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48 Hours in Vegan Eating: Isa Chandra Moskowitz
The first installment of our new vegan-eating journal series follows the cookbook author in Portland.
Milk Group Agrees to Phase Out Tail Docking
The National Milk Producers Federation has voted to discontinue the cruel practice of cattle tail docking.
Blossom Du Jour Opens New Location in NYC
The Big Apple vegan chain’s third grab-and-go restaurant debuts today in Midtown West.
Vampire Diaries Stars to Host HSUS Fashion Show
Next month, two actors from the hit television show will be presenting at the animal-welfare organization's special event.
Shape Names Top Vegan Fine-Dining Eateries in America
The popular health magazine has ranked the best upscale vegan restaurants across the country.
The 21 Ultimate Vegan Taco and Guacamole Recipes
Ready your tortillas and sync up your salsa—World Vegan Taco Day is here.
The 10 Best Eateries For Vegan Dining in London
Hello, Summer Olympics! A visit to this English city will be doubly exciting with a taste of its abundant plant-based eats.
Bladder Infections Tied to Chicken Consumption
Recent studies have found a connection between foodborne drug-resistant bacteria and human bladder infections.
3 Ways to Share Your Love of Veg Food
Vegan cookbook clubs, food swaps, and pen-pal groups are making enjoying vegan food easier than ever.
Urban Decay Changes Plans, Will Remain Cruelty-Free
The popular makeup line will no longer be entering the Chinese beauty-product industry, where animal testing is required.
Vegan Chocolate Company Seeks Funds to Expand
DesiderioChocolates has launched a Kickstarter campaign in hopes of broadening its market reach.
Toronto Festival Offers Thousands of Vegan Food Samples
Today, vegan food companies are teaming up with speakers and performers in Toronto to raise awareness about plant-based eating.
USDA to Tighten Drug Testing on Meat, Poultry, and Eggs
A new meat inspection system will test for traces of numerous veterinary drugs as well as pesticides and other toxins.
Atkins-Type Diets Connected with Health Risks
A new study finds that protein-heavy diets increase the risk of heart disease and stroke for women.
Echo Park Vegan Pizza Crawl Today
Five restaurants in Los Angeles' Echo Park will be offering specials today in celebration of Vegan Pizza Day.
Scientists Urge Decrease in Beef Consumption
A coalition of scientists has released a report outlining the inefficiency and environmental destruction of beef production.
Anti-Big Ag Ad Wins Top Cannes Honors
Chipotle's anti-factory farming television campaign recently received top honors at Cannes Lions.
Russell Simmons Encourages NYC Milk Ban
The rap mogul is encouraging Big Apple officials to consider a milk ban similar to the pending soda legislation.
11 Places to Scarf a Slice on Vegan Pizza Day
That's right—not only is vegan pizza on the map, it has its own holiday! Chow down with these killer specials.
Water Campaign Encourages Eating Less Meat
A new European campaign for water conservation suggests reducing meat and dairy consumption to lessen one's usage.
Veggie Grill to Open Two New Locations
The vegan casual-eating chain will soon be opening new franchises in Long Beach, CA and Seattle, WA.
Vegan Vying for Miss Illinois Title
The vegan winner of the Miss Chicago pageant tells MFA that she will be competing for the title of Miss Illinois.
Bon Iver Designs Vegan Shoe for Sanctuary
Singer Justin Vernon has created a cruelty-free shoe to benefit Best Friends Animal Society.
Climate Conference Criticized for Serving Meat
An editorial in The Washington Post reprimands a major climate-change conference for having meat on its menu.
Chaka Khan Goes Vegan, Boosts Health
Legendary songstress Chaka Khan has experienced improved health after adopting a plant-based diet.
Chipotle Ups Sourcing From Pasture-Raised Animals
Chipotle is now sourcing all of its sour cream and most of its cheese from grass-fed cows.
Group Predicts Dramatic Rise in Veg Product Sales
Market researchers foresee the vegetarian-product industry growing considerably in the next few years.
Prominent Chef Aims to Adopt Plant-Based Diet
Established Philadelphia chef Scott Schroeder has announced that he is attempting to go vegan due to health concerns.
Cracker Barrel Announces Gestation Crate Phase-Out
The restaurant chain is strategizing methods for improving welfare standards at its pork suppliers.
Biz Stone Funds New Faux-Meat Company
The Twitter co-founder is investing in Beyond Meat as a means of potentially reshaping the meat-substitute industry.
Select Subway Cafés Unveil New Vegan Sandwiches
In response to demand from veg customers, Subway has added new meat-free options to select stores.
Jane Velez-Mitchell: End Gestation Crates
The respected journalist has penned an editorial column urging farmers to discontinue the use of the cruel crates.
Hannah's Law Vegan Star Fights For GMO Labels
Kimberly Elise loves her new vegan diet, and wants increased transparency for genetically modified food.
Kroger Demands Expedited Move to Ban Crates
Grocery megachain Kroger is encouraging its pork suppliers to hasten their elimination of gestation crates.
Bill Clinton: I Just Don't Miss Meat
In a recent interview, Clinton expressed his continued dedication to healthy eating and his support for the NY soda ban.
Vast Majority of States Shun Pink Slime in Schools
After the USDA allowed individual school districts to opt out of pink slime, nearly all rejected the meat product.
Veg Diet is Nutritionally Adequate, Beneficial
A comprehensive new study rebuts the recurring myth that vegetarian diets are lacking in essential nutrients.
13 Ways to Celebrate Chocolate Ice Cream Day
Celebrate National Chocolate Ice Cream Day on June 7 with one of these dairy-free treats.
Michelle Pfeiffer Discusses Veganism with CNN
The actress tells the popular news network that her plant-based diet was inspired in part by Bill Clinton.
Hazardous Chemicals Found in Meat, Peanut Butter
A new study has found traces of toxic flame-retardant chemicals in processed meats and peanut butter.
Vegan Nutritionist, Advocate to Appear on Dr. Oz
Tomorrow, nutrition expert Dr. Joel Fuhrman and activist Jasmin Singer will be guests on the popular talk show.
Ian Somerhalder Seeks Funds for Sanctuary Center
The animal-friendly actor is reaching out to fans to help complete his sanctuary and rehabilitation facility.
Game of Thrones Star Backs Farm Sanctuary
Actor Peter Dinklage has become a spokesperson for animal-welfare organization Farm Sanctuary.
Tuna Found to Have Radioactive Contamination
Researchers have found that migrating bluefin tuna on the Pacific coastline have high levels of radiation.
Lenny Kravitz Creates Vegan Shoes for TOMS
Inspired by its mission, Kravitz has designed a special leather-free shoe for the conscientious shoe brand.
Veg-Friendly LA Bar Hosts Beagle Benefit
Tony's Darts Away will be throwing a vegan-friendly Save the Beagles fundraiser next week.
Fruit-Based Vegan Diet Attracts Athletes
Many Olympians and professional athletes are trying a plant-based diet emphasizing fresh fruit and raw vegetables.
Dairies Flounder as Milk Prices Continue to Sink
Small dairy farms are being forced to shut down due to declining milk prices and the prevalence of factory farms.
Whale Wars Captain Arrested, Bailed from German Jail
Conservationist and reality television star Paul Watson was detained and incarcerated in connection with his anti-fishing efforts.
John Salley Invests in Vegan Wine Company
Former NBA player John Salley has became a partner at and spokesperson for a cruelty-free winery.

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