat is no longer impossible.
Parent Company of Silk Worth More than $10 Billion
Shareholders assess that WhiteWave could have fetched up to $4 billion more than its original sale price.
New Zealand's First Vegan Governor General Sworn In
Dame Patsy Reddy celebrated her induction into office with an all-vegan banquet.
Animal Agriculture Leads to Massive Sinkhole in Florida
A toxic hole in one of the nation's most biodiverse states has been created, and intensive phosphate mining to keep up with animal agriculture demand is to blame.
Yelp Throws Omaha's First-Ever Vegan Festival
Five star reviews for Un-Meat Eats Festival abound.
Earth Reaches Carbon Level Tipping Point
Carbon levels are officially at 400 parts per million, which scientists warn is beyond repair.
8 Vegan Pies for National Pizza Month
With vegan pies sprouting up around the world, this year's month-long celebration of pizza is going to be one saucy adventure.
Ireland's Former President Urges Young Leaders to Go Vegan
Mary Robinson says, "Eat less meat or no meat at all."
McDonald's Shuts Down at a Children's Hospital
Kentucky's Kosair Children's Hospital takes a step toward eliminating fast food.
NFL Says Vegan Players are "Breaking the Mold"
National Football League promotes David Carter and Griff Whalen for breaking common "beefy" stereotypes.
Number of Doctors Interested in Vegan Nutrition Quadruples
Record attendance at a plant-based nutrition conference shows an unprecedented interest in fighting disease by prescribing a vegan diet over pharmaceuticals.
Almond Milk Leads to 10,000 Fewer Dairy Cows in California
New almond crops are reducing the number of cows exploited for milk.
Chinese Police Seize 1,000 Tons of Bleach-Soaked Meat
Smuggled beef, tripe, tongue, and chicken wings would have resulted in widespread health issues.
Vegan Soccer League Wins Food Award
UK-based Forest Green Rovers receives top honors for vegan menu at stadium.
Norway to Kill Wolves to Protect Sheep Industry
Government officials greenlight the culling of 70 percent of the country's wolf population.
SeaWorld Halts Payouts to Shareholders
Troubled water park suspends dividends to investors after stock plummets.
"Free-From" Vegan Ice Cream Shop Hits London
Yorica! is serving ice cream and frozen yogurt that is free from soy, nuts, dairy, GMOs, artificial sweeteners, and gluten.
Raw Milk Sickens Senators During Raw Milk Bill Festivities
A group of senators fell ill after drinking raw milk in celebration of West Virginia bill that allows residents to consume milk raw.
Fast and Furious Actress Goes Vegan
Film series star Michelle Rodriguez is transitioning to a vegan diet after watching a Vice documentary.
Indian Couples Seek Vegetarian Egg Donors
While religion, intelligence, height, and blood type still matter, vegetarian diets top donor wish lists for couples looking to conceive.
Arby's Launches PR Campaign Targeting Vegetarians
The fledgling chain set up a ‘vegetarian hotline’ to promote its brown sugar bacon.
Kite Hill Cream Cheese
We're loving this creamy schmear you can, and will, put on everything.
Studies: Vegan Diet Greatly Improves Asthma
Numerous studies reveal the correlation between plant-based diets and increased respiratory function.
Bill Maher Gets Real About Meat
Maher asks audience: Is America a "we don't-want-to-know society?"
Israeli Military Offers Vegan Options to Soldiers
With the rising number of vegan soldiers, mess halls across Israel will serve meat-free meals.
Pamela Anderson Launches Vegan Cooking Show
The famed actress/model promotes casual vegan cooking through a series of online videos.
Animal Agriculture Responsible for More Pollution Than Cars
A new report reveals that global livestock agriculture is directly linked to climate change.
Vegan Meringue Has Arrived
Online experiments reveal how to turn bean brine into stunning meringue desserts.
Final Grateful Dead Concert to Serve Vegan Food
Famed band says farewell this weekend with heartfelt goodbyes—and veggie dogs.
Peas Get Political, Take Over Internet
Jeb Bush: “You don’t put peas in guacamole.”
Vegan Trumps Vegetarian for Weight Loss
Forget the fad diets; a vegan diet provides the best results says a new study.
The 15-Year-Old Veg Voice Behind Climate Change
Young vegetarian activist urges the United Nations to stop putting ‘profits before future.’
Demi Moore Credits Good Health to Raw Vegan Diet
The Hollywood actress claims yoga, pilates, and raw veganism are the keys to her mental and physical well-being.
10 Foods You Never Thought You’d Eat Again
Thought you had to say goodbye to lox, brie, and milk chocolate? Say no more with these 10 vegan foods that taste even better than the originals.
8-Year-Old Vegan Stands Up for Meatless Monday
The young advocate makes a strong plea to Long Beach City Council, saying that cafeteria lunches are “nasty.”
Vegetarian “Airbnb” Debuts
A new website revolutionizes the way vegetarians connect with like-minded people across the country.
Youngest Self-Made Female Billionaire is Vegan
31-year old Elizabeth Holmes drinks green juice while running her $9 billion company.

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